A person's best feng shui is not his facial features, but his habits.

A person's best feng shui is not his facial features, but his habits.

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Socrates said:

habit determines a person's character.

and character determines a person's fate.

good habits lead to good fengshui, and good fengshui leads to good life.

good habits will make you a better self.


the more self-disciplined she is, the more outstanding she is.

Wing Mei became the first film queen at the Berlin Film Festival in mainland China with the film "Forever," and beat Yao Chen Ma Yili for best actress at the 32nd Golden Rooster Awards.

some people think that Yongmei is a dark horse, but they do not realize that this is based on accumulated strength.

she made her debut at the age of 25 and starred as a leading actress for the first time at the age of 49, in which there are too many unimaginable persistence and self-discipline.

during her 24-year career, even in a supporting role, Yongmei has never relaxed for a moment, whether at work or rest.

Yongmei is always the first to arrive on the set. In addition to filming, she sits in front of the machine, watches other actors perform, absorbs experience, and sometimes notes while watching.

while waiting for filming, Yongmei will also arrange acting lessons for herself to exercise her acting skills, so that she can always immerse herself in the role and maintain a good state.

in addition, Yongmei will use her spare time to polish her lines every day and practice over and over again until she is satisfied.

it is precisely because of Yongmei's control of time and strict requirements on herself that she has created vivid and three-dimensional roles one by one.

when there is no work schedule, Yongmei will not relax herself.

she will persist in reading and exercising, will enter herself in the era of reading, think about characters, learn from experience, and will use sports to keep herself in shape and firmly grasp the opportunity when it comes.

Yong Mei said: "if there is really a solution to the problem, I think it is still necessary to constantly remind yourself of self-discipline and constantly ask yourself to improve a little bit, which requires your own patience and persistence."

it is because of her self-control that she takes control of her life and becomes the best herself in the process of constantly improving herself.

as Plato said:

people with self-control will keep their original mind and go in the right direction.

George Bernard Shaw said: "self-control is the instinct of the strongest."

people who know how to restrain themselves are more self-disciplined and self-disciplined. They have always known that the purpose of self-discipline is to become strong in life.

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the more self-discipline, the more outstanding.

when you can control all your desires, exercise self-discipline and persevere, you will find that you are getting better and better.


the more introspection, the more progress

Nietzsche has a famous saying:

the dissatisfaction in life must be solved in life after all.

instead of complaining, it is better to reflect on yourself.

Zheng Qiudong in the TV series "hunting ground" is of civilian origin and in high spirits.

although his starting point falls on posterity, he is still eager to reach the top.

in order to make money, Zheng Qiudong is eager for success.

he went to Nepal for a year and smuggled a lot of Cordyceps sinensis.

I didn't expect to be reported, and as a result, millions of dollars were lost.

later, he was arrested and jailed because he was cheated into pyramid selling and was involved in a capital scam.

in prison, Zheng Qiudong soberly realized his mistake.

he reflected on himself and should not rush for success and choose to be opportunistic and do things that violate the law.

instead, you should improve your ability and rely on your own efforts to get what you want.

after learning from the bitter experience, he decided to change himself.

later, Zheng Qiudong met his noble Liu Lianshi.

Liu Lianshi instructed Zheng Qiudong to teach himself courses in human resources management, finance, psychology, and so on, which provided a very solid capital for him to find a job after he got out of prison.

after he got out of prison, Zheng Qiudong opened a small labor agency in Hangzhou.

he no longer fantasizes about shortcuts, but runs his own business steadily and steadily.

the company is slowly improving, his career is getting bigger and bigger, and finally he has his own business empire.

Heine said: "every self-examination brings new opportunities for growth. For those who are unwilling to reflect on themselves, it is not others who give up on you, but you give up on yourself."

in the face of setbacks, many people will only blame others, attribute the failure to God's injustice, and never look for reasons in themselves.

they give up but never reflect on themselves, so they miss a lot of opportunities for progress.

only by taking yourself as a mirror can you know the advance and retreat.

Life is about constantly practicing and correcting your own growth process.

only by constantly reflecting on yourself can we keep the peace of mind, get rid of vanity and impetuosity, and welcome the fragrance of life.


the more cautious you are, the luckier you are.

as the ancients said, "those who are unlucky will be mean, and if they are mean, they will be less blessed."

if you want to be blessed, the most important thing is not to say sarcastic words and not to be harsh.

Zeng Guofan's younger brother Zeng Guohua failed many imperial examinations, and Zeng Guofan did not secretly help for this.

so Zeng Guohua complained to others and blamed Zeng Guofan for his indecent Brotherhood.

Zeng Guohua's complaint spread not only to Zeng Guofan, but also to others. Everyone felt disdain for it, and gradually moved away from Zeng Guohua.

except for thisIn addition, Zeng Guohua is also a good teacher. He has written many times to Zeng Guofan's staff or aides, such as Zuo Zongtang, Li Yuandu and others, criticizing his mistakes and mocking his shortcomings.

Zeng Guofan criticized him and said:

it's a pity that Zeng Guohua never heard Zeng Guofan's admonition. he still went his own way, liked to complain, and casually talked about others. In the end, his friends were scattered and his official career was not complacent.

as the brother of a mother, Zeng Guofan has a very different way of doing things.

Zeng Guofan said: "careful speech is the first thing to cultivate yourself." He even wrote a book "careful speech Proverbs" to warn himself.

when he first entered the Imperial Academy, Zeng Guofan was proud of himself.

at his father's birthday gift, he boasted and got carried away in front of a good friend who came to celebrate his birthday.

this aroused the dissatisfaction of his friends, coupled with the fact that Zeng Guofan drank a little wine and ignored everyone, and immediately quarreled with his friends, which was harsh and hurtful, and finally broke up in discord.

Zeng Guofan regretted it afterwards, and he reflected that he could not even say evil words out of his mouth, and his wrath was not contrary to his body.

from then on, he practiced "caution in speaking" all his life, and wrote "careful words" in his family letter, warning future generations to follow them at all times, and don't forget to "stand on the basis of no false words."

as the saying goes, "if you talk too much, you will lose, and evil will come out of your mouth."

A truly wise man never speaks casually, and the more cautious he is, the less trouble he will cause.

arbitrary exaggeration and irresponsible remarks will certainly make you break your promise to others and harm others and yourself.

the more cautious you are, the luckier you will be.

it is the best practice for a person to know how to leave blanks in words and not to talk about others.


A person's best feng shui

is not the facial features, but the habit

Quintus said: "habit is more stubborn than nature."

for us, the appearance of youth is just a flash in the pan, while good habits are the mentors that accompany us all our lives.

try to become self-disciplined, make yourself in a better state and make yourself more outstanding;

always reflect on yourself, look for your mistakes and shortcomings, and make yourself more progressive;

know how to speak carefully in order to have high levels, great achievements, and accumulate good luck for life.

when you have these good rules of life, you will find that you will get more happiness.

people with good habits are bound to have good feng shui.

Life, no facial features, no habits.