7 good habits for self-improvement

7 good habits for self-improvement

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I like a sentence very much:

before going out to sea, the fisherman does not know where the fish is, but he still chooses to go out to sea because he believes he will return with a full load.

the same is true in life. Everyone tries his best to move forward, not because he knows where the opportunity is, but because he believes that there will always be a day when he or she will go up.

most of the time, you don't have a chance until you choose it, and you don't have a chance until you believe it.

Today's article is about self-improvement.

if you also have a desire for improvement, take a look at these 7 good habits for self-improvement. I'm sure you'll benefit a lot.


set long-term goals

Harvard University conducted a survey on goals among graduates of that year:

27% had no goals;

60% had vague goals;

10% had clear but relatively short-term goals;

3% had clear and long-term goals.

25 years later, they paid a return visit to this group of students and came to a surprising conclusion.

3% of people make continuous efforts to achieve their goals, almost all of them become successful people from all walks of life;

10% of people, most of them become professionals in various fields;

60% of people lead a stable life without outstanding achievements.

the remaining 27% of people without goals lead an unsatisfactory life, often complaining about others and society.

there is a big difference between people with goals and those without goals.

Why does this happen?

because goals are like navigation lights, they show us the way forward, and those who have long-term goals have been working hard for their goals all their lives.

as long as you have the right goals and work hard, your life will probably not be much worse.


practice your communication and expression skills

I don't know if you have noticed that it is very difficult to chat with some people, and you need to spend a lot of time to figure out the logic of what he said and the purpose of this conversation.

this is due to the lack of communication skills.

if you beat around the bush when talking about a topic, it will be difficult for your interviewer to understand your intention.

therefore, it is particularly important to cultivate the logic and organization of your speech.

you can try to sort out the key words of each conversation, sort out a good logic, learn to control the speed of the conversation, don't talk back and forth, and don't look away.

keep your eyes firm and look directly at each other with a smile.

believe me, a good expression ability can add a lot of points to you both in the workplace and in making friends.


keep reading and keep reading.

I was shocked by an advertisement:

people who are afraid of reading, they can avoid the failure I have to experience.

I am afraid of people who read. They understand that life is too short and people are always too late to be wise.

I'm afraid of people who read. Their hour is my whole life.

I'm afraid of people who read, especially those who are still reading.

I don't have to tell you that reading plays a very important role in improving a person's temperament.

but now that the pace of life is speeding up, I believe many people will say: it's eight o'clock when I get off work, what if I have no time?

Don't worry, you can try to integrate the fragment time into a whole period of time and spend ten minutes or half an hour reading a page or a chapter.

summarize again when you have time.

Life is never afraid of a low starting point, just afraid that you don't pursue it.

Today, the hardships you eat, the tiredness you suffer, and the books you read will all be stepping stones on your way forward.

the same is true of exercise.


set up your own "to-do list"

prioritize things. Many people understand this sentence, but they don't know how to implement it.

it's simple to set up your own action list according to the four-quadrant rule of time management.

to put it simply, it is to sort out your recent events according to their importance and urgency, and deal with them in the order of 1-2-3-4.

in this way, your life will no longer be jammed with clutter.

you will also free up more time to get important things in order.


polish the "glass heart" into a "diamond heart"

there is a saying in Zhu Deyong's cartoon:

if women are not sexy, they must be emotional; if they are not emotional, they must be rational; if they are not rational, they must at least have self-knowledge; if they do not even have self-knowledge, there will only be misfortune.

A short sentence tells the great truth of life.

I have seen a lot of people. When something happens, emotion will triumph over reason, lose their temper and break things. As a result, things are not solved, and there are cracks in the relationship between the two people.

turn your glass heart into a diamond heart little by little.

calm down for three minutes before you open your mouth, it will not only make you look at the problem more rationally, but also make it easier to find the crux of the problem.

in the long journey of life, what we need to do is to constantly strengthen ourselves and face the ups and downs of life with a more rational attitude.


change an empirical life into a learning life

you must have heard a lot of people say this: trust me, it's right.

such advice comes from our elders, or those who think they are qualified to educate your friends.

they like to use their past experience to guide your life, although there is nothing wrong with doing so.

but I still hope you can change your experiential life into a learning life. What does

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everything is no longer based on the opinions of others, but while learning the wisdom of others, digest it into their own logic, efficiently integrate information, cultivate learning ability, and control the initiative of their own life.

only in this way can you have the pleasure of taking control of your life, and your life will be different due to your previous efforts.

Don't assume anything, don't follow others, create opportunities to do, try and make mistakes, and there is no cost for some things, even if you are wrong.


learn to rest efficiently

finally, I would like to tell you one more thing: efficient rest.

the reason why I say this is because I find that many people forget to have a good rest while working hard.

efficient rest does not allow you to sleep ten hours a day, lie in bed and play games.

but to improve the quality of your rest.

manual workers can create more opportunities for themselves to calm down and relax.

brain workers need to exchange and pay attention to different things, that is, what we commonly call brain change.

as for sleeping at night, the International Society of Sleep Medicine divides sleep into five stages, going through a different stage in about 90 to 100 minutes.

Human sleep time is also different in different ages:

infants need 20 hours of sleep;

infants need 9 hours of sleep;

children need 9 hours of sleep;

adults need 9 hours of sleep;

people need 6 hours of sleep;

people over 80 need 9 hours of sleep.

you can adjust your schedule appropriately according to your age.

people are more motivated to work the next day only when they have a good rest.


here, I remember that a reader once asked me:

apart from such painstaking efforts to improve myself, is there anything else I can do to succeed in life?

Today, I want to answer you:

the fastest way to dream is to keep your feet on the ground, to eat the hardships that others dare not eat, and to attack the difficulties that others dare not attack. The real shortcut is one step at a time.

if you want to climb a high mountain, you must first experience the confusion at the bottom of the valley, and if you want to enjoy the sunrise, you must first endure the long night.

only by surviving the days when no one is interested, can there be poetry and distance.

encourage it.