You are so arrogant. No wonder no one plays with you.

You are so arrogant. No wonder no one plays with you.

The quilt is soft and the bed is soft, but I can't find an excuse to say good morning to you.

countless times during the bottleneck period, Zhang Jingzhi would ask me to "chat with others more and listen to other people's opinions more." I say "got it" every time, but in fact, I haven't done it once.

because I am afraid to take the initiative to express my needs, if I take the initiative, I will be nervous from the ends of my hair to my toes, so later I always make excuses and refuse to take the initiative to ask others to express "I need you".

so we obviously want other people's comfort, but we wave our hands and say, "I'm fine"; when we want to ask each other out, we pretend to say "you don't have time"; when we yearn for it for a long time, we pretend to be smart and say, "I don't really want it".

this kind of arrogance is not cute, it will make you miss what you want most.

for me, it was an internship at a magazine I liked since high school; it made me watch the boys who had won the first place waiting for me for several years; and it also made me let experienced people help me during the bottleneck period, but let myself go back and forth again and again.

yesterday Zhang Jingzhi said to me, "Hey, I have a friend who wants to add you". Soon a new contact added me. As soon as I saw it, I cried out on the side of the road. It was a girl I wanted to know a long time ago. Every time Zhang Jingzhi mentioned this girl or her team, I pretended not to care but listened attentively. The voice in my heart was "Oh, that's amazing", but on the surface it was "Oh, she's doing it."

"actually, I already wanted to add you Wechat when I left a message backstage at that time, but I was too active to scare you."

and this sentence, when I chatted with her backstage six months ago, I also wanted to say it word for word. So I was thinking that if two people who had the same idea six months ago could have taken the initiative a little bit, maybe we wouldn't have to learn about each other's lives from others in the past six months.

it turned out that her and I were so proud that we were not sure whether each other wanted to know each other as much as we did, so we were silently "waited" for half a year.

when I chatted with my friends last night, I told me something about Aojiao.

when I was in junior high school, a girl in the class suddenly targeted me everywhere one day, because she failed in her confession, and the reason for the failure was that boy A told her that he liked me. At that time, I totally thought he was joking, because I was just an ordinary classmate who didn't say more than three words with him. I just thought he was using me as a shield.

there was a popular trend in school at that time. Boys would use the learning of the girls they like as the number of their jerseys. There was nothing special about A's jersey number, he just wrote his own student number, and that matter, he slowly lost his impression after graduation.

five years later, I suddenly saw a picture of An in his moments wearing a red jersey. he was the same as when he was in junior high school, just a little tanned.

but his ball pants on the lower left are printed with the student ID I used five years ago.

I looked for him the night I saw this photo. He said that when he ordered a jersey with the boys in his class in junior high school, he originally filled in my student number. Later, when he was about to hand it in, he snatched the form back and changed it. "I just don't want you to know that I care," he said. "so I kept holding back what I wanted to say, and everyone went to college."

I laughed at him for being so arrogant that I wouldn't even say what I wanted to say until I was suffocated. I had to wait for others to ask, but after the chat, I found that I was just as cocky, because I asked him about his later life. But I didn't dare to ask,

"what about you now?"

also dare not say that I also have a secret hidden for five years, that is,

"in fact, you are the boy I have always admired and admired."

in fact, even if you say it at that time, the outcome may still be the same, but at least you don't have to be away for many years, and you end up with a feeling of tears and laughter.

it turns out that everyone has something to say and wants to suffocate himself for fear of being seen through by the other party and pretending to be aloof.

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what a pity.

so I think that sometimes we are arrogant because each other is too important, we are afraid that a little obvious action will expose ourselves, for fear of saying something wrong, so we have to muster up the courage to even a common concern.

I hope my good friends know that every time I don't take the initiative to bow my head and admit my mistake after a quarrel, even though I am expressionless when they cajole me back with food, I actually turn around and start laughing.

I want my family to know that I have trouble with them. I go back to my room and close the door. Every time they knock on the door and try to coax me, I say angrily, "I'm fine, don't mind me", and then continue to bury my head in the quilt. I already began to soften.

and I have a secret that I never tell them. When I am angry, the door is never locked, because I say "leave me alone". In fact, I still want them to come in and comfort me. I'm just too cocky.

because of my strong self-esteem, I never dare to come to you; because I regard you as someone who cares a lot, I deliberately pretend to be indifferent to you; the more I need you, the more I hide myself, and who knows, the more I hide, the deeper I am.

I wish I could get rid of this strange habit and spread myself like beef on the chopping block of a market meat stall so that all the people who are willing to pick it out would hit it off with me, instead of saying again and again, "I'd love to find you, but I won't, because I'm the coolest."

the luckiest thing for a coquettish person is to be seen through. Every time he says "forget it", he wants the other person to say "good-bye"; every time he says "are you sleepy"? I want others to say "still want to talk". Every time he says, "all right, I don't care very much", that person says, "you can't pretend to be Xiao Xiao."Spilled ".

it's a pity that everyone who is proud and coquettish has met a person who is more arrogant than he is.

if I say "no"


ask me again