A good man is favored by heaven, but a fool is blessed.

A good man is favored by heaven, but a fool is blessed.

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Buddha said: "all causes and effects have a fixed number."

what cause you sow, what fruit you get.

good deeds are rewarded with good deeds; bad deeds are rewarded with bad consequences.

people are doing, heaven is watching, everything has cause and effect.

A good man is favored by heaven; a fool is blessed.


A good man will be helped by God

Shakespeare said, "A good heart is gold."

the rarest thing in the world is that kind heart.

A good man treats all things in the world with kindness and knows how to think of others.

they are conscientious and kind-hearted.

in a community in Sichuan, there is a 5-year-old girl whose parents are not at home.

she turned out from the sixth floor window and stood on the edge of the window, clutching the railing with both hands. If she missed one step, she would fall downstairs, which is very dangerous.

what is worrying is that the little girl has been standing for so long that she is constantly exhausted and may fall at any time.

although the enthusiastic masses pulled the sheets under the building, the sheets were too thin and too small to exist.

at this time, a little brother, without any protective measures, climbed up the sixth floor with his bare hands and carried the little girl back to the house.

then go downstairs and leave silently.

later I learned that the man who saved the life was Hu Yunchuan, an air-conditioning installer with experience in aerial work.

when a reporter asked him why he dared to save people with his bare hands, he said that saving people was a momentary thought, and he had children of his own.

before that, he and his wife had been migrant workers, and later they went back to their hometown in order to accompany their children.

when his company found out, it rewarded him with a house worth 650000 yuan, so that he could have a more stable home.

it is inevitable that this award comes from accident.

in life, Hu Yunchuan is very warm-hearted. He will do his best to help anyone who needs help. He is a good father to his children, a good husband to his wife, and a good man worthy of the name.

Mencius said, "the goodness of human nature is as good as the water."

the human heart is inherently good, just as water flows down naturally.

your kindness is your blessing, and your kindness is your way back.

No matter what others do to you, no matter what you've been through, stick to your inner goodness.

good results can only be achieved by sowing good causes.


fools are happy and smart

the so-called stupidity is not thoughtlessness or stupidity, but broad-minded and will not care too much.

Cao Xueqin said: "the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing Qing's life."

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A lot of smart people end up exhausted physically and mentally for the sake of calculating each other's money and intrigue for interests.

be a fool and worry less, then you will be happy.

I have read such a story:

in a prestigious restaurant, the chef is about to retire, so he received two apprenticeships.

after the introduction, the old chef did not teach them the craftsmanship, but let them work in the kitchen for free.

the big apprentice is honest and honest, does not have any complaint about this, and tries his best to do his work well.

he goes out early and returns late every day. When he sees where the kitchen needs help, no matter how dirty or tired he is, he will do it.

sometimes he is so tired that he can fall asleep while sitting.

other people in the kitchen loved him very much and laughed at him as a stupid apprentice.

but the effort is worth the hard work, and this spirit of working without complaining has made the big apprentice gain a lot of trust, and the work has been carried out very smoothly.

the little apprentice was lively and clever, and was very dissatisfied with the arrangement of the old chef. He felt that the old chef squeezed him and wanted him to work even if he had no money.

he tried his best to be lazy and asked others to work for him to please the old chef, but failed one by one.

as the time went on, the little apprentice became more and more irritable, had no money and did not teach skills, and had a bad relationship with others, so he felt very boring and left.

the big apprentice gradually adapted to the kitchen life and had a good time every day.

these old chefs also saw it, and finally taught everything they had learned all their lives to the big apprentice.

We often say that fools are blessed with fools.

people who are too smart are good at calculating and value interests, but they are easy to be misled by wisdom;

being stupid and not caring too much, being grateful is more likely to be favored by fate.

there are many things that make people physically and mentally exhausted when they see too clearly, and occasionally pretending to be stupid makes people more comfortable.

Don't worry too much about what's right and what's wrong; keep it simple and worry less.

pretending to be stupid is a kind of wisdom, which will not make people suffer, but will lead to more good luck.


good people are most favored by heaven; fools are blessed

the ancients said: "people are good, although happiness is not yet here, misfortune is far away; man is evil, although misfortune is not yet here, blessing is far away."

just because no one knows something good doesn't mean it doesn't make sense; just because

does something bad, no one knows it, but that doesn't mean it's a cover-up.

everything has cause and effect. Heaven is good for reincarnation. Who does heaven forgive?

if you do good, you will be rewarded with good; if you do evil, you will have evil consequences.

in life, it may be easy to be wronged to be a good person; to be a fool, it may be easy to suffer losses.

but the body is not afraid of the oblique shadow, and if you sit upright, you are not afraid of what others will say.

there is a good saying: "all the luck in the world is the goodness and character you have accumulated bit by bit. Only by planting 'good karma' can you get a 'good fruit'."

good people are kind, benevolent and favored by nature.

the old woman who brought food to Han Xin received a daughter in return when Han Xin became famous.

foolish people are kind and sincere, and they are naturally blessed.

Li Ka-shing does business very kindly, gives three points of profit, and has more partners;

Xunyou does not see through Cao Cao, does not show his edge, and has no right and wrong during his auxiliary period.

A good person does not mean he is easy to bully; a stupid person does not mean that he is careless.

it's just that they put their conduct first, don't calculate, don't hurt.

in today's society, good people deserve to be rewarded and fools deserve to be recognized.

only by not doing sinister things and unconscionable debts can we live a more secure life.

in this life, nothing is more important than to be at ease.

if someone owes you, heaven will pay you back; if someone fails you, heaven will make up for you.

as the saying goes, "there is a god when you raise your head three feet, and there is Rip at your feet."

everything in the world has cause and effect, and good and evil will be rewarded.

be a good man and do good deeds, God will bless you;

be a fool, belittle interests, and be lucky to patronize.

in this life, the world will treat you in whatever way you treat the world.

to be a good person, heaven is the favourite, and it is a blessing to be a fool.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, you'll have good luck!