7 little things that make you happier

7 little things that make you happier

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

my friend Xixi complained to me late at night: "how come another day went by? I didn't do anything when I came back from work!"

that's true. Every day is like a year at work, and time flies after work.

Adult world, every day is running and can not help but, only in those hours after work, can secretly take a breath.

I have read a sentence: two hours after work, decide what kind of person you will become.

these inconspicuous two hours, after a good time, it is a completely different life.

it only takes 7 little things to boost your happiness and start a positive cycle.


tidy up the room and sort out my heart

I guess there are people like me who take off their coat and take it off on the sofa when they get home from work. They are not in the mood to hang it up with a coat hanger at all. Two or three days later, there was a hill on the sofa.

every time I pass by, I find it very annoying, but I don't bother to clean it up. I always have to wait until the weekend to clean it up.

until I went to my best friend's house, I didn't know that there was a hard rule in her house: no clothes on the sofa.

as a lazy person, I can only lament her trouble-free self-discipline.

she takes it for granted:

she tidies up the room every night. The cups and saucers of the dining table receive the cupboards, the small items of the coffee table are put in the drawer, the books that have been read are sorted neatly, the ones that should be collected are collected, and those that should be thrown away.

watching the small family become orderly under their own hands, the messy mood of the whole day, but also in the process of finishing, gradually become relaxed and calm.

she said: tidying up your room every day is actually tidying up your heart.

the appearance of your room actually reflects how you treat life and yourself.

tidying up a room is the easiest way to love life.


moderate exercise and physical and mental well-being

some people say: I am so tired from work every day that I feel weak all over. How can I exercise if I don't want to move at all?

Yes, there is an unspeakable physical and mental exhaustion after work.

but you should also know that lying down is sometimes ineffective to rest, but more and more tired.

at this time, if you can stand up and stretch your stiff neck, shoulder and back, and puffy legs, it is the most gentle care for your tired body.

there is a colleague who gets off work one stop early every day, walks, stretches his arms, swings his legs, takes a few deep breaths, and has a different mindset when he gets home.

her reason is: "only by taking a walk can you leave the negative energy on the road and not bring it home."

so remember to set aside a little time every day to take a quiet walk, stretch, sweat a little, and feel good all over. Dopamine brings physical and mental pleasure.

exercise is the cure for everything.

Health is your own. Remember to care about your body before you care about the world.


take a hot bath and take away fatigue

someone has said: if you regard bathing yourself as an interesting thing, your life will be very happy.

but many people ignore the fun of taking a bath and rush to finish the cleaning task for the day.

I have always felt that taking a bath is one of the lowest-cost pleasures.

just turn on the hot water, take off your clothes and go in, feel the water on your body, and you can relax for a moment.

one of Zhihu's respondents lamented the "magic" of bathing:

"not only has a clean, fragrant body, but also washes away all restlessness and tiredness, bringing a good mood.

if you can get a good night's sleep in a tanned quilt, your life will be complete! "

for adults who can only move forward with their heads stuffed and tired to cry from time to time, happiness is extravagant, but it is also surprisingly simple. A bath is enough.

if you are tired, reward yourself for a transparent hot bath, let the water take away your tiredness and let the heat evaporate your bitterness.

after taking a bath, if you get a new life.


keep a diary and put your mind at ease

A few days ago, I saw a 21-year-old netizen in Douban who shared the diary she had written over the past 11 years.

A few thick piles can be said to record most of her life.

A lot of people express their envy in the following posts, and one netizen's words are comfortable:

We have to face so many people every day, there are endless things in our hands, and when we look around, we finally decide to spit out sorrow and bitterness to ourselves.

over time, I feel that my whole heart is bored, more and more silent, and I don't want to say anything.

then write them down.

on a quiet night, turn on a small light and let your mind flow to the tip of your pen. If you write down everything that is happy, have no place to tell, and don't spit it out, there will be a place for your heart to rest.

the traces left behind by this painting tell you:

people not only have to look forward, but sometimes they have to look back. It turns out that this is not an easy way, and I have come so far. I've done a really good job.


the host felt puzzled: "Reading is the most relaxing time of the day and the best rest. How can I be tired?"

Yes, reading should be like three meals a day, which is a habit that makes us happy.

the more busy you are, the more you have to open your books.

when recalling his hard work before becoming famous, Haruki Murakami said:

"I recalled that when I was in my twenties, I was doing physical work from morning till night.

but no matter how busy the work is and how hard life is, reading and listening to music is always a great joy for me. Only this joy, no one can take away. "

after a busy day, I let myself put aside the hustle and bustle of the day in the middle of the night, devote myself to the utopia of book construction, and let the mind get a moment of joy outside the pressure of the world.

at this moment, the troubles of work, money and relationships have nothing to do with you.

you are free and abundant.


share a good thing. Today

share a good thing.

for children, a score of 100 can be exuberant, but for adults, the threshold of happiness is becoming more and more difficult to reach.

maybe you think life is just boring repetition day by day, going to and from work, sleeping and eating.

but there are always some cute little things, just like children's 100 points, that make every day a little different.

or a tree blossoms by the side of the road, meet a friendly passer-by, have a seat on the subway today, buy a drink and pick another bottle.

these are all beautiful fragments of our lives.

remember to share these fragments with family and friends, laugh together, be grateful for the passing of the day, and be grateful for each other's company and listening.

then tell yourself: it's not a bad day. Something good has happened, and tomorrow is another day.

discovering beauty and learning to be grateful is the first step in being kind to yourself.


A good night's sleep

I think this is also the root cause of many people's anxiety.

when I am at home after work, I always want to find something to do. When I am free, I don't know how to put my hands and feet. I can only habitually pick up my cell phone and kill time.

the ability to get along with yourself is often acquired at night.

the whole world is quiet, as if you are alone in the empty universe, and this is the best time to feel yourself.

try to play a quiet piece of music, sit down, close your eyes, do a meditation, don't think about anything, and empty yourself.

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give yourself a hug or say something to yourself. This is your own world, safe and stable.

after a day of noise, the world finally put away the fireworks for the time being.

you can also put aside your thoughts and go to sleep quietly.

after a busy day, hard work, in the two hours after work, there is no need to do other things, just do some small things.

and be yourself.