Mother's good mood, father's high EQ, is the best feng shui for a family.

Mother's good mood, father's high EQ, is the best feng shui for a family.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

it was sad to see a piece of news not long ago.

A mother in Zhejiang Province failed the ophthalmology emergency with her 17-year-old daughter. The doctor found that the retina of the daughter's right eye was detached and her vision was 0.1.

and this is "beaten" by my mother.

Mother and daughter quarreled over trifles, and the mother angrily hit her daughter with a charger, which just hit her in the eye! After

, the daughter saw things more and more blurred, but because she was angry with her mother, she never went to see a doctor.

one month later, the daughter found that she could not see clearly, so she explained the situation to her mother and came to the hospital for examination in a panic.

Doctor diagnosed: retinal detachment, and missed the golden treatment period of retinal detachment, even if the operation, the result is not optimistic.

after hearing this, the mother burst into tears and was temporarily out of control, resulting in her daughter's blindness for the rest of her life.

I believe many mothers have said something like this after losing their temper: "I can't help it for a moment."

Children who live in a bad mood have long been riddled with holes.


Mother's mood determines the temperature at home

I remember a sentence Zheng Yuanjie once said: "the meaning of mother is influence."

not long ago, I saw a shocking news that a 60-year-old son strangled his 84-year-old mother!

after learning the truth of the case, I felt a trace of sympathy for the murderer's son.

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my son is not allowed to close the door of the room. once Lu Jinsheng closes the door, the mother will be angry and smash the door and call 119 if she can't open it.

sometimes, when the mother is angry, Lu Jinsheng will shut Lu Jinsheng out all night, and Lu Jinsheng can only spend the night in the park near his home.

even, in order to keep his son by his side, drive his daughter-in-law out of the house.

during a quarrel, she scratched her son's hand, knocked off his glasses and shouted, "Lu Jinsheng is sorry!"

Lu Jinsheng, who only wanted his mother to shut up, lost his mind on impulse and strangled his mother.

now, he lost his temper and killed his mother.

the mother's mood not only affects her own behavior, but also determines the temperature of the whole family.

such shadows will accompany children to adulthood and even become a source of lifelong emotional pain.

because, in a family, adults will vent their inner dissatisfaction on their children unconsciously.

the only thing a child can do is to suppress his feelings and endure everything in silence.

Lu Jinsheng, who was tortured by his mother, finally broke out after 60 years, which eventually led to a tragedy.

Hong Lan, a professor at Taiwan Central University, points out:

mothers are in a good mood, and home is a warm harbor, a booster for children to feel happy and confident, and a booster for their progress.

A mother has a bad temper, and home is an ice-cold cage, which is the child's feeling of depression and inferiority, and the trigger for the child's depression and depravity.


Mom's good mood is hidden in Dad's high EQ

if Mom's mood is the family thermometer, Dad's EQ is the thermometer switch button.

No mother is born to yell.

if you want your mother to be in a good mood, you need your mother's efforts to restrain, and what's more, you need your father to make a good "switch" of the mood thermometer.

A scene in the public welfare video Please Love me is poignant:

after mom has cooked the meal, she calls my father to come home for dinner.

the mother, who was angry with her father, turned her head and scolded her daughter who was clever enough to eat: "you can't even eat well, you're a pig!"

the way my daughter bowed her head and sobbed made people feel distressed to look at it.

A warm home, it must be the father who understands the mother and the mother who is filled with heart so that she can always love her child gently and firmly.

A best friend around me is famous for her good temper in moments.

it wasn't until some time ago that I discovered the secret of her good temper when several girlfriends made an appointment to play together.

I don't know what method I used. When I came back, the child turned to the phone and promised my best friend that she would do her homework without watching cartoons.

if a woman is grumpy and irritable, there must be an irresponsible man behind her;

if a woman feels sorry for herself, there must be a man behind her who likes to pass the buck;

the mother's mood determines the child's future, while the father's EQ determines the mother's mood.


parents' love is the blessing of a child's life

if a child is indifferent, he must grow up in an icy family;

if a child is warm, there must be a warm family behind him.

the father has a high EQ and the mother is in a good mood. Such a loving family is the blessing of the child's life.

recently, I saw a warm video.

the father hid behind the car with the child holding flowers, waiting for the mother to approach.

Mom saw them and had a big bunch of flowers stuffed in her hand before she knew it.

the best family education is that dad loves mom and dad. Because there is love in the family, children can feel love.

in the variety show "little dots", the reporter asked the children:

what do you want to say when you see your parents showing love?

A child said, "go on with the show. I feel very happy when my parents are happy."

psychologist Wu Zhihong said:

Happy children repeat happiness, painful children repeat pain.

in this way, their children, in the father andUnder the bath of mother's love, it also grew into a warm little sun.

seeing other children being held by their father, Huang Guanzhong asked Xiao Huang Ying, "do you not like me to hold you?"

the little warbler said, "No, I'm not as tired as you are."

the little warbler suddenly had a nosebleed, and the doctor told her it was because the weather was too dry. She immediately turned around and told her father, "you should drink more water, too."

the father's high EQ and the mother's good temper will turn into the sweetest energy and grow up happily with the child all his life.


once read a sentence: "the relationship between husband and wife is the pin of the family relationship."

A smart father knows how to share worries for his mother and make her happy.

beloved mothers seldom lose their temper and are permeated with a peaceful aura.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu had a conversation with Mr. Yang Jiang's daughter Qian Yuan.