18 rules for a happy life (suggested collection)

18 rules for a happy life (suggested collection)

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A streamlined circle

it is a great blessing in life to have its own "clean" circle.

A clean circle does not need to be too big or too miscellaneous.

the people in the circle are all people they like, and they are all people who like themselves.

in such a circle, there is no intrigue or intrigue, everyone is honest with each other, and everyone is comfortable and happy.


focus on 10%

Life is always full of all kinds of things, but what really matters is the 10%.

if you want more, your heart will be scattered, if your heart is loose, you will fail, and if you want to fail, you can't think about it. Throw away 90% of the unimportant things in your life.

make the most of your time and energy and do something useful to achieve greater happiness and happiness.

such as painting, poetry, reading, dancing, etc., just take some time to focus on this, so trivial life has become full of interest!


do a good deed every day

as the saying goes, don't do bad things even if it is inconspicuous, don't give up doing good things even if it is not important.

kindness is a kind of blessing. if you do more good deeds, you will be more blessed.

A person's fate does not necessarily depend on a big action.

more often, it depends on some small acts of kindness in his daily life.


throwing something every day

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the computer will leave a lot of junk files after using it for a long time, which will seriously affect the running speed. If you remove this garbage, the computer will become faster.

similarly, the mind needs to clean up the garbage frequently.

get rid of the psychological trash such as greed, comparison, narrowness, arrogance, stubbornness and prejudice in time, and become a healthy, sunny, sincere and kind-hearted, strong and happy person with everlasting youthful vitality.


Life list

everyone has their own life list, but most of the items on the list are not arranged by themselves.

We can try to modify our life list like ordering food until it suits our appetite and health.

give up what you should give up, do what you have to do, and don't let anyone disturb the rhythm of your life.

A more important step is to calm down and make a list of your own life right now.


seek faults and cherish blessings

Zeng Guofan said that the best state of life is that the flowers are not in full bloom and the moon is not full.

everything does not need to be perfect, always on the road of chasing dreams, with good expectations, singing all the way, appreciating the years and mountains.

the weather is not cold, the night is not dark, is the best life situation.

warm heart, know how to cherish, there will be the most sunny smile, the most charming elegance.

not to the extreme, waiting for the flowers to bloom is the best in the world.


Control emotions

some people say that our age is an era when emotions are out of control.

inadvertently touched the next person, the other party shouted abuse, because the traffic light left a few seconds late, the back of the person honked loudly;

emotional, angry, is everyone's nature.

people who are really wise know that instead of focusing on senseless anger, they should change themselves and not be swayed by negative emotions.

losing temper is instinct, but not losing temper is skill.

in the face of rumors, deal with it calmly; in the face of gossip, take it lightly.


it is good practice to learn not to say

to control your words and deeds.

stop talking at the right time is not only a kind of realm, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

often warn myself that if a person wants to achieve a great cause, he should not be arbitrary and emotional.

he must exercise restraint in his words and deeds.

it only takes a year to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn not to speak.

speaking is an instinct, but not speaking is a kind of spiritual practice.


after all, the energy to reject

is limited, so it is difficult for everyone to be satisfied. Timely rejection will make you feel comfortable.

We should all be receptive and tolerant, but we should also learn to refuse: those who help the gang, those who should refuse.

in this life, your kindness must have some edge.

this is a principle of life, not only to trouble others casually, but also to accept other people's requests without a bottom line.


have a good sleep

forgive all people and things before going to bed, which is not only to let others go, but also to forgive yourself.

never bring resentment or anger to sleep.

Life is like a dream, fleeting, where is there time to complain angrily in sleep?

sleep well and pay attention to the quality of your sleep is the most important thing for the rest of your life.

forgive everything before going to bed, wake up and don't ask the past!


be alone

only when a person is alone can he be completely himself.

solitude is not only a kind of wisdom of life, but also a realm of life.

the person who knows how to get along with himself is the one who is really strong and rich in heart.

they know how to return to their place, know how to return to their hearts at the right time, and restore their original intelligent, transparent, free and lively nature.

only when you are alone can you be at ease in the hustle and bustle.


love reading

Reading can slow down time.

Reading is a kind of self-cultivation, which opens up the wider world, enlightens you in pain and joy, and awakens you in worry and wisdom.

Reading gives spiritual strength, enriches the heart, and makes the future more calm and calm.


proper exercise

Life lies in exercise.

proper exercise can maintain and promote blood circulation, maintain appetite, calm impatience, maintain a happy mood, and prolong life!

healthy exercise can make people physically and mentally happy, improve your appearance, change your brain, and reshape your life!

go to exercise, while the time is right, live up to every moment.


go to bed early and get up early

Zeng Guofan once said, "getting up early is a golden recipe, and a golden elixir for longevity."

early to bed and early to rise is the best way to keep fit.

for the body, to work during the day is to use electricity and to sleep at night is to recharge.

people who insist on going to bed early and getting up early for a long time are healthier, younger, optimistic and more passionate about life.



sheep have the grace of kneeling and crows have the meaning of back-feeding.

Let yourself be a grateful person in your life, don't let your ruthlessness, let life abandon you, and let your relatives and friends feel cold to you.

the person who knows how to be grateful is the one who really has happiness.

gratitude is a treasure and a multiplier. What you are grateful for, you will get more what you are grateful for.


the present is

Zeng Guofan said that the past is not in love, the present is not miscellaneous, and the future is not welcome.

Life is short and impermanent.

what is missed does not come back; what comes back is no longer perfect;

cherish what you have, and the most important thing is to live in the present.

only when you live well in the present can you live up to time and yourself;

cherish the present, you can be relaxed and happy, simple and happy.


Zhuangzi said: empty chamber produces white, auspicious stop.

empty cup, you can taste good tea; meditation, you can observe emptiness.

always wash the teacup, the cup is clear, tea will be fragrant;

every day empty the mind, the heart has leisure, happiness comes.

reluctant to wash last night's tea, it is bound to spoil today's intestines and stomach.

can't let go of the past personnel, which will inevitably damage the happiness of the present.

empty cup mentality, let the past sleep, let the present be happy.


the heart is bright

there is no flower in the heart, there is no difference between brocade flowers and desolation; there is light in the eyes, and all the eyes are good intentions.

there is sunshine in the heart, a drop of water can reflect the starlight;

there is a fragrance in the heart, and a flower can fragrance the magnanimity of life.

be a person with a heart to the sun, even if he is in the dark, he can cut through the difficulties and go to the light.