40 habits that make a woman graceful all her life

40 habits that make a woman graceful all her life

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A happy person must learn to choose, choose and change.

choose the right way of life, give up the things that make you work hard, and then make some changes in your life.

here are 40 habits that women should have when they are elegant and old. When they are done, they are bound to make them feel more cheerful and healthier!


put on clothes

do not appear more than three main colors at the same time.


you can buy fewer clothes,

, but each must be a boutique.


when you are old, you should pay attention to fashion and follow the trend.


laugh at least 5 times a day, and

people will be younger and more energetic.


shoes must be comfortable.


Don't mess with your hair.

use hair mask to protect your hair regularly.


temperament is more important than appearance, and

temperament has nothing to do with age.


tidiness is required.


items that are not in use should be cleaned up in time.

Don't be reluctant to throw them away just because you feel sorry to throw them away.


Lady's "required course" before going out:

exquisite makeup,

wear fashionable clothes,

match attractive jewelry and bags.


stay away from people who always complain,

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make you unhappy and bring only negative energy.


go out of the house more often,

dance, fish, etc., with friends.

has its own circle of activities.


do something you like,

let the spirit have some sustenance,

take a correct and positive view of life after retirement,

realize that aging is inevitable.


husband and wife should understand each other, take care of each other and cherish each other.


eat less health products,

use more natural vegetables and fruits to supplement the necessary nutrients,

and ensure food diversity.


Don't rely too much on or interfere with your children too much.

it is important to be clear about big things and confused about small things.


arrange a trip once or twice a year.

travel with friends,

visit places of interest around the world and taste all kinds of delicacies.


smiling costs no money,

so smile as much as possible,

smile at yourself and smile at others.


more than three times a week,

keep aerobic exercise for 40 minutes each time,

improve cardiopulmonary function and speed up metabolism,

can not only keep fit but also relieve fatigue.


keep an optimistic and open-minded state of mind,

do not complain, do not escape,

eat when you should eat, drink when you should drink,

cry when you should cry, and be happy when you are happy.


eating breakfast is more important than wearing makeup.


people who eat each other are more blessed.


drink tea (no strong tea after a full meal).


reduce the consumption of sugar and salt,

try not to eat leftovers.


on diet,

remember a jingle:

A handful of vegetables,

a handful of beans,

an egg and some meat,

eat enough whole grains.


sleep daily should be regular,

sleep not less than 6 hours a day,

had better have a lunch break.


drink red wine once in a while.


drink more water and eat more fruit.


bask in the sun for 15 minutes every day,

but avoid sun exposure or heatstroke.


avoid sitting for a long time,

stand up for a walk every once in a while,

do anus lifting, abdominal retraction, tiptoe and so on.


dealing with others is neither humble nor arrogant, while

being generous and natural is more mature and elegant.


talk to people and listen carefully.

look at the position between the bridge of the nose and the eyes.

gives people a sense of respect.


harmony is the most precious thing in life.

Don't vent your anger at will.

calm down for a few seconds before expressing your opinion.