2020 is coming to an end, stop doing these 25 things, it's not too late.

2020 is coming to an end, stop doing these 25 things, it's not too late.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

our brains are always full of thoughts.

this makes us want to experience everything instead of focusing on just one thing:

want to learn video clips and worry about falling behind on my recently started fitness program;

I want to calm down and work hard and make achievements, and I'm eager to travel with my friends.

good ideas keep popping up in our minds so that we never have enough time.

this is actually the state of life of most people. Being in a hurry every day can only keep your life from getting out of control. In the end, you can only say:

but what I want to tell you is:

the following Stop Doing List is for you who yearn for a better life.


Don't regret your past decisions

what school to attend, what major to choose, whether or not to confess your love, who to marry. Life is a collection of countless choices, and it is impossible for us to make every decision right.

therefore, we should regard mistakes and regrets as an important part of our lives.

Don't regret your past choices, but learn from your mistakes so that you can avoid moving from one regret to another.


Don't let other people's success

disrupt your own pace of life

I love TED's speech "before you feel stressed" (Before You Feel Pressure):

"everything in life depends on our own time, our own clock.

some friends around you may be far ahead of you, and some friends may lag behind you, but everything has its own rhythm.

they have their rhythm, you have your own. Be patient. "


Don't give thinking

to social networks

it's getting easier and easier for us to get information, and it's getting easier and easier for us to see fresh ideas, professional analysis, and opinions on current affairs.

but most of the time, we no longer have our own thoughts and judgments except to contribute a favor.

fragmented knowledge can bring constant excitement and satisfaction, but it can never make you think like a god on the Internet.


Don't bring too many people into your life


"in this life, you will meet 8263563 people, will greet 39778 people, will be familiar with 3619 people, will be close to 3619 people, but in the end, they will all be scattered in the sea of people."


Don't consume human feelings

there is no free lunch

things that can be solved with money, try not to be human.

Human feelings are consumables, which have been withdrawn inconspicuously all the time, and the balance of the "emotional account" will eventually be insufficient.


stop procrastination

procrastination is our greatest enemy in achieving our goals in life.

Don't be frightened by external conditions. Life is actually a battle with yourself.


Don't regard salary

as the only source of income

when you are young, the most important thing is to focus on improving your self-worth.

but we should also open our own "jar of financial freedom" and spend 1 hour a day and save 10% of our money every month to prepare for building our own money-making system.


Don't limit yourself

the "Sister who braved the Wind and waves" who exploded some time ago tells us that life can not be defined by others.

the first step in self-change is the courage to break the limit; one more step forward is a new landscape.


Don't think you can please everyone

Don't always be a good person.

A good person, sometimes a trap, is "TA won't refuse" and "what's bothering TA is fine".

the first step into adult society is to stop thinking that you can please everyone.

it's impossible for everyone to like you, let others know where your bottom line is, and better protect yourself and the relationship.


Let go of the shame of talking about money

it is difficult for many people to talk about money.

but the essence of the business world is to achieve talent flow, capital accumulation and improve the operational efficiency of the whole society by linking money with credit.

talking about money generously will be the basis of heart-to-heart and cooperation between people.


in any relationship

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do not put yourself in the position of a victim

emphasizes "sacrifice", which is actually a kind of emotional blackmail.

talking about sacrifice in a relationship will not bring happiness, it will only make two people more hurt.

A good relationship must nourish each other instead of demanding and blaming each other.


Don't indulge in cost-effective

"it's not because of poverty."

We are more and more cost-effective in spending money.

"it's because there's no time."

in doing things, we also begin to pursue performance-to-price ratio.

I began to find that, accustomed to this way of thinking, many people began to pursue cost-effective ratio in terms of "giving effort" and "giving emotion".

our life is not a commodity, so don't pay for the value for money.


Don't live up to other people's standards

A German with a collection of 11570 "do not disturb" signs;

Canadian 10-year-old boy successfully put 17 spoons on his face;

Francisco Domingo Joe Jim has the widest mouth in the world.

these strange behaviors are all taken from the Guinness Book of World Records.

it is absurd to strive for the first place in other people's standards and regard it as the goal of life.


do not pursue refinement

when you are out of money. It is the result of long-term material and spiritual abundance and slow precipitation.

only buy expensive, online celebrity store auction such short-term behavior, the pursuit is a kind of consumerism sugar-coated "pseudo-exquisite".

the ultimate weapon to improve the quality of life is to create, not to consume; to believe in yourself and love life.


Don't rush to forgive the person who hurt you

it's right to apologize for something wrong, and it's reasonable to forgive or not to forgive.

after all, only you know how painful the needle is when you stick it on your body.

No retaliation is already the greatest tolerance.


stop wasting your talent

most people are anxious because they live in other people's dreams all the time.

from one project to another; from one company to another.

always adapt to the environment and others, but forget what you are really good at and waste your talents.

try to spend half an hour a day planting talent in your own soil.


Don't become a container for storing knowledge

the brain is easily deceived by satisfaction.

in fact, most of the knowledge will be forgotten within an hour after learning.

it is more important to improve the application ability of knowledge and information than to memorize well-learned knowledge.

join our own thinking, "utilitarian" learning, it is easier to help us improve and grow.


stop releasing any form of superiority to the outside world

arrogance is the first of the seven deadly sins.

and the sense of superiority is the arsenic of interpersonal relationship.

No one likes the feeling of being crushed, and the best way to get rid of this pressure is to be as far away from this center of superiority as possible.

Please believe that when a person is really strong, he no longer cares about the approval of others.


Don't guess whether there is something wrong with a relationship

the most comfortable relationship is not to please or guess.


stop being silent

Don't be stingy with compliments to others

in poorly expressed East Asian societies, we often overlook the importance of praise.

this makes it difficult for many relationships to go further.

in fact, a specific compliment and a like in moments can draw the distance between the two sides, and even let the other person write it down in a diary, making people happy all day.

not only that, praise can also improve our observation of life.

people who can discover their own potential and find the strengths of others in praise are more likely to succeed.


do not leave our moments empty

moments, which can reduce the cost of making friends.

closing our moments will make our world smaller and smaller.

in addition, posting moments is also a kind of "creation".

Let us maintain our understanding of life and self-perception in this era inundated by the flood of information.

there are many moments in life only once. Don't let life be boring and repetitive.