2020, this is the best life for a woman.

2020, this is the best life for a woman.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I once saw a question on Zhihu: what should a woman's best life be like?

there is a highly praised answer:

although it may not seem difficult, it is not easy to live the best life for a woman.

2020, if you want to improve your life, you need to do these things first.


study hard and cultivate your temperament

Dong Qing's previous performance in the "host contest" amazed everyone.

her comments on the program are both gentle and sharp, with strict logic and brilliant words, which amazed countless viewers.

at the age of 47 this year, she is still calm and elegant. Her classical poetry and literary golden sentences in the program make people admire her profound cultural heritage.

and her exquisitely carved heart of poetry and noble and elegant temperament are all cultivated by her day-to-day reading.

"the belly is full of poetry and books" is the best evaluation of her.

as a woman, you may not be beautiful, but you can never give up improving your temperament.

your beautiful face will gradually decline as you get older, but your growing temperament can make you shine in the crowd.

Zeng Guofan once said:

2020, form the good habit of reading, cultivate your own temperament, make your temperament the best famous brand in your body, and live a better life.


living confused, easy to be happy

as the saying goes, living confused, easy to be happy; living sober, easy to worry.

this is because people who live a sober life are easy to take it seriously, and once they get serious, it is easy to make life a feather.

people who live in confusion will not care too much about their own gains and losses, make their life a little easier, and naturally have more happiness.

living "confused" is not stupid, but a kind of grace, self-cultivation and wisdom.

in life, we encounter too many problems and have too little happiness.

face the troubles in your life with a "rare confusion" mentality, and let yourself live in your own heart, not in the eyes of others.

if you don't mess with yourself, you'll get a little more happiness.

2020, you might as well learn to be confused and forgetful. Only by developing a good state of mind can you have a better state of life.


goodness and tolerance

there is a line in the movie Godfather:  being kind is certainly a good thing, but you also need to understand:

you can't eat too much, be too kind to people, and not all kindness and tolerance can get each other's gratitude and guilt.

being a human being, giving too much, being too kind and patient, there is no guarantee that no one will take advantage of your kindness to hurt you.

there must be a measure of kindness and tolerance.

otherwise, when you meet someone who is ungrateful and takes an inch, your efforts will be ignored and your care will be regarded as dispensable.

2020, may you not only keep the goodness from the bottom of your heart, but also have the courage to refuse, and remember to fulfill yourself before fulfilling others, so that you can achieve a better state of life.


Love yourself first, and then love yourself

"Love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance." The words of the English poet Oscar Wilde are probably worth all the truths in the world.

because you love yourself, you can learn to be kind to yourself and make yourself more refined;

because you love yourself, you won't be too hard on yourself and make yourself more free;

because you love yourself, you will strive to be a better self and make yourself more complete.

learn to take care of your body, don't stay up late, exercise more, and eat well even when you are alone.

learn to care more about your feelings, pay less attention to the opinions of others, and don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

learn to praise your performance and praise yourself more, so that you will be more receptive to yourself and expose yourself to more beautiful things.

Montaigne once said: only those who love themselves can be loved by others.

learning to love yourself is an ability, and women who learn to love themselves have more ability to love others.

then, let the person you fall in love with fall in love with yourself.

2020, may you always have the ability to love yourself, be your own queen with an independent and strong appearance, and make yourself a woman with love in your heart and light in your eyes, is the best state of your life right now.


people only live for one lifetime, so don't let your enthusiasm for life be spent on fuel, rice, oil and salt.

learn to improve yourself, learn to adjust yourself, and learn to be kind to yourself, so that you can truly achieve physical and mental fullness and keep yourself in the best state of life.

2020, may you finally resist the temptation of the world and keep your own pure land.

even in the face of this mud, I can finally keep myself awake, be a woman as warm and moist as water, and live my best life.

May your 2020 have something to do, be loved, and meet all your expectations. Share it.

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