You are a good man because you can't protect yourself.

You are a good man because you can't protect yourself.

That's right, there is no deputy tweet today, because I wrote the main tweet.

Let's start with one thing, something that makes me extremely speechless. Trumblr is blocked, hey, you can no longer find a good-looking GIF, if you have a good picture library, why not tell me the URL? The picture above was taken by me yesterday. There's nothing I can do about it. I have no choice but to get the picture wrong.


I have heard the love stories of several good old people, all of which have a tragic ending.

An is a warm man who once sent breakfast milk for a whole semester in order to catch the girl he liked, and put post-it notes on the milk every day with love words that never repeated. I asked him where he got so much inspiration, and while he was busy writing post-it notes, he said to me, "are you stupid? why don't you use your cell phone to check information?"

when I was told by him, I really felt stupid. I couldn't think of such a simple solution. But it turned out later that A was a fool. Because only a fool would be willing to spend a semester to do the same thing.

to be honest, that girl is quite beautiful, but in fact, everyone knows that you'd better not mess with a beautiful girl in high school, because you don't know when she wants to study hard and when she wants to find a place to be quiet.

A sometimes uses some incredible reasons to let me go back to the dormitory by myself. For example, he wants to finish his weekend homework early that day, but it's only Monday. Only afterwards did I know that A drove me away in order to replenish the biology of the girl. Sometimes A would suddenly have a stomachache and hurried to the infirmary in front of the teacher. Every time I asked him if he needed any help, he said no, he could handle it alone. I learned afterwards that the girl sent him a message saying that he was in a bad mood, so he wrote a leave note to buy her a McDonald's.

An is actually a pussy. He never dares to deliver milk to the girl in front of the whole class. Instead, he gets up at six o'clock every morning and goes to the store to buy a bottle of milk and post the love words he wrote before going to bed last night. The last one silently put it on the girl's desk.

he asked me if it was romantic, and I said get out of here.

I don't know whether the girl will drink his milk or not. All I know is that the girl refused A many times. Because when we were drinking, A told me everything.

A said he couldn't figure out why she just didn't like him.

I said I can't figure out why you just like her.

A says: "because only she understands me."

I asked, "how does she know you?"

A said: "you don't know, in fact, we chat in QQ every day, our chat records are broken a thousand pages." I have never talked to a person for as long as a thousand pages. If you think about it, how much does a person have to fit in with you before you can have endless conversation? "

I thought about it for a long time, and then asked him, "is it possible that you really just talk to each other?" Instead of liking each other? "

after listening to this, he took a sip of wine and looked up with his eyes lost.

he said word by word, "it's really possible."

but when you run out of wine, forget it. A whether to like her or her, whether the milk should be put on the table every day or on the table every day, I won't stop him, because I think people like him deserve to be rejected. As long as a man has a little brain, he will turn when he hits a wall, but not only does he not turn, but he is proud to hit a brick wall in his heart, so I do not pity him at all. And I hope he will hit his head as soon as he hits the wall, because only in this way will they realize that it is wrong.

on the day of the college entrance examination, all he exchanged for a year's milk was "Thank you". You know, this is no different from "get out of here".


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An is a good old man, a good man through and through.

because he is exactly the same as the stories of those spare tyres for ten thousand years, although they are timid, they will inexplicably forge ahead. And even if they are used and rejected, they are willing to invent ten thousand reasons to convince themselves that they do not even admit it. They can cut through difficulties for others in life, but they are not willing to change the direction of progress slightly for their own sake. They regard sacrifice as sacrifice, masochism as love, spare tire as headlights, others as treasure, and themselves as garbage.

in the final analysis, it is all because of inferiority, they feel that they are not qualified to be the protagonists in other people's lives, so even if they have the opportunity to become protagonists, they will play tricks and silently become ill-fated supporting roles.

"good people" don't know how to reject others, much less how to reject themselves.

if you don't know how to refuse, you don't know how to protect.

they are used to being liked by others, and then quietly force themselves to do things they don't want to do. What they lack most in their hearts is a sense of identity, so as long as there is the slightest sign that "you know him", they will regard you as their most important friend. But to tell you the truth, some people can really see through you at a glance, but that doesn't mean they like you or care about you. He really just understands you, that's all.

Old and good people like to think wishfully, enlarge each other's good, and use their own P-chart software to modify their bad.

so I hate to be friends with them, because I am afraid that I will take advantage of them one day, and they are not willing to tell me when they are already suffering.

is it still a friend if it makes a friend uncomfortable?

so good folks, don't sacrifice yourself, because the world doesn't need your sacrifice.

Twenty-year-old tears

good night