No one will doubt that I like you in the name of a friend.

No one will doubt that I like you in the name of a friend.

Why can't good friends be together?


in the disorganized activities, there is a link that begins with introducing the shortcomings you want to get rid of. Vc wrote about procrastination, and Tong c said he was impatient. At that time, I was in charge of taking pictures of flowers, and I was blinded when I was pointed out, but I didn't answer. After skipping me, I adjusted the parameters to the camera, and then I told Tong c that the first thing I wanted to get rid of was, "I don't want to like my good friend anymore."

well, I think the most painful feeling in the world is that the person I like is my good friend.

I once had a deskmate, unsociable, black-rimmed glasses, otaku, the type I knew I would never like at a glance. Until one day I found a bunch of cards in his desk, I didn't know that he and I played the same online game.

the game really allows us to know a boy from another angle. When he went to the classroom every day, he told me what good equipment he had left for me, and then every weekend we agreed to play strange practice together. I said to him, "Don't be higher than me."

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so he is always one level below me.

We have become very good friends. We have something in common and things we like. We even learn about each other's hobbies, know the joys and anger of both sides, deliberately infuriate each other, and do not want to let each other get out of order before ourselves. will ridicule him for emphasizing color and neglecting friends.

until I began to realize that this was actually a sign of "liking someone", and found that I could not live without him, this friend began to alienate me.

I hesitated for a long time and went to ask him why.

he said, "Friends are forever."

this excuse is too childish, but I am as naive as he is. When I got home, I deleted the game.

at a class party many years later, he asked me if I remember that game. I scolded him for being a scumbag since he was a child.

he said, "I'm not scum, I'm stupid."

but even if we all know this, we can't change what has happened.


in fact, it's hard to break this relationship when you like a good friend. You always think, if I say it, but the other person doesn't mean it, then you can't even have a friend?

so I dare not take the risk.

having dinner with a friend last week, he said, my girlfriend used to be my best friend, and we often went out for afternoon tea after graduation. At that time, I was very poor. I didn't take any money with me every time I went out. As soon as I sat down, I told her, "I don't have any money. Your treat." Although it looks ridiculous, it is very practical. Every time she invited me, I always lied to her that next time, I would invite you next time. As a result, the next time I said, "I brought 20 yuan, we can only order 20 yuan of food." in the end, we ate 60 yuan, and she paid for all the excess.

"such a silly girl, I always thought that if I wasn't with her, she would be deceived by those scum boys, so I fooled her first."

I asked, "really?"

he laughed and said, "it must be false. Of course I chased her because I liked her."

then I talked to that girl about it, and she said, "Ah? No, I secretly liked him when I was in the same class with him in junior high school. "

the friend who had dinner with me always thought that she was stupid and was cheated so many meals by herself. Only his girlfriend and I knew that no matter how good a friend was, it was difficult to be on call. It was not because we were stupid that we were fooled to pay for you, but it had nothing to do with losing money for you. No one would doubt it in the name of a friend.

talking to a friend who is also a self-media editor tonight, she told me that our mutual boy friend F recently wrote her a compliment of 400 yuan. I was dumbfounded, "Oh, shit, he likes you." She said it was impossible. It was just that she was in a bad mood. I blew up at that time. "I was also a very good friend. When I was in a bad mood, he didn't even praise me for two yuan!"

so when someone says to me, "I seem to find that my best friend likes me." "

I will tell them that in fact, most of their friends don't like you slowly, but they have liked you for so long that you don't know and think they are friends.