A man is forty years old, please stay away from a 20-year-old woman; a woman is forty years old, please.

A man is forty years old, please stay away from a 20-year-old woman; a woman is forty years old, please.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

40 years old, a helpless age.

it is the last rose in spring, which is sentimentally attached and reverie.

the former youth has gradually moved away from us, and more and more changes will take place in appearance, physiology and body after the age of 40. At this time, we can no longer squander our youth as we did when we were young. We can only take better care of ourselves in order to maintain a good state.


Men are forty. If they accomplish nothing, it will be difficult.

more than ten years of education and more than twenty years of society have not made any noise, so don't embarrass yourself.

of course, there are also ways to live for the unpromising:

those who are easy to smoke smoke two small cigarettes, those who are good to drink have two mouthfuls of wine, and those who are easy to gamble play two small sets of cards.

lower your goals and calm your mindset, and you can still live comfortably.


A man in his forties should stop staring straight at the lady as he did in his twenties and thirties.

even if there are ups and downs in your heart, you should also pay attention to the proper image.

do not look at disrespect, if you do not want to see, it is best to squint.


A man is forty. If he is not happy, he will probably bring this unhappiness to the coffin.

be open-minded. Achievements have nothing to do with money, and there is no need to go down in the annals of history.

remember: not everyone can be proud of the world, in which there is fate and luck.

just walk by, don't worry about it, and don't be cynical.


A man is forty. It is not easy to accomplish one or two things, let alone nothing.

although it is too late for those who have achieved nothing, examples of late bloomers can be found everywhere from ancient times to the present.

as long as you still believe in yourself, it's worth another try.


Forty men, don't make a mess of your figure.

the prolapse of the buttocks and the bulge of the abdomen are not exclusive to forty-year-old men.

setting aside some time for proper exercise, such as playing ball and running, can have a positive effect on the anti-aging of body and mind.


A man of forty should do more filial piety.

No matter how big the career is, no matter how busy the work is, we should take some time to accompany the elderly to eat and chat, inherit the excellent spirit of the Chinese nation, and at the same time pass on a tradition of family love and set an example for future generations.

remember: what you do to your parents, your offspring will treat you the same way.


40 men, most of whom are fathers, it is best to have one or two wonderful life stories to share with your children.

these stories don't need to be earth-shattering and crying, but let your children know that they have a non-vulgar father with unusual blood.

this belief will play a vital role in their future lives.


A man of forty should attend several funerals more often.

Life is almost halfway through. Visiting the destination halfway through can dispel your fear, drive away the paralysis that counts day by day, and become more grateful for life, life and years.


A man is forty, stay away from a twenty-year-old girl, no matter how beautiful she is, no matter how moth she is.

she is still in her prime, but you should know your destiny and know right and wrong.

if you are really happy, don't give her a muddy, bumpy, extremely difficult road.


A man of forty must have shoulders, be able to bear the wind and rain, and bear the burden of life.

No matter how hard and tired you are, you should give your wife a warm quilt, give the children a shelter from the wind, and give the family a promise that they will not regret.


Men are forty, don't be afraid even when they are forty.

if you come across someone mocking your age, hit back the most with the words of teacher Wang Shuo:

what are you so arrogant, aren't you young? I was young once, but have you ever been old?


A woman at forty must have best friends, no more, one or two is enough.

can make you have someone who tells secrets unscrupulously, and someone who is greedy to accompany you to eat grilled fish.


A woman of forty must have private money, no more, ten or twenty thousand is enough.

you should know that your parents are old and may use money at any time. Don't ask your husband for it when you are in urgent need of it.


Women are forty. Don't go shopping, buy it for your husband, buy it for your children, and remember to buy it for yourself.


A woman is forty, her child is in a rebellious period, and her husband is in the early stage of her life, so you have no choice but to swallow it.


Women are forty, don't buy cheap clothes.

inferior tailoring will greatly discount your image, brand clothes, have the strength, can buy more, do not have the strength, buy less.

to find a dress style that suits you, no matter how beautiful clothes are, if they don't suit you, you will never wear them.


Women are forty. Be sure to take care of them and weigh them every day.

give yourself a standard. After crossing this line, remember to lose weight, not only to look good, but also to worry about obesity causing a lot of diseases.


A woman is forty, when you are old.Public success and fame, there is a house and a car, there will be someone to give them a hug.

ignore her, take care of yourself clearly and beautifully, and the thread of the kite must be held tight.

Don't talk about divorce easily. Why give it away to my husband who has been feeding my husband for more than ten years?


A woman is forty, never mind whether her husband has an ambiguous text message on his cell phone, or what time he comes home in the evening, instead of desperately paranoid and depressed.

it is better to take that time, keep fit, beauty and enrich yourself more than anything else.


Women at forty still remember to read more.

the four Books and five Classics, Chinese and foreign classics, which were obscure when you were young, when you read them, you will find that you will suddenly feel enlightened.

you can also read fashion magazines, leisure and entertainment, add some knowledge and improve your taste.

We don't point to reading and getting a diploma, but we can't let people be illiterate.

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Women are forty, don't wear too much makeup, don't pose, don't be too noisy in the crowd, don't make too much publicity, that's not for your age.

you must be generous, mature, stable and temperamental.

if you have no temperament, be silent in front of people, which is a thousand times better than superficiality.


Women are forty, don't keep up with the comparison.

whether there is a luxury house, a famous car, the so-called status, these do not have to compare, your manner, your dress, your face, your hands, will betray you early.

what you want to compare is whether your child will live better than other people's children in 5 or 10 years' time.


Women are forty, must remember to visit their parents often, parents are old, spend more time with the elderly, leave no regrets!