2021 pet wife rating table, what level is your husband in?

2021 pet wife rating table, what level is your husband in?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say: "every girl is made up of sugar and spices and all the good things, only a little worse than an angel."

Girls are so lovely, so beautiful, and worthy of being spoiled.

it is every girl's wish to find someone who dotes on her, and pampering is graded. What level is your husband in?


level 1: just talk but not do

his love for you only stays in sweet words.

said to buy you delicious food and take you to play, but then forget it, and there will be no real action.

once promised you to get rid of bad habits, promise when you say it, and then keep it the same.

what you say is better than what you do, and sometimes it's maddening, because it's expectant and disappointing.


level 2: do as you say, but complain

you do the housework and ask him to help, he shares the housework, but he will say, "Oh, it's troublesome to mop the floor."

you don't feel well during your period. Ask him to help you cook brown sugar water. He said, "I'll cook it for you, but I have to run out of brown sugar all the way."

the real love still makes people feel secure, but if you want to be nice to you from the bottom of your heart, you won't complain often.


level 3: willing to spend money for you

Sanmao once said:

the man who really loves you will be willing to spend money for you.

Xi Xi's boyfriend is relatively "stingy" in moments, but he is willing to invite Xi Xi to dinner and milk tea every time he goes out, and plans in advance where to go on weekends.

on holidays, red envelopes will be given to Xi Xi, and gifts will be carefully prepared for Valentine's Day.

so his friends say that he loves Sissy very much.

Pride and Prejudice has such a sentence:

feelings without material are scattered, and the wind blows down.

Love needs economic foundation, especially marriage.

if you meet a man who is willing to spend money for you, please cherish it.


level 4: be nice to you, remember your preferences and habits

remember what you like to eat, and order what you like every time you go to the restaurant;

remember that you have rhinitis, especially when it gets worse in winter, so you put on clothes to keep you warm;

remember what kind of clothes you like to wear and secretly buy them for you.

this kind of doting in the details warms the heart.


level 5: will take you to his friends and relatives

can't wait to introduce you to your friends and family and let everyone know that you exist.

will also send your photos and your group photos on moments, telling everyone "I have a girlfriend" and explicitly rejecting other members of the opposite sex.

at this time, you must have sense of security, feel full of being favored, and understand what it feels like to be firmly chosen.


level 6: men who know how to coax you

are biased, and it is easy to "reason" with you when conflicts occur.

but women are often different. When they get angry, they only think about boys, hoping that men care.

so when a man sees you angry, he quickly gives in and cheers you up: "OK, I'm wrong, baby, forgive me."

even if you know you've done something wrong, I'll give you a step down first, and then discuss problems with you when you're happy.

if you have a conflict with someone, he will immediately stand by your side and scold him with you;

if you encounter something sad, he will accompany you and coax you to be happy.


Just check our these selections on your leisure.

level 7: in this impetuous and fast-growing world, it is easy to like and say love, but it is difficult to always favor you.

people who really love you will give you blatant preference and love, so that you enjoy different treatment from others.

there is no one else around, all eyes are on you.

he lets you know that shrimp does not have a shell, and messages can be answered in seconds.

he lets you know that true love exists and that you are lucky.

allow you to be partial and willing to be generous in this life.


level 8: sense of responsibility, boyfriend max

sense of responsibility is one of the secrets of emotional freshness.

it's so sense of security to be with a responsible boyfriend.

what I said to you will always be kept in mind, and I will try my best to fulfill what I promised you.

give you a warm home and make you a happy person.

work hard outside, willing to give you the best life. I will carry it for you when I have something at home. I don't want to let you get hurt or sad.

do most of the work in the family and make you a little princess.


level 9: plan the future with you and put it into practice

put you into the future and work harder.

he will plan each other's homes and try to give you a warm haven;

will have a general plan for future careers, and then children's problems and parental relationships will be dealt with.

will also discuss with you how relationships manage and take care of each other.

because he wants you to see his efforts and give you a visible future.


level 10: always think of you

thinking about each other is easier said than done, because people tend to look at things from their own point of view.

in fact, sometimes feelings know how to think of others, it is different, they will understand what you are doing.

if you have conflicts with your mother-in-law, he will take care of your feelings and will be on your side;

during your pregnancy, he will also understand your emotional instability and treat you well;

when you have an argument, you can stop to think about your starting point and understand your difficulties.

know you are cold and warm, understand your joys and sorrows.

there is no one who is born to love, it's just that he pays attention to you.

those who really love you will treat you seriously, get to know you, and give you favor and preference.

I hope your love is like-minded, consensual, consensual, telepathic, romantic and gentle.