25 good habits to improve yourself (permanent collection is recommended)

25 good habits to improve yourself (permanent collection is recommended)

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British philosopher Francis Bacon once said:

"habit is a tenacious and great force, it can dominate life."

Life is only a few decades, some people stand out and become the focus of attention, while others are ordinary and small, leading an ordinary life.

We always aspire to success, but we also understand that success is not achieved overnight.

it requires day-to-day effort and a habit of persistence.

and those small habits are important factors that determine whether a person can succeed or not.

is like a saying on the Internet: "if you change from the daily details, you can become a better self."


the ability to maintain lifelong learning

Schopenhauer once said:

"the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

A person's life is a process of constantly breaking self-awareness and improving the pattern.

the higher the cognition, the more you can see the changes in the development of things.

keep yourself in the habit of reading and have the ability to type continuously.

only by constantly learning and improving one's cognition can one master the rules instead of being bound by them.


do things with "thinking in advance"

"everything is done in advance, and nothing is wasted."

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anything, if you know how to prepare in advance, the road to success will be further.

because there is never one in a million in this world, and there is always unexpected joy in everyone's life.

preparing in advance is to make life more secure and give life one more possibility.


often reflect on yourself

as the saying goes:

"if everyone can advance self-reflection by decades, 50% of people are likely to make themselves a great person."

in this world, it is never others but themselves that hinder a person's progress.

often think about your own mistakes, and don't talk about others.

only by knowing how to reflect, can you grow up faster; only by learning to find your own shortcomings can you make up for your weaknesses and optimize your strengths.


set long-term goals and move forward steadily

what kind of life you have in this life depends on what choices you make.

if you want to live a good life, you must know how to plan for the long term.

regardless of immediate interests, set a long-term goal for yourself.

look at everything one more step, so that you have a clear idea, so that you can have enough strength to face the future.

people, only by taking a long-term view can we go further.


Don't just say but don't take actions to succeed.

everyone is pursuing success all his life, but there is very little that can be done.

in fact, success is not difficult, but it is difficult that many people are unwilling to do it.

as a saying goes:

"only by keeping the unity of words and deeds can one be the highest."

truly successful people never confine their thoughts to their minds, but dare to take action regardless of success or failure.

anything, as long as you dare to do it, you are half done.


make good use of every minute and do not waste time

successful people succeed precisely because they are good at making good use of every minute.

learn to arrange your time reasonably after work.

not all is wasted on leisure and entertainment, nor does it blindly keep learning.

when a person can make better use of his time, he is one step closer to success.


keep working hard and maintain self-discipline

there is a saying

"in this world, there are three kinds of people: the first kind of people do not work hard, the second kind of intermittent effort, and the third kind of continuous effort."