It is you who let me continue to have edges and corners.

It is you who let me continue to have edges and corners.

Happy third anniversary together.


when my Girl Age was first released last year, I wrote "you are Lin Zhen, I am Xu Taiyu". After it was released, it became one of the most disorganized tweets. In that tweet, I told a lot of stories before we were together.

there are the scenes we first met in the first year of junior high school, and the separate plots in the third year of junior high school. Finally, we also talked about how we got together.

but I didn't say exactly why we were together or what happened after we were together.

I remember that there was a hot comment at the bottom of that article: "Please show your love often in the future."

so today, continue to talk about my story with her.


the summer vacation when I graduated from the third year of high school, she and I were rejected again by the people we liked at the same time. The reason for saying "again" was that we both persevered in liking someone for nearly three years.

before being "rejected", we gave each other advice, while disobeying each other, we proposed strange ways of expressing our love. Although we had repeatedly failed and fought again and again, we always felt that we were the victorious party in spirit. Yes, we are the veritable "lovelorn Front Alliance".

that summer vacation, I went to a unit to work as a temporary worker to organize materials, but she went to the factory to work as an assembly line worker. She doesn't envy my nine-to-five life, but in fact, her monthly salary is three times that of mine.

I still remember that Jay Chou's "rooftop" was released at that time.

one afternoon over tea, I asked her, "would you like to see a movie by Jay Chou?"

"ah? Where are you going to look? "

"next door town, there is no cinema here."

so I bought two group tickets, and then took a whole hour's bus with her to the cinema in the next town to see Jay Chou's movie. I still remember that we were reluctant to buy popcorn because popcorn was a luxury for us at that time. After watching it, I went with her to eat the sushi we had together for the first time. In the process, I asked her, "did you like that movie?"

she nodded and said, "it's beautiful."

after we each went home, we talked nonsense for a long time until she said she was going to bed. I found that I was reluctant to leave her to sleep, and at that moment, I knew I was in love with her. As soon as your brain gets hot, type a few words, and then click "send".

A sentence appeared next to my avatar: "Why don't we give it a try?"

Yes, this is my first confession of love. I dare not even say "I like you", but use a very gentle sentence to test her point of view.

five minutes later, she replied me with a word: "OK."

to be honest, this is not a good start. It has no romantic hug and kiss when it is strong, nor a plot that moves the other person to tears, or even an ordinary confession of love, only a cheeky temptation. But a bad start almost to zero also seems to herald another thing, that is, the story between you can start at zero, and even if you still fail a year later, it is still an improvement of 50 points.

although it doesn't seem romantic at all, it takes three years to try.


when I was a freshman, I was a jerk.

what's the mix? I interviewed several student organizations, and all of them were brushed down. Watching the roommates receive the admission information one by one, I was very lost, so I vented all my losses in the game. Every day after class is to go back to the dormitory to play games, evening classes do not read, but read some meaningless animation.

We call her at 10:30 every night, but at that time I didn't call her until 11:00 in order to play games.

one weekend morning, I suddenly received a phone call from her. She said that she was on her way to our school and asked me to go out and pick her up. I still remember that she was holding a yellow umbrella because it was very sunny that day.

along the way, I told her where the dormitory is, where to eat at ordinary times, and we have several basketball courts. When we were walking through the teaching building, we met several brothers and sisters in formal attire. When we were freshmen, our brothers and sisters were almost like gods.

during dinner, she asked me a question very seriously: "have you ever thought about what you are going to do in your four years of college?"

I was so asked that I couldn't say a word.

she added: "I don't like you playing games every day. You can't do nothing all day." I have thought that if it goes on like this, I can wait for you for two years at the most. If you still accomplish nothing in the year I graduate, we will be finished. "

I wanted to ask her, "are you serious?", but her eyes told me that I didn't have to ask.

after the word "finished" appeared in her mouth, I realized that she knew better than I did what I had done and what I was doing. She likes me, but that doesn't mean she will always like me unconditionally.

it was at that time that my sister asked me to try to open an official account.

I asked her, "what do you think?"

she said, "come on, I support you."


when I was a sophomore, I did all kinds of part-time jobs.

one of them, and became a colleague with her. Once, when I was walking with her on my way home from work, she kept a straight face and looked unhappy all the way.

I asked "what's wrong" and she ignored me.

it took me a long time for her to tell me:

"I forwarded your tweet to my moments yesterday, and the manager seemed to see it, and then he came to ask me about it.Is the official account yours? I said, "Yes". Then he said with a look of disgust,'is that thing seen by anyone? It's so long.' After listening to it, I was very angry. I didn't write it to him. Why did he say that? "

I laughed and said, "in fact, it's normal for others to think so, probably because I'm really not good at writing."

she said, "but I think it's very well written. If they don't understand it, they'll just talk nonsense."

the same thing has happened countless times.

every time she meets someone who says it's messy, she acts angrier than I do. At that time, it had been running disorderly for more than half a year, but the number of fans was not enough. In fact, in anyone's opinion, it was because I wrote too badly.

but she is more confident than I am and will never admit it. Every night I would show her my written manuscript before sending it, and she would give me a reader's feedback super seriously. Tell me where it is not smooth and where the truth makes her find it interesting, but she never tells me "you are not good enough" and never asks me "does this thing make money?"

at that time, every time we showed our love in moments, it took us a long time to save money to afford a meal.


something happened at home during the summer vacation of sophomore year.

after thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to apply for military service, because I can get a considerable sum of money after retirement.

when she told her the news, she said, "Let me think about it."

when we met again the next day, she said she had figured it out: "it's just two years. I think I can wait."

then she threw herself on me and burst into tears. "but I still don't want to leave you," she said. "

the last second round of physical examination failed, although a little lost, but also feel really lucky. When I told her the news, I saw her secretly wiping her tears. I said, "Don't worry, maybe it's better if I can't go. I'm sure I can earn it back."

that night, I knew it was time for me to do my best.


the third year, which is also my junior year, is a messy second year.

We seem to have had a lot of quarrels this year. Sometimes she always thinks that I don't care enough about her and even don't like her. I kept explaining on the phone, saying, "ask the people around me if your name always appears in my ten sentences."

there was a sobbing sound on the other end of the phone. I asked softly, "what's the matter?"

she said: "what I want is not how many times you praise me in front of others, I just hope that you can care more about me, and that kind of 'care' makes me feel."

strong reasoning has always been my strong suit, but I couldn't say anything that night.

there was another quarrel. She cried and said, "I've tried very hard to catch up with you, watch a lot of movies I don't like, and listen to songs you like, but you still think I'm not pursuing."

I yelled, "am I not?" Otherwise, why would I write every day? I just want to take you to a better restaurant and live a better life. I feel tired, too. "

Get ready to display your unique femininity in our college formal dresses. We are here to help you make a perfect choice.

the moment I blurted out, I suddenly realized that both of us had been trying to be the people we liked. No one here is strong or weak, let alone please whom. "because you are important, so I want to be what you like" has become our common belief.

so the quarrel was meaningless at that moment, and I said three words:

"I'm sorry."

she said, "well, you are a dog."

then open your hands and say to me, "give me a hug."


in fact, today is the third anniversary of her and me.

We fight, quarrel, and sometimes hurt each other with words, but we also depend on each other and work hard for each other. Three years is so fast, when I look back, I find that we have gone so far together.

I suddenly remembered a line from Xu Zheng in lost in Hong Kong: "the biggest thing about you women is to turn a man's life into ideal cannon fodder!"

I am lucky to meet a girl who is willing to stick to my ideal with me. If the word "keep writing" was only in my heart, maybe I would have given up a long time ago.

without her, there would be no thorns in the name itself.

finally, I would like to remind you:

"hurry to love."