A good wife is a compliment (husband and wife must see it)

A good wife is a compliment (husband and wife must see it)

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in life, there are too many spouses who complain to each other and spend their whole lives quarreling.

who wants to live with a smelly face every day?

for women, men's understanding and praise are the eternal source of strength.

Men may think that there is no need to say honeyed words because they are old couples and know each other well.

however, many people do not know that a good wife is a boast.


A good wife is more and more considerate

as a woman, what annoys you most after a hard day's work?

my hard-cooked food is disliked for its bad taste.

I feel that I work hard and do housework, but the other person is angry because I nag one or two words.

however, who can bear the fact that both hard work and hard work have been denied?

the reason why she likes to worry is not because she loves you and this family.

you complain that her cooking is not good, so after work, did you take the initiative to help her share the housework and participate in the education of her children?

you complain that she cares about this and that, but she usually tells you, "remember to eat well" and "take care of yourself". Did you do that?

in fact, most of the time she just wants you to understand her bitterness and tiredness. when she is angry, you say something soft and be soft, no matter who is soft.

when her husband praises herself sincerely, she will feel the care and love under his words.

the most important thing in a good marriage is the understanding and love between two people, which is not a matter for one person.

when you learn to understand her hard work and her helplessness, she will be a gentle and considerate wife.


A good wife gets prettier and prettier.

the appearance of a woman reveals the truth of marriage.

A bad marriage, like the cold wind in winter, will only wrinkle a woman's face and add to the vicissitudes of life;

A good marriage is like a tonic, nourishing the face and heart, making the woman glowing and younger.

psychologist William James said: "the deepest human need may be to feel appreciated."

and what couples desire most is undoubtedly the appreciation and praise from their partners.

as the saying goes, women are the ones who please themselves. Only when she truly falls in love with a man will she want to show him the best of herself.

when you dislike her for wasting time dressing up, don't forget that she was a vibrant and attractive woman before she married you.

so as a man, we should learn to appreciate her beauty and express our encouragement and support in the way of praise.

she likes to dress up, you can praise her for being a little more beautiful; she likes to delve into cooking, and you can praise her for improving her cooking skills.

A smart man will always find the advantages of his wife, which is worthy of your encouragement and praise.

being able to praise his wife is a man's top accomplishment.


A good wife is a boast.

it is often said that a wife is like fengshui at home. If she is good to her, the family will be harmonious, and a man's career will rise step by step.

imagine if you can only use your wife as a babysitter, she is full of grievances, how can the family be harmonious?

but if you spoil your wife as a queen, she must be full of joy, and the family will naturally return to warmth.

A man who is really capable will know how to praise his wife more between words.

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if you want to have a good wife, brag about your loved ones.