A family without rules is more terrible than having no money!

A family without rules is more terrible than having no money!

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there is a saying in Han Feizi: "everything has its rules."

means that life is alive, everything is inseparable from rules.

if a country does not have rules, it will fall into disorder;

if a family does not have rules, it will become fragmented;

if a person does not have rules, he will sooner or later push himself into a difficult situation.

unruly, it is difficult to form a square.

therefore, what is more terrible than lack of money, both families and individuals, is the lack of rules.


it is never easy for parents to be polite and courteous  to raise their children.

therefore, many parents will encounter all kinds of problems, the most common of which is this one:

Young children are often treated as enemies by their parents' affection, either losing their temper or being naughty.

older children often talk back to their parents, cold war, or even punching and kicking.

this makes many parents really aggrieved:

I have paid so much for him, why can't I get the most basic respect from my children?

in fact, the problem lies in some necessary things. Children do not establish kind and firm rules, so they have no sense of right and wrong and no sense of boundaries in their behavior.

this leads to lack of etiquette and respect in the face of parents.

Zhou Dingwen, an internationally renowned systematic arrangement instructor, once said:

in a family, when children no longer respect their parents, the family loses its proper appearance.

in this way, the whole family is bound to be at odds with each other, and the good fortune is naturally farther and farther away.


for children, strict rules

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Liang Qichao said:

the best way to educate a child is to set rules for him from an early age.

know what is good, what is bad, what to do and what not to do. Only when you grow up can you get down to earth and make a difference.

Chen Kaige is famous for her strict tutoring and strict family style. Today, when his son Chen Feiyu sits with his parents, he is well-behaved and does not cross the line at all.

once Chen Kaige took his son to a variety show. When Chen Feiyu pushed the door in, his parents were having dinner and talking.

seeing this, Chen Feiyu did not make a loud noise or come forward to disturb, but gently closed the door and stood quietly in the corner of the door listening to his parents.

it was not until Chen Kaige called Chen Feiyu over that he walked slowly over.

just a small detail is enough to show the strictness of tutoring.

the famous American priest Graham Graham said:

similarly, children are well-behaved, polite, and respectful to others in order to win the respect and courtesy of others.

such children will be liked and respected wherever they go.


respect for partners

some time ago, divorced big data from 31 provinces became a hot search.

among them, the statistics on the reasons for divorce are very sad.

the number one cause of divorce is not domestic violence and infidelity, nor emotional breakdown, but innocuous "trivia of life".

between husband and wife, just because they do not know how to understand each other and compromise with each other, the originally small thing becomes more and more intense, and finally the contradiction escalates until the relationship breaks up.

so some people say:

for example, no matter how much you quarrel, you can't mention divorce;

for example, you can't hit someone at any time;

for example, housework, big and small, must be shared.

in addition to the original engagement, mutual restraint in life is an important guarantee for happiness.

only when husband and wife work together and work hard, can life become better and better, and feelings become sweeter and sweeter.

while the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, the natural wind and water of the family rises and flourishes.

the writer Lemont said:

only by abiding by the rules can we make a family more United and harmonious.