Without tigers, you don't have to obey the rules?

Without tigers, you don't have to obey the rules?

About the tragedy that happened at Badaling Wildlife Park in Yanqing, Beijing on the afternoon of July 23.


on the afternoon of July 23, two female self-driving tourists were attacked by tigers after getting off at Badaling Wildlife Park in Yanqing, Beijing, resulting in one death and one injury.

when I saw the news, I was getting dressed and ready to go out to meet my friends, when I mentioned it in a private letter on Briar Wechat. I conveniently opened my computer to browse the latest news, which included a complete surveillance video of the tiger wounding incident. I threw the bag on my shoulder on the bed and replied, "I want to write."

write nothing else, just write the rules.


in the last class meeting class in my high school, the head teacher used the last few minutes of that class to mobilize us for the college entrance examination. I remember her words clearly up to now.

"I only have three requirements for you. First, be familiar with the rules."

"while you are familiar with the rules, abide by the rules."

"if the ability permits, I do not exclude you from using the rules within the limits of the law."

just like the proposition of the college entrance examination has a conventional program, and a teacher of a certain class will have a special style of problem-making, if you can find out the rule of this person's question, and can roughly estimate the type of question and the answer of choice according to the way of probability, finally, you can use these unwritten answer rules with a clear mind during the exam, then your score will be slightly better than the average person.

that is to say, you know you can't cheat in the college entrance examination, and you won't cheat, but you just use some rules to achieve a higher score than yourself.

some people would disdain to say that this is speculation.

I am too lazy to argue about the similarities and differences between speculating and seizing opportunities. All I know is that the world is made up of all kinds of rules. Being familiar with the rules means that you know what is wrong; abiding by the rules means that you don't do anything wrong; and using the rules means you can skillfully jump through the rules and get twice the result with half the effort.

finally, my head teacher said: "what I said not only refers to the college entrance examination, I hope you can remember this sentence all your life."

people, behave and obey the rules. This is obviously something that a three-year-old knows.

but I saw the dead and injured who got out of the car and were taken away by a tiger in the surveillance video, looking at the headlines filled with exclamation marks and question marks, I suddenly felt a chill, and probably not everyone could understand the importance of the rules.

Let me put aside the omissions in the safety management of the zoo itself, at least the sign "cherish life, do not get off the bus" is clearly written on the gate to enter the beast area. I just want to talk about tourists; some media said that the family mistook the car for driving out of the tiger garden. I think this is even more sad, because they not only fail to abide by the rules, but also fail to be familiar with the most basic rules, so how can they abide by and make use of them?


if this incident develops in a different direction, if it is not a tiger but a patrol car in the park after the woman gets out of the car; if the security personnel have to impose a fine or criticize and educate her because she gets off the car, she may not lose her life, she may just be fined some money, or she will have a cold sweat on her forehead after realizing the seriousness of the problem. But I guess the family will explain that they don't know you can't get off here, and even sulk at the inhumanity of the staff.

getting out of the car, meeting a tiger or a staff member is a random event, but why should we take a risk to disobey the rules?

it was always said that the ignorant was innocent. Now I know that the ignorant is innocent, but the ignorant is likely to die.

after all, the meaning of "cherish life, forbid getting off the bus" and "forbid littering" is not the same. The tiger won't listen to you explain, "Oh, I didn't know I'd meet you here. I didn't know I couldn't get off here." All it knows is that you suddenly appeared in its territory, you set a precedent in a place where no one broke the rules, so it took you as its food.

at a deeper level, this is no longer a matter of ignorance, but your lack of basic awe of the world.

you don't pay enough attention to known dangers and lack basic awe of unknown emergencies. You choose to get off in the area where you are clearly told not to get off and talk to others, and choose to get out of the car when you are not sure if you can get off. You never really think that the rules in a wildlife park are very important and worth abiding by. You don't believe that tiger injuries will really happen to you, or even to yourself.

you despise the rules, so the rules despise you.


out of awe of the dead and injured, I can no longer say nor have the right to say more high-sounding accusations or cold truths.

for us ordinary people, I guess most of us dare not get off at random in the safari park to challenge the rules. The deaths and injuries in the zoo seem to be a big news far away from us. So aside from this homicide, I just want to talk about how we should look at the rules without tigers.

I always say I am a slow person.

from primary school, junior high school, high school, to college, every time I go to a new place, I will inexplicably become the last student in that environment. But basically, after a semester, I will inexplicably move from the rear of the crane to the forefront.

later I realized that this is not a slow heat, but that my reflection arc to the rules is longer, that is to say, my sensitivity to the new rules is very low. There are always people around who can stand out from their peers at the fastest speed whenever they go to a new place, whether in school or in the workplace. They can quickly recognize the nooks and crannies of the campus or office, and remember clearly that they are a few minutes late to be late.Remember which security guard is reasonable and accommodating, and remember when the reception room can help receive express delivery.

but I always have the benefit of hindsight. I can't quickly familiarize myself with the rules of a new environment as soon as I arrive. Just like it took me a whole semester to figure out the rules of the college entrance examination, a whole year to adapt to the new university, and a long time to know the traditional way of doing things in the internship unit. But my advantage is that once I understand the applicable rules of behavior, I can quickly find a way to turn around.

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so, I always believe that in today's society, familiarity with the rules can tell you how to live, obey the rules so that you can live safely, and use the rules to make you successful. In the eyes of modern people, the rule is a belief similar to money and religion. You have nothing to despise, and you don't have to think that abiding by the rules is dogma.

all you have to do is let go of your surging personal consciousness, you discover the rules, familiarize yourself with the rules, then follow them and fear them.

the last thing is to take advantage of.

but I didn't think the tiger would bite me.