2021 is almost over. Please reflect on these six things.

2021 is almost over. Please reflect on these six things.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

2021 will soon be over.

maybe you set a lot of goals and plans for yourself at the beginning of this year, so make a summary and reflection on yourself in the last few days before the end of the year.


how many books have you read this year

maybe at the beginning of the year, you swore that you would read for half an hour every day.

but for most people, the number of books they have actually read this year adds up to less than one.

maybe it's not very urgent to read or not.

even you can use it. Work is too busy, overtime is too much, time is too tight, etc., to find reasons and excuses for yourself, but the last thing you can't deceive is yourself.

the sign that a person becomes mediocre is that he never reads a book.

when you stop learning, stop thinking, stop making progress, your life will become more and more numb and rigid from then on.

every day when you don't read is an old day.

but only by reading can you become a better and better person over time.


this year, did you stick to the exercise

at the beginning of the year, did you give yourself such a plan?

go to the gym three times a week, run 5 kilometers a day, and exercise for 1 hour each time.

but a year has almost passed. How many days have you really held on?

most of the time, people overestimate their action power, but when the three-minute heat is over, many people are defeated by their laziness and procrastination.

many people know that sports bring you a lot of benefits.

but this in itself doesn't make you feel relaxed or comfortable.

when others lie down and play with their cell phones, you sweat, when others sleep in, you run, and when others go to have a big meal, you are still suffering and exercising.

there is a saying: "No effort, no gain."

how much time you put into your health, how much energy you spend, and how much exercise you do, your body will eventually give the most honest answer.


this year, have you ever got up early

this year, have you ever thought about developing the good habit of getting up early?

you joined the early morning punch group, specially bought an alarm clock, and even posted a moments to ask everyone to supervise you to get up at 6 o'clock every day.

but the end result is often a failure.

in fact, the morning is the beginning of every day.

if a person can't even get up early, it's hard to exercise self-discipline on this day, this month, or even during the year.

Franklin said a sentence that I liked very much.

"I have never seen an early, diligent, cautious, honest man complaining about bad fate, good character, good habits, strong will, will not be defeated by the so-called fate."

most early risers are usually awakened by dreams.

sometimes, it's not that you really can't wake up or get up, but that you have long lost confidence and hope in your current situation and future.


this year, did you control your temper

maybe at the beginning of the year, you told yourself that no matter what happens, you should learn to keep a good attitude and face it with a smile.

but during the year:

you will be furious if you encounter the slightest bit of bad luck.

if you encounter the slightest conflict, you will be furious.

even if you encounter the slightest contradiction, you will be furious.

in fact, people with a bad temper will not only hurt others, but also bring more trouble and harm to themselves.

think about how many people you offended because of your temper, how many grievances you caused because of your temper, and even how much unhappiness you brought to yourself because of your temper.

when a person can't control his emotions, he will have a bad day.

about this year, the number of days you have trouble with yourself is far greater than the number of days you feel happy.


this year, did you persist in saving

perhaps, at the beginning of this year, you set yourself the task of saving.

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save 1/3 of your salary every month, save 50, 000 yuan this year, or cut off excess consumer spending and save the money you save.

but a year has almost passed. Maybe not only do you have an empty wallet and even an empty credit card, but you also have to worry about repaying the loan and borrow money every month.

in fact, no matter how much you earn, you should know how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

you can't spend a penny of money that shouldn't be spent. Save every penny of the money you should save.

in addition to the necessary living expenses, no matter how much you earn, you should not spend excessively in advance, let alone spend a penny.

as a paragraph says, "what people pursue is not necessarily wealth, but they must have a dignified life so that they can work without hindrance, be generous, cheerful, and independent."

sometimes, what you save is not only a share of money, but also a life of strength and security.


this year, did you learn to be alone

because of the epidemic, the number of parties you attended and the number of times you went out gradually decreased.

maybe you had a plan at the beginning of the year, so take this opportunity to work hard instead of having fun all day.

but even if you rarely go out, you have less fun.

but would you ratherI am willing to take out my mobile phone, watch TV, play games, or gossip and gossip with others to kill a lot of boring time.

I don't want to spend a few minutes every day thinking about who you want to be, what kind of life you want to live, what kind of life you want to live.

being alone is the best value-added period for a person.

only by focusing on growth and progress, rather than blindly wasting and wasting time, can you constantly enrich and enrich yourself.

2022 is coming soon. May you make continuous efforts and efforts in the new year to win a new yourself and a better tomorrow!

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