Teach you to be a decent girl in the heat of summer.

Teach you to be a decent girl in the heat of summer.

& quot; I just like to look clean. & quot


A lot of people hardly go out in summer-because it's so hard to be a decent girl in summer!

in the sun, the skin is full and shiny, the makeup is clean and complete, the hair is light and fluffy, it is either a fairy or a goddess.

however, over the past few years, I have slowly found the way to "stay decent in summer". To sum up, to maintain the aesthetic painting style in the summer, there are a few small things that can be done (the role is also decreasing from top to bottom, and those that cannot be persisted can be forwarded, and girlfriends supervise each other to do it. )

the first thing, choose the basic skin care to replenish water, and use water to control oil is the fundamental

second. On important occasions, you must apply a mask before makeup, and the whole makeup will be transparent and lasting

the third, use ordinary tissue plus moisturizing spray, point pressure, take away the oil and sweat from the surface of the skin (if you use oil-absorbent tissue frequently, it will also take away the moisture)

the fourth, serious oil comes out of T area. You can grab some talcum powder on the bangs to keep your forehead and bangs dry.


the first and second things can be done together, that is, choosing a flake mask to quickly hydrate the skin, taking into account daily and pre-makeup care.

because the summer mask consumption is too big, always want to hoard a good mask, the key is to be light and thin, not sultry acne, will not have a secondary burden on the skin. There happens to be a financier, Amway has a "9-minute mask" that perfectly meets these standards.

its original name is hyaluronic acid clear water film. When it was closed and tested, it was excavated by ren, a net lan friend, to find a special way to open it, that is, "only apply it for 9 minutes, the skin can repair water." Because the essence is very refreshing and absorbed quickly, there is no heartache at all (mainly the gospel of the lazy)


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there are many "9 minutes" in life. Some people browse on Weibo for 9 minutes, some watch the scenery for 9 minutes, and some people stay for 9 minutes. Many people don't know how time runs out. And I will spend nine minutes on being beautiful. How do you use these nine minutes? You can refer to:

first, wash in the evening, 9 minutes to do muscle mask, follow-up skin care products absorb up

second, put it by the bed before going to bed, replenish water 9 minutes before makeup the next day, the bottom makeup is more natural

third, apply it after freezing, 9 minutes can calm the skin after the summer sun

of course, the mask essence tried it in seconds, practiced for 9 minutes, and issued such a circle.


in order to see if the "9-minute mask" is really that good, we sent out some masks for evaluation and withdrew the feedback. In a word, it is "good things and conscience in summer". Pick a few ↓

readers-Rabbit Hot blanket ✟:

"the smell of the mask is very similar to the smell of Gucci's bamboo, and the fragrance of Hui Ye Ji in the Story of Bamboo." Looking through the recipe list, it is really the fragrance of light bamboo leaves, with a touch of high-grade taste. Are you kidding me? notice that you are only a mask of more than 10 yuan! "


Reader Marry Hwang:

"easy to use! After using the face is continuous and soft, the color of the fine lines is a little lighter (I am super lack of water, according to the official normal recommendation, used for 15 minutes) feel that do not have to follow the trend for 9 minutes, depending on the specific situation. Patiently do the basic hydration work, your skin will really repay you. "

Reader's commissary

"two readings before going to bed." One makes me yearn for spiritual freedom, and the other makes me have a beautiful skin to fight. My ideal is to become a double-crushed woman with good appearance. "


now let's talk about the feeling of using it in detail. Using it in summer is really killing people and crossing the line.

the mask on the market has more than 20 light components, which may not be absorbed by the skin if it is too complex. This mask only has natural moisturizers such as water, glycerin, betaine (Japanese patented moisturizing formula), hyaluronic acid, plant essential oils, and nothing else.

● smell the fragrance ●

the best thing is the details. Apply something for more than 10 minutes, very afraid of smelling the artificial fragrance of other masks, the whole is like in the chemical room. This mask has no flavor added and is mixed with white lily water, light bamboo leaf extract and citrus peel extract.

● mask material ●

it is said that the thickness is only 0.1cm, and it is indeed very thin. Very close to the skin, not easy to fall off, even if the mask will not affect the daily work, let alone frighten people.

● the absorbance of the essence ●

this is the most concerned point, any care products can not absorb is doing useless work. The essence is very refreshing, it feels absorbed very quickly, and it won't be drained. It has the nourishing effect of essence, and the face is still soft when it is cut off.

● facial obedience ● stretches gently, you can feel the elasticity of the mask (but if you push too hard, it will not rebound, which should be the characteristic of natural silk), but it feels that the forehead and chin of the mask are short, which is a disadvantage.


HomeFacialPro this brand often listens to others Amway, is a minority make-up brand, the repurchase rate is super high.

some girls feel minority and even worry about WeChat business brands. Don't worry, the reason for working with their family is simple: 1 safe, 2 easy to use.. In addition, readers have also said that they have seen duty-free counters selling at the airport.

I really want to squeeze sweat for their family, never do traditional advertising, rely entirely on word-of-mouth marketing, care to bury my head to make products, it is easy for me to use my willfulness.

insist on "I won't have extra children", so they used to have a single product line-hyaluronic acid intensive hydration mask. It is a real word-of-mouth product, which has received rave reviews on social platforms. (by the way, there will be intensive and light mash-up value benefits at the end of the article! )

read Little Red Book--

look at the official Taobao store--

this clear and transparent film, which is more suitable for summer use, is made by Vivian, a great R & D engineer who has been hired from an S home for nearly 10 years. Complete international SGS fluorescent agent testing, strict production safety standards are indeed in line with the style of the first-line skin care group.


even the aunt's towel is going to pick a dry surface, so upgrade your summer mask!