How important it is to marry someone who can talk to you at any time

How important it is to marry someone who can talk to you at any time

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Today, "Chen Yihan's family of three with a rare frame" has been a hot search, looking very happy.

speaking of Chen Yihan, Uncle, like everyone else, did not quite understand why she chose to marry the plain-looking Xu Fuxiang at first.

until I saw the variety "Happiness Trio" on the couple, I didn't think they were too suitable.

Chen Yihan and Xu Fuxiang are worthy of the name "opera elite couple". They can perform in a small theatre anytime and anywhere. One person throws a stumbling block, and the other person can pick it up immediately.

impromptu fraud due to a wireless landline.

A sudden robbery.

A courtship drama by the roadside.

Chen Yihan pretended to chat up, but Xu Fuxiang refused.

they always seem to have endless topics and add countless pleasures to the mundane daily life.

in such a comfortable state of getting along with each other, it is no wonder that Chen Yihan said he was honored to marry him.

to get married, you still need to find someone who can talk to you at any time.


the person who can chat at any time, the one who knows you

can chat at any time is the one who really understands you.

there is a line in Liu Zhenyun's "one sentence to 10,000 sentences":

No doubt gold bridesmaid dresses are basic necessity in any affairs. There is no better place to buy the perfect dress from than

"Why did you get married?"

"We can talk."

"more details!"

"before you say anything, you all know what's on each other's mind."

only two people with the same values can understand each other's ideas more tacitly.

most of the time silence is due to not meeting the person who knows you.

there is a story in the book: a man's wife ran away with another man. The man tracked them all the way with a kitchen knife and wanted to kill them all after holding the evidence.

he saw that his wife had a special conversation with the man. "We talked more in one night than we did in a year."

looking at the two people who were chatting enthusiastically, the man gave up the idea of revenge.

thinking of countless silent days with his wife, the man left silently with a kitchen knife.

as Yu Feihong said: the loneliness of two people together is sadder than that of one person.

this kind of loneliness is the product of having nothing to say and no conversation.

wake him up when you think of something in the middle of the night. But he said, "what time is it? How sleepy I am. Let's talk about it tomorrow. You immediately lost interest.

when two people in a marriage have nothing to say, the marriage loses its soul.

Yang Jiang wrote in the invisibility cloak, she and Qian Zhongshu often talk nonsense together.

"give you a magic weapon of the fairy family, what do you want?"

"We should all wear one invisibility cloak and travel together." We just want to get rid of the shackles, experience everywhere, and do not want to do evil.

but I had a good time, and I couldn't help being presumptuous and mischievous, so I alerted people and couldn't hide, so I had to run away. "

"Oh, there has to be a method of shrinking land."

"and body protection!"

Marriage life is already complicated, and it is the greatest comfort to meet someone who knows you and can talk to you.


the person who can chat at any time attaches most importance to you

can chat with you anytime and anywhere, because he puts you in the first place.

No matter how busy I am, I will reply your message in a second; no matter how tired I am, I will accompany you when you need it.

he is willing to leave the trivia at hand for you, because in his heart, you are the most important.

those who love you are reluctant to keep you waiting; only those who don't love you will turn a blind eye to your disappointment.

I know a pair of lovers. The boys work late every day and fall asleep when they get home. I either work overtime or do other things on weekends.

the messages sent by girls are always lost, and their feelings of wanting to share are never answered in time. Every time I chat, I say a few words and then I have nothing to say.

later, for fear of interrupting, the girls pretended to be considerate in front of the boys and kept everything to themselves.

she never dares to put any pressure on boys, dare not do it, and dare not expect too much. And has been trying to convince himself that he is fighting for their future.

when you get sick, you carry it hard. If you can't bear it, you go to the hospital by yourself. If you are unhappy, you digest it silently.

until once, the girl told the boy that she was framed by her colleagues in the company and was wrongly taken the blame by the leader, hoping that the boy could comfort her.

but after receiving a phone call, the boy went out in a panic and hurriedly, and later found out that his childhood childhood had fallen ill.

it turns out that in his eyes, his grievance is not as important as a friend.

it turns out that she has never been the first among boys.

at that moment, the girl resolutely chose to break up.

you have to believe that the person who really loves you will put you first. He will respond to you in everything and will take the initiative to chat with you.

some time ago, European Commission President Juncker's response to his wife was envied by a lot of female netizens.

when he was talking about international events on the stage, his cell phone suddenly rang three times. On such a solemn occasion, answering the phone rarely happens.

but the chairman answered immediately and whispered a few words before hanging up.

I was embarrassed to say afterwards that it was my wife.

in such a busy social situation, he can give his wife a timely response. It seems that he really attaches great importance to his old age.Granny.

many people say that they are busy. Can they be as busy as the chairman? After all, it's not because he doesn't want to be free for you. This fact is heart-wrenching, but it is the truth.

all the busyness, but you are not so important in his heart.

people who want to chat with you will be here day and night.

people who want to take you home are on their way east, south, west and east.

people who want to eat with you love sweet, sweet, bitter and spicy food.

the person who really wants to see you is free for you, no matter how busy he is.


people who can chat at any time love you most

colleague F has recently married a lover who has been in love for many years.

for more than 8 years and more than 4,000 kilometers apart, their relationship was not favored at first.

I asked her why he had to be there. She said there were many reasons, and the two most important reasons were that they always had something to say between them, and her boyfriend always put her first.

A friend is not used to living alone and can't sleep well at night, so her boyfriend calls her before going to bed every night until she falls asleep at the end of the phone.

in recent years, mobile phone, portable battery and headphones are the three things her boyfriend must take when he goes out.

in order to accompany her, he put off countless dinners, and occasionally her boyfriend would find a quiet place to call her.

they seem to be two completely different personalities, but they always have endless words together. They can talk about many seemingly boring topics for a long time, and finally have to stop the topic.

writer Rikas once said:

when you wake up in the middle of the night, you suddenly think of a new movie coming out tomorrow, and excitedly tell him that he is suddenly refreshed. You buy tickets together and go to sleep together.

Love is a pleasure at first sight, and love never gets tired of it.

Life is too long. When you meet someone who can chat at any time, you suddenly feel that firewood, rice, oil and salt is bearable, trifles become interesting, and even the unknown becomes exciting, then you are ready to get married.