5 ways to improve your happiness!

5 ways to improve your happiness!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people hope to live a happy life in pursuit of fame and fortune all their lives.

it is not difficult to find that many people, even if they are rich and rich, are not necessarily happy; there are also many people who may be happy even though they are poor and down and out.

in the final analysis, happiness is a kind of inner abundance, which naturally runs into your heart!

here are 5 ways to improve your happiness. Let's do it together.



there is a question on Zhihu: "what is your deepest misunderstanding?"

the most popular answer is: "in the past, I always thought that freedom means doing what I want to do, but later I found that those who discipline themselves will have freedom."

psychologists have summed up this rule: the early stage of self-discipline is exciting, the middle stage is painful, and the later stage is enjoyable.

in the past, I always felt that life was too short, so I should have fun in time.

but with the increase of experience, you will gradually find that every undisciplined behavior will bring more pain to people.

what exactly is self-discipline? Self-discipline is two things: do what you don't like but should do, and don't do what you like but shouldn't do.

Why does everyone know the importance of self-discipline, but in reality, few people can do it?

because self-discipline means that you have to give up something, give up your preferences, give up your inertia.

self-disciplined people seem to live as hard as ascetic monks, but because of this "hard work", they gain more freedom of choice and the courage to say "no".

people all have habits that blind their hearts. The more serious the habits and deception, the harder it is to force yourself.

but there is no other way but to make more efforts and efforts than others, slowly get rid of their own bad habits through forced sharpening, and eventually grow into a long-term self-disciplinarian.

as long as you take the first step, you will eventually realize that the more self-discipline, the luckier you are, the happier you are.



Ji Xiaolan said: "if the heart is in one art, the art must be done; if the heart is in one post, his job must be promoted."

focus on doing one thing all the year round, and one day, you will become a master.

Li Guizhen in the five dynasties liked to draw tigers from an early age. But he had never seen a tiger. Instead, he looked like a cow and was even ridiculed as a "dead tiger".

in order to draw the tiger "alive", he took dry food and went into the mountains. Orion told him that tigers only haunt at night. So he built a shed on the big tree and lived there. Carefully observe and record the movements of the tiger every night: sitting, standing, squatting, eating small animals. After a period of time, he accumulated a lot of material for painting tigers.

in order to draw the movements of the tiger more realistically, he bought a tiger skin and jumped at home to imitate the movements of the tiger, so as to enhance his imagination of the tiger and have a clear idea.

since then, Li Guizhen's tiger paintings are lifelike and lifelike, and he has also become a famous tiger painter. Many of his paintings have been handed down to this day and are of great collection value.

Li Guizhen draws tigers, which reveals a shortcut to success: focus. It means that no matter when you do something, there is only one thing on your mind.

and the law of ten thousand hours tells us that only by focusing on one thing at a time can we do it well, and only by focusing on one field for a long time can we achieve the extremes of a field.

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A real master is not really superior. If you repeat simple things, you can become an expert. If you do repeated things with your heart, you are the expert.

focus on work, career will fail; focus on relationship, marriage will be more stable; focus on friendship, there will be more dignitaries.

from now on, focus on every moment, and you will experience the happiness of self-improvement and self-improvement.



Zhu Xi once said, "for the way of learning, do not precede poor reason; the most important thing for poor reason lies in reading."

Dong Zhongshu in the Western Han Dynasty forgot to eat and sleep when he was young. Dong Taigong decided to build a garden in the back house so that the children could go to the garden to rest and relax.

in the first year, when the garden was first built, the sun was shining and the flowers were fragrant. My sister invited Dong Zhongshu to play in the garden many times. He shook his head and went on reading.

in the second year, rockery was added to the garden, and friends climbed up the rockery to greet Dong Zhongshu, but he continued to write poems without looking up.

in the third year, the garden was all completed, and all relatives and friends came to play, admiring such exquisite beauty. Dong Zhongshu was still immersed in his study in the room. In the evening, the whole family was enjoying the moon in the garden, and he took the opportunity to sneak into the room to study poetry.

Su Shi once said: "the belly is full of poetry and books." Dong Zhongshu interpreted this sentence perfectly with his whole life of reading.

as an adult, Dong Zhongshu read all the books of Legalism, Taoism, Confucianism and so on. Finally, Dong Zhongshu became a master of Confucianism and was used all his life after four dynasties. He put forward the idea of "respecting Confucianism alone and deposing a hundred schools", which made the influence of Confucianism for more than 2000 years.

from ancient times to the present, reading is the lowest cost investment and the nobility with the lowest threshold.

more reading makes people have broad horizons and open hearts. People can feel the joys and sorrows from the books, and people can taste the full table of life, revealing different highlights at each stage.

by reading more, people not only have the real world, but also can enter the vast and rich spiritual world of different time and space, and have more possibilities beyond life.

more reading may not necessarily prolong the length of life, but it can certainly broaden the width of life, increase the thickness of life, and raise the height of life.. From now on, be a happy scholar.


peace of mind

the old saying: "where the mind is calm, God is happy, and God is happy."

people with calm minds are happy and kind to the people and things around them, so they are naturally blessed.

when he was young, Zeng Guofan liked to fight crickets with bad friends, listen to plays, play with geisha, linger in major pubs, and so on.

his father really couldn't bear to watch it and proposed "abstinence, labor and diet". Hearing this, Zeng Guofan felt very ashamed and painful, because no matter how much he reflected, he could not change it!

later, his teacher, Tang Jian, gave him the word "Jing". Tang Jian said: "if it is not quiet, the body is not secret, the reason is not clear, it is all floating!" A person, can not calm down, what reason is floating.

when Zeng Guofan heard this, he was enlightened. It turned out that the source of all the problems lies in: it is easy to move but not quiet! From then on, Zeng Guofan began to sit alone every day. When something happened, Zeng Guofan first calmed down and then thought about countermeasures.

later generations have been learning from Zeng Guofan: learn from his officialdom, learn his art of watching people, and learn his family letters and family instructions.

in fact, life is great as long as you can learn the word "quiet".

peace of mind means that when you are alone, you are not anxious and have peace of mind; when something happens, you can analyze and think calmly and do not rush to react.

in this way, no matter living in a prosperous world, or in the mountains and forests, people with a calm mind are naturally mentally happy and confident in their hearts.

as Zeng Guofan said, "the mind can be quiet, although there are thousands of changes and there is nothing wrong." Be still in your heart, but not in your country. " The change of everything in the world, whether it is good or bad, is determined by one heart. Things change with the heart, and the environment is born by the heart.

people live in the same mood all their lives. Mood is not your whole life, but it can influence your life.

how calm the heart is and how deep the blessing is. If the heart is quiet, happiness will last long.



The Smiling、Proud Wanderer says: "laughing at the fans of the world of mortals is true to life."

laughter is not only an expression, but also an attitude towards life.

Su Shi in the Song Dynasty was reused as soon as he entered his official career, experienced three ups and downs, and finally was "demoted again and again". However, from his poems, he has always been permeated with a calm attitude towards life.

he wrote about lakes and mountains: if the West Lake is compared to the beauty Xi Shi, it is always appropriate to put on heavy makeup and light makeup; he writes about extraordinary pride: the old man is crazy about teenagers, leading the yellow on the left and the giant on the right; he writes about magnificent momentum: the great river goes to the east, and the waves sweep away all the romantic characters.

Su Shi, who smiles at life, has a richer heart than ordinary people, even if he has no worldly achievements.

people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck. This sentence is applicable in ancient and modern times.

the real wealth of a person is the smile on his face.

people who smile often are healthier, feel less anxious, are more likely to get help from others, and are better able to create a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere, including work and family.

Zhang ailing once said, "laugh and the whole world laughs with you." Cry, and you cry alone. " Life will not change because of your roar or cry, but it will be sunny because of your smile.

in life, you don't smile because you are happy, but you are happy when you smile.

if you smile, life will be full of willows and flowers; if you smile, laughter can be seen everywhere. From now on, the corners of the mouth rise, laugh, luck and happiness accompany.

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Confucius said, "those who know enjoy the water, and those who are benevolent enjoy the mountains." Those who know move, those who are benevolent are quiet. Those who know are happy, and those who are benevolent live a long life. "

people with different personalities and hobbies have different ways to improve their happiness.

if you want to be freer, you can exercise self-discipline; if you want to achieve more, you need to learn to focus; if you want to be fuller, you need to read more; if you want to be more calm, your heart should be calm; if you want to meet the sunshine, you should smile often.

it is everyone's right to pursue happiness, but how to improve happiness is an ability.

when you are busy and anxious, look up and see that there are blue skies, white clouds and sunshine; you are still alive, you are healthy, and you can accompany your family. This is happiness.

Happiness is very small, feel happiness attentively, attentively enhance the ability to perceive happiness, we will eventually become a happy person.