Have you ever heard of Duck's Law?

Have you ever heard of Duck's Law?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I wonder if you have ever observed the ducks in the pond.

they swim about gracefully and freely in the pond.

but what we don't know is that all we see is a duck on the water.

in fact, under the surface of the water, the soles of the duck's feet are paddling desperately all the time, never stopping for a moment.

in fact, our lives are like ducks in the water, seemingly leisurely and comfortable.

in fact, these are two completely different states.

every ordinary person needs to pay a lot in order to make progress accordingly.

as the saying goes, you have to work very hard to look effortless.

recently, Yang Liping posted a video of eating hot pot on Douyin to see how elegant and complacent she is.

however, the comments at the bottom of the comment area caused controversy among the majority of netizens.

"the biggest failure of a woman is not having a child."

"No matter how beautiful it is, no matter how beautiful it is, by the age of 90, there will be no family happiness full of children and grandchildren."

We can even see that there are more than 10,000 likes under these comments.

perhaps the netizen who commented on that comment did not expect that a comment of his own could put Yang Liping, who has always kept a low profile, on top of the hot search.

but, you know what?

in the eyes of many people, Peacock Queen Yang Liping is also famous all her life.

her attainments in folk dance can be said to be unmatched at present.

but perhaps many people do not know that behind this honor, her efforts and efforts are incomparable.

in order to dance peacock dance, she kept her fingernails 5 centimeters long.

because the long fingernail can't hold chopsticks and spoons at all, so she can't eat normally like normal people, so she needs the help of an assistant every time she eats.

in order to keep her figure and control her weight, she leads an ascetic life.

when many people are popular and spicy, she is on various diets and hasn't eaten a grain of rice in ten years.

because of low fat, she can't get pregnant, so she divorced her two husbands.

but she also has her own love, and she can choose to have her own children.

it turns out that all the achievements you think in the world are bought with sadness and sweat.

when a person stands on the stage, enjoying the infinite scenery of thousands of people, only he knows how many hardships and frustrations he has experienced along the way, and how much blood and sweat he has poured into.

so, you have to remember that if you want to be rich in front of people, you have to suffer later.

only if you can withstand suffering and ridicule, you will have your own scenery.

there is a colleague Xiao Chen in the company. The first impression is that he is gentle and at peace with the rest of the world.

so usually in the eyes of our colleagues, his sense of existence is relatively low.

I often get together with my colleagues in private. If I think of it, I will call him, but it doesn't matter if I can't remember it.

moreover, sometimes colleagues work overtime together, but he rarely stays in the company for more than five minutes after work, so his natural sense of existence is even lower.

until once, he finished a big project in the company without saying a word.

We had to pay attention to him when he was praised at the company's commendation meeting and got a promotion and a raise.

strangely, since I joined the job, I can count the number of times he works overtime.

and he has only been in the company for less than half a year, how can he make such a great achievement?

later, his roommate and partner told us that Xiao Chen had never had any entertainment.

every time he comes home from work, he makes a summary of today's work and signs up for a lot of online skills training courses.

because of the need to get in touch with foreigners at work, he also signed up for a special oral English course and still had a word book in his hand before going to bed every night.

after listening to these words, we finally understand that

in our opinion, Xiao Chen has made so much effort behind such an achievement without saying a word.

while we include many people in the workplace, on the contrary, we want to spend all our spare time for entertainment after work.

facts have proved that behind any success, there is no so-called genius or fate.

A truly successful life is rowed non-stop under the calm water.

and behind every shiny, seemingly easy thing, tracing back to its roots is nothing more than a down-to-earth effort.

Dong Qing once sighed:

"all your poems in the sun and rain, in the wind and rain, and in the wind and rain,

all the poems you secretly memorized in that bookstore blossomed with extraordinary brilliance at this moment."

this is the Duck's Law.

so, if we want to succeed, we need to understand the following points:

1. We should keep our mind at ease and not be "lemon essence".

in the face of other people's success, we should see the efforts of others.

instead of blindly sour others, because every success that seems to be full of luck has its deep logic.

2. If you want to be distinguished in front of others, you must suffer after them.

if you don't achieve the set goal, it's not bad opportunity, it's not luck.If you are out of breath, it is not without the help of dignitaries.

just because I haven't tried hard enough.

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3. Quiet efforts are often more likely to lead to unexpected success.

working hard quietly allows us to avoid attention and focus on our own growth.

can also avoid being ravaged by the storm prematurely and avoid the open shot and hidden arrow.

I hope we can all understand Duck's Law and make efforts and actions to become the best of ourselves!