Who do you want to understand you most when your moments are so big?

Who do you want to understand you most when your moments are so big?

I have a feeling of being brushed on the screen.

since yesterday, my moments have been scrubbed by a link that is as big as moments, do you understand me? I want to go in and test how to play, but I can't find a person who can try after turning around, because I really don't want to understand them. But I was forced to choose a relative, click in, the first question asked me, "will I check the other half's mobile phone?"

". Your partner doesn't know if you're going to check his phone, do you? "

"the moments are so big, do you understand me?"

"who are you?"

in fact, just five questions are not enough to determine whether a person really understands you, and you don't want to know who knows you best, you just want to click in alone, and that person lives in your circle of friends.

I remember playing an anonymous chat before. At that time, we were not so bored that we wanted to chat with the whole circle of friends, but we were all fantasizing that since it was anonymous, someone would show up and say something special to you.

A friend asked me the other day if there was any way to delete Weibo in batches. I told her no. She said that she wanted to delete more than a thousand Weibo posts in the past, but because she had no way, she could only delete them one by one. I can only read each one again.

"only when I look back do I know how stupid, pretentious, and eager for everyone to pay attention."

I remember she used to send more than five Weibo messages a day, and she never retweeted them. They are all her own feelings, each of which has to be filled with those 140 words.

"it seems to be a habit to post Weibo every morning, noon and evening. I always feel that if I don't post it, he won't see what I'm doing. If I don't show that I'm unhappy when I'm unhappy, he won't come to comfort me. If I go to this store near his house and don't tell him I'm here, he won't come to me."

"did he come to you when you were unhappy? did he show up when you were in that store?"

"No, he just commented once and never showed up. Yeah, that's funny. It turned out that there was only one time, he didn't follow me at all, but I sent him more than a thousand Weibo messages. "

after I deleted him, I no longer have the problem of posting on WeChat moments and Weibo all the time.

when sinking in the square, I was tired of discussing a lot of meal appointments in moments.

"I'm curious, does anyone really care about them when they ask out for dinner? Why would you do that? "

"there are two possibilities, one is that some people really no matter who they are, as long as they have someone to eat with." But in fact, more people should not ask for dinner with anyone. They have a candidate in mind, but sadly, that candidate, you need to convey your needs in this way. "

bother to say that she only sent a midnight snack to her moments, and there were a lot of people who responded, but in the end she chose to go with her roommate.

they are frustrated to convince themselves that it is no longer so important to accept me, vowing not to do it again, but once there are new channels, they can't help but want to experiment, whether it's anonymous chat or friend impressions.

but the second you try out, you already know how unimportant you are.

you don't want to prove your importance in hundreds of people, you just want to prove that you are valuable in one person's heart.

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the person you want to talk to most doesn't click in, and the person you see most doesn't want to understand you. We do a lot of stupid things to prove our importance, but the people who really think you are important don't need you to test at all.

so, let's just ask: who do you want to understand you most when your circle of friends is so big?

I want to say, "Don't doubt it, it's you."