A man's mind and a woman's temper determine the fengshui of the family.

A man's mind and a woman's temper determine the fengshui of the family.

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for thousands of years, Chinese people have been keen to find good fengshui and pray for family prosperity.

in fact, the good feng shui of a family is not laid out or sought out, but by the co-cultivation of family members.

A man is like a mountain, glowing with masculinity, and a man's mind determines the direction of the family.

Women are like water, emitting aura, and a woman's temper determines the atmosphere of the family.

the good scenery is green hills with green water.

if a man has a broad mind and a woman has a good temper, the family will rise from the wind and water and become lifelike.


the mind of a man determines the direction of the family.

A man is at the helm of a family and plays an important role.

only when men are broad-minded and far-sighted can the family move forward in the right direction.

A man with a mind will recognize his wife's ability and tolerate his wife's shortcomings. If you know how to make a woman feel comfortable, the family atmosphere will be harmonious.

A man's vision and mind guide the child's path to success.

the ancients said, "Tiger father without dog son" and "like father, like son".

Liang Qichao incorporated the family and national feelings that remain unchanged all his life into the education of his children. It is not too much to call him the "strongest father" in modern history.

he is broad-minded and far-sighted. They not only support their children to travel abroad and broaden their horizons, but also constantly warn their children to be self-reliant and indifferent to fame and wealth.

in his letter to his children, he wrote:

under his education, all nine children have become professionals in various professions, three of whom are academicians.

it is said in the warring States Policy that parents' love for their children is far-reaching.

A father with a big mind must stand high, see far, and make long-term plans for his children, and this is the strength of the prosperity of a family.


A woman's temper determines the temperature of a family

if a man is at the helm of a family, a woman is a family's oxygen machine and barometer.

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A woman's temper determines the temperature of the family.

as the old saying goes, "A good wife and a good husband". Behind those successful men, there is always an optimistic and virtuous wife.

A woman with a good temper can face it optimistically when her family is in trouble. Be able to support her husband silently when he is depressed. Such a woman must bring happiness to the family.

on the contrary, women with a bad temper have a bad mentality and will only spend their feelings complaining and blaming.

in the face of housework, she thinks it is tedious; in the face of work, she thinks she is tired. In the end, the bad mood is transferred to the family members, which only increases the smell of gunpowder in the family.

as the saying goes, "one generation has a good wife and three generations have a good son."

whether future generations can become talents or not is also inseparable from a woman's temper, deeds and deeds.

A woman with a good temper creates a warm family. Warm families tend to raise warm and kind children.

A bad-tempered woman creates an atmosphere of repression and tension. Children in such an environment often lack sense of security, resulting in a lack of personality.

Hu Shi's mother is a gentle and gentle woman.

Hu Shi once said:

you can see how much a woman with a good temper has an impact on her children.

A woman with a good temper is a blessing for men and children, and of course it will bring good feng shui to the family.


good fengshui is raised by a family.

Happy families are similar.

the father is the dry sky and the mother is the earth. The universe is suitable to attract each other, and the beauty is boundless.

any happy family is inseparable from a man's big mind and a woman's good temper.

Men have direction, women have temperature, and a family's good feng shui naturally comes uninvited.