15 micro habits to improve your well-being in life and develop a lifetime of happiness!

15 micro habits to improve your well-being in life and develop a lifetime of happiness!

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Haruki Murakami said: "the so-called life is a process of constant loss." Precious things, one after another, will slip out of your hand like a comb with its teeth broken. "

remove the green and astringent, usher in maturity, with the gradual growth of age, the treatment of life also has a different feeling.

learned to be patient, learned to let go; without the arrogance of youth, only mature low-key.

A lot of people have been very different ever since.

those who once disapproved of the truth of life, also began to accept calmly.


it is better to be more stable than to work hard in youth and enjoy stability in old age.

when you reach a certain age, when you have a little savings, people will begin to change.

tired of fighting courageously when young, mature life, just want a stable job, happy family, smooth life.

at this stage, you understand that the meaning of life is not to struggle, but to live in peace.

slowly stabilize your life, with less ups and downs and more stability.

you will always understand that stability is the best way to live.


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take care of the family first

someone once asked, "Why do we need a family so much?"

one person replied, "because it is the destination for us to settle down, the motivation to fight outside, and the umbrella to protect us from the wind and rain."

indeed, nothing in the world is more important than family.

because of the presence of our parents, we can feel more at ease;

because of the presence of our partner, life is fearless even though it is thorny;  because of the presence of children, life is full of innocence.

there are always people who think that they are alive, work hard first, and then care about their family.

in fact, when you lose your childishness and slowly become mature, you will find that the so-called symbol of wealth, status and power is nothing but illusory.

only the family is the most real and reliable, can be seen and touched, and can make people feel at ease from the inside.


Life is not only work, but also life

when you reach a certain age, you will know that life is never just work.

if you are 20 years old and enjoy working, then after 30 years old, remember to enjoy life.

Don't spend too much time on your work and don't let yourself live around it.

A reasonable allocation of time every day, after work, drinking tea, watching dramas, reading books, chatting with friends, spending time with family and children.

look at the world around you and learn to enjoy life is a happy life.


Life should be refined and more comfortable

pursue beauty in youth and comfort in old age.

dress up, lifestyle.

when many people are young, they do not put comfort first, but blindly pursue good-looking and exquisite.

in order to pursue the quality of life, he always spends money on impulse, but never uses it;

in order to pursue beauty, he wears an uncomfortable dress and a pair of inappropriate shoes.

in the end, it is others who are beautiful, but they are tired.

exquisite is beautiful, but comfortable is more moving.

when life matures, we always understand that life can be without refinement, but not without comfort.


make yourself simple and pure

some people say that the sign of a person's maturity is not to let people muddle along.

those who are unavailable in life and unbearable in life should be abandoned.

if you take everything into your heart, it will only put an unnecessary burden on yourself.

throw away what should be thrown, put down what should be put down.

in life, there is nothing you must get and nothing you can't lose.

do a good job of separation, give yourself a clean, but also make life more simple and pure.


eat well, don't be full

writer Yang Xiwen said: "A person's attitude towards eating will reflect his attitude towards life."

A good meal is a person's most basic respect for life.

stop overeating and don't always order takeout for convenience.

spend half an hour every day cooking a good meal for yourself.

only by nourishing your stomach can you feel the happiness of life.


although good wine is good, it is also bad for drinking.

there is a saying on the Internet: "the highest state of drinking is to hold the wall and leave."

in life, there are many people around us who like to drink.

drinking is true, but wrong is that some people like it too much.

bottle by bottle, drink by jin.

these people regard alcohol as water, no matter whether it will cause trouble or not, whether it will affect their health or not.

"A little drink is good, but a big drink hurts the body."

know everything in moderation, so that the taste will not be changed into bolts and pleasure into an "accident".


when it's time to go to bed, don't always stay up late

We always say we should go to bed early and get up early. We can go to bed and pick up our cell phone.

We all know that staying up late hurts our bodies and brains, but the vast majority of people still shout "keep in good health" while staying up all night.

there is a saying: "if you don't sleep well, you will get sick."

think about yourself in life, dry eyes, cervical pain, memoryStrength decline, skin aging.

these physical symptoms are all the consequences of staying up late.

when you reach a certain age, stop overdrawing your body and stop using "it's time to go to bed, don't stay up late" as a slogan.

to go to bed early every day is to be responsible for yourself, but also to make yourself more energetic tomorrow.


Friends, two or three will be enough

if you are 30-50 years old, you should understand that everyone has his own life circle and different social circle in his or her life.

when I was young, I made a lot of friends and always wanted to have friends all over the world.

but no matter how many friends you have, what's the point if you don't have true friends?

learn to simplify your social circle, give up unnecessary "bad friends" and leave close friends who are genuinely close to you.

because making friends is never about quantity, and a high-quality friend is better than thousands of fair-weather friends.


you can be serious, but don't take it too seriously

Life is like a glass of boiled water, sweet with a little sugar, bitter with a little medicine.

but no matter how you live, life is in your own hands.

Don't take it too seriously, because nothing in this world is really worth taking seriously.