7 details tell you, who is the most reliable person around you?

7 details tell you, who is the most reliable person around you?

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there is a good saying: "to find reliable people to do things, smart people can only talk."

it is the greatest luck and wealth for people to live a lifetime and to work with reliable people.

so, how do you judge a person to be reliable?

reliable people can often know from the following seven details.

these seven details are not only the way to know people, but also the way to cultivate yourself.


punctuality does not procrastinate

Kant once said, "punctuality is the greatest politeness to old friends and strangers."

to judge whether a person is reliable or not, just see whether he is punctual or not.

A story was told by the media author @ Jinning.

once, she made an appointment to go out with her friends.

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but the next day, when they all arrived at the rendezvous on time, one of the girls just got up.

when she got up and made up and went out, she was stuck in traffic for another hour.

they waited for two and a half hours.

everyone's interest in traveling was spoiled by her being late.

because she was late this time, everyone thought she was unreliable, and then went out and never asked her out again.

Mr. Lu Xun said: "Life is based on time. Wasting your own time is tantamount to chronic suicide, and wasting other people's time is tantamount to murder."

punctuality is the most basic politeness and respect for people.

people who are not punctual are usually selfish. They don't think about their own procrastination and cause trouble to others.

people who are really reliable are punctual people who always keep their agreements with others in mind.


Li Hongzhang, who was about to retire at the age of 75, was sent by Cixi to survey the Yellow River.

it is a hard job to conduct research along the Yellow River in the disaster area during the severe cold season.

at first he was very reluctant, but he couldn't get away with it, so he had to go ahead.

he can just deal with such thankless work casually.

but what about him? I went there for more than half a year.

instead of being perfunctory, we have earnestly detailed and implemented the matter.

with several foreign experts, he carefully investigated in accordance with scientific methods and came up with a whole set of scientific methods for harnessing the Yellow River.

reliable people, no matter what they do, have a beginning and an end, and will not give up halfway.

reliable people do their best, strive for perfection, and will not muddle through.

as Dickens said, "there are no mediocre people in the world who can lighten the burden on others."


Don't take advantage

I don't know if you've ever been in this situation:

when you go out to dinner with colleagues, there will always be someone who will stay away from the cashier when it's time to pay the bill, or make an excuse to go to the bathroom.

after other colleagues paid for him, they did not return the money to each other in time.

they always take a fluke, thinking that each other will forget over time.

in Zeng Guofan's Family Letters, it is mentioned that there are "nine do not pay" in interpersonal communication, one of which is "those who take advantage of it do not pay".

people who like to take advantage are selfish and will not be popular.

people who like to take advantage only see small profits and are easy to do things beyond the bottom line in front of money.

I have seen a piece of news before that an IT man with a monthly income of 20, 000 yuan tore off the bar code from the banana and pasted it on the high-end red wine to save money.

people who are really reliable would rather suffer losses than do things that hurt feelings and impair morality.

in his eyes, character is more important than money, and conscience is more valuable than interests.


when you receive it, you will reply

Zhihu has such a question: "which behaviors seem to be very small, but can best reveal a person's EQ?"

I agree with the following answer:

"Please reply when you receive it."

A lot of people should have encountered this situation in their life:

after a message was sent out, it sank into the sea.

getting a reply seems like a small thing, but you can tell whether a person is reliable or not.

in team work, reliable people will respond to messages in a timely manner.

because they know very well that failure to give feedback and report in time will affect work progress and planning.

in life, reliable people will report to their families in time no matter where they are, and will not worry their families.

even if I am not free at that time, I will give the other person a brief explanation: "I am busy. I will talk to you later."

the one who has a reply to everything is the one who is reliable.


do not gossip behind people

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "those who often say right and wrong must be non-human."

Women's volleyball coach Lang Ping was forced by a reporter to ask: "Why did you divorce your ex-husband? did he do something bad?"

she thought for a moment and said:

"divorce is bound to have personal feelings. He is the father of the child, and I don't want to do anything to hurt him. Because I have a lot of channels to speak, and he doesn't, no matter what I say, it's not fair to him.

he is a very good father, and he has been taking care of his daughter. He has done a good job, and his daughter likes living with him very much. "

does not conceal the beauty of others, not to mention the mistakes of others, this is a reliable person.

there is a good saying: if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world.

the more reliable a person is, the more he knows to keep his mouth shut.

they speak appropriately, know the importance of doing things, and are always able to deal with all kinds of problems in life easily.


it is not easy to promise

as the ancients said, "A man cannot stand without faith."

if a man doesn't even keep his word, how can he be trusted?

the more unreliable people are, the more they like to make verbal promises: "Don't worry, it's all on me!"

but if he writes too many bad checks, his credit will be overdrawn.

as Confucius said, "it is possible for a man to have no faith."

if a person often goes back on his word, his friends will stay away from him.

people who are really reliable never make promises easily.

for things that cannot be done, they will not give hope in vain, because they are well aware of the importance of matching words with deeds.

once a promise is made, no matter how difficult it is, I will try my best to do it.

I feel more at ease to get along with such a person.

I have read such a story: there is something wrong with a project in the

company, and the supervisor in charge of the project, afraid of taking responsibility, has been waiting for orders from his superiors. refused to initiate remedial measures.

finally missed the best remedial time, causing the project to fail completely.

he was demoted because of this.

but the project manager thinks there is nothing wrong with him, so he looks for the leadership theory.

the leader only said one word to him:

"your biggest mistake is that you don't have the courage to take responsibility, so you are not fit for this position."

as the old saying goes, "things do not take refuge, righteousness does not evade responsibility."

unreliable people will only pass the buck.