A little fat is the best figure.

A little fat is the best figure.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

at 1: 00 in the morning, my best friend suddenly called.

on the other end of the phone, she sobbed without saying a few words.

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after a pacification, I realized that I had quarreled with my husband.

the thing is, her best friend has just given birth to a baby, and she, who was originally about 90 jin, has suddenly gained 130 jin.

novice mothers have also suffered a lot in the past nine months.

this quarrel, because she disliked her husband for playing games instead of helping with the children.

A few words of nagging complained from her best friend.

who knows, her husband not only did not help, but also murmured to the game:

the mentality of best friends suddenly collapsed, and all grievances and inferiority poured out.

A mother who risked her life to conceive a child in October was judged by her own pillow.

I understand how upset she is.

come to think of it, women all over the world have been "suffering and obese for a long time," and this is not the only one who has been physically humiliated.


is fat a woman's original sin?

I'd like to ask you three questions first:

1. Are you dissatisfied with your figure?

2. Has your body ever been rejected?

3. Do you think women have to be thin to look good?

it is strange that few female friends are satisfied with their figure.

the evaluation from the outside and their own standards often make them feel inferior, anxious, and even feel ashamed.

in life, do you often hear such comments:

your legs are so thick, like elephant legs;

are you pregnant when you are so fat?

fat people have no self-control and no future.

what qualifications are fat people to find a partner?

I still envy you 130 jin, the typhoon can't blow away.

words that seem to be "jokes" or "well-intentioned reminders" actually do harm to a certain extent.

what is even more sad is that it is not only strangers who say these words, but often more from their closest family and friends.

I don't know when, we seem to be gradually defined by the so-called "beauty".

some proper nouns "thin is beautiful" are becoming popular on the Internet.

for example, the A4 waist, that is, the waist must be so thin that it can be perfectly blocked with a piece of vertical A4 paper;

for example, the legs of chopsticks are thin, straight and long, shaped like chopsticks;

for example, the collarbone is used to test whether you have a beautiful collarbone.

under the abnormal atmosphere of

, the aesthetics of many ordinary girls gradually begin to change.

always unconsciously put themselves into a "beauty" paradigm to make a comparison, the more into the more anxious.

many plain girls have to hear countless negative comments about their appearance in their lives.

is put in the public view, labeled as fat or thin to measure and compare, it is considered that "fat is a woman's original sin."


from "physical humiliation" to "appearance anxiety"

I once saw the story of a girl named Liu Ye in the program.

in the early years, she was 167cm tall and weighed 120jin. She thought she was normal.

until she met a favorite male netizen and was hated to be fat.

just with his "I like thinner girls", she exercised hard and reduced her body weight from 120 jin to 90 jin.

when we met again, the male netizens praised that she had become prettier, but he liked the thinner one.

Liu Ye, who returned home, immersed himself in online love and losing weight, getting crazier and crazier.

abandoned the slow exercise to lose weight and began to take weight loss pills directly. From 90 jin to 70 jin, and then to 58 jin, she was so thin that she was nothing but bones.

Liu Ye is completely skinny, the thigh is the arm of a normal person, the back is sunken, and the bone root is clear.

in exchange for a boyfriend saying, "you look like a walking skeleton, I can't bear it." and broke up.

in the quagmire of crazy weight loss, there is not only this case, but also endless tricks.

some time ago, a friend wrote to me privately and wanted to borrow money from me for liposuction.

this friend has a good face and fair skin, but her thighs are thick, and she has a typical pear-shaped figure. In the past, when she was at school, people always nicknamed her "Little thick legs", and she was ridiculed time and again. This year, she is determined to go liposuction.

risking an operation, they all want to lose weight. I can't help but ask her: as for it?

instead, she calmly told me about popular science:

what are the consequences?

the consequence is that people who violate the science of losing weight either fail to lose weight or completely destroy their bodies.

not to mention the extreme methods around us, have we ever met, but I think you or the people around you must have tried not to eat, to fast, or to take diet pills in order to lose weight.

in the long run, losing weight may mean losing weight, followed by a bad stomach, abnormal physiological periods, endocrine disorders and other problems, and your health will be sacrificed.

anything that uses the body as a bargaining chip is a deal with the devil.

actually, losing weight is not a big deal.

if you want to lose weight, you can lose weight, but only if you can't overdraw and hurt yourself.

if you don't want to lose weight, you can keep yourself comfortable without caring about other people's comments and opinions.

as the book "your body is the beginning of everything good" says:

"No matter what body type you are, your body is an amazing machine.

it can do a lot of cool things. Your magical body is the only thing you can have.

learning how to take care of your body is the most important knowledge you can learn, and always will be. "


everyone should not be defined

not just female, not just obese.

nowadays, everyone has experienced "physical humiliation" more or less.

A man who is short is a dwarf, and a woman who is tall is a bamboo pole;

A man with long hair is a mother, and a woman with neutral style is a man.

from skin color, weight, height, to skin, hair, and facial features, as long as there is something different from conventional cognition, it will become the object of humiliation.

Zhang Weili, who won the UFC championship in a row, is a girl who has demonstrated the power of Chinese women on the world stage.

will also be judged: "her wrists are too thick" and "if you just look at this leg and think you are a man, you will definitely be beaten as her boyfriend".

(photo source: Zhang Weili Twitter)

Zhang Weili replied:

(photo source: screenshot of Beijing News)

said so much. In fact, I just want to tell you:

you and I are only 1 /7 billionth of the earth, we can't satisfy everyone, we just want to be worthy of ourselves.

A life that lives only once, don't define your existence in the eyes of others.

as fashion blogger bamboo once said:

so, dear, I hope you understand:

you can moisten yourself, exercise and sweat freely with healthy and exquisite food;

you can boldly wear whatever you want and truly care about every part of your body.

you have to understand that everyone is different, and everyone has a different way of being beautiful.

Please be yourself, stand confidently in the sun and appreciate yourself.

Please love yourself bravely, accept all of yourself, and thrive.