A man with a broad heart and a woman with a kind heart is the best feng shui for a family.

A man with a broad heart and a woman with a kind heart is the best feng shui for a family.

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A man is valued in his mind, and a woman in his temperament.

the charm of a man lies not in the position of money, but in the bearing of tolerance;

the charm of a woman lies not in her appearance, but in her kind heart.

A man's heart is wide, wealth rolls in;

A woman's heart is kind, happy and happy.

therefore, a man with a broad heart and a woman with a kind heart is the best feng shui for a family.

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A man's leniency leads to

tolerance is a man's mind.

when Lin Zexu, a famous minister of the late Qing Dynasty, was the governor of Guangdong and Guangzhou, he wrote a famous couplet:

the sea accepts all rivers, there is tolerance and greatness;

the wall is full of strength.

A man with a heart as wide as the sea can see clearly the vicissitudes of the world.

No matter what storms you encounter, you can be calm and free from delusions.

when you are down, you can take it easy, but when you are happy, you can see it lightly.

as the saying goes, life is as good as the width of the heart.

what kind of heart a person has determines what kind of road to take under his feet:

if the heart is not wide, the road is narrow; when the heart is wide, the world is wide.

Men stand upright and live in this world, they must live out their taste and appearance.

in society, you should be able to accommodate others.

in modern society, it is impossible to achieve success by fighting alone, and only by cooperation can we win together.

if you want to cooperate, you can't do without broad connections and good interpersonal relationships.

in everything, there is no room for people, it will only push friends farther and farther away, and wealth will naturally go away.

the wider the network, the wider the road to money.

having a broad heart is tantamount to accumulating wealth for yourself.

in family life, we should be more tolerant and considerate of the family.

the whole family will inevitably touch the edge of the pot without looking down.

parents, wives and children have their own difficulties.

as a man, you have to assume the responsibility of the family.

be a hero in the eyes of your children, a support for your wife, and a bridge for your family.

when family life is better and the rear area is stable, the family can walk arm in arm and stride towards a good day.


it is a woman's nature to be kind.

Women can be without "show", but not without "Huizhong";

Women can be without beauty, but they can't lose their kindness.

because a beautiful face will grow old, but a kind heart can last forever.

Women play an important role in the family.

they are not only the power station of the family, but also the insulation layer of kinship.

A family, as long as a woman is kind-hearted, the relationship between husband and wife will be sweet, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will get along well with each other, and family members will get along harmoniously and affectionately.

A family, if a woman is not good and fights with others all day, then no matter how lucky the family is, it will be broken up sooner or later.

Children are the future of the family and the foundation of family happiness.

Women, as mothers, have a great influence on their children.

the character and character of the mother directly affect the three values of the child.

the mother is kind, and most of the children are well-behaved and sensible;

if the mother is not in the right mind, the child will naturally follow suit.

once the child takes the wrong path, no matter how good the home is, the good fortune will not last.

A kind woman is a cup of tea that warms herself and moistens others.

A kind woman is a flower that blooms beautifully and brings fragrance.

A kind woman is a book that precipitates upbringing and inherits virtues.