A person's greatest disaster: being kind to outsiders and losing his temper with his family

A person's greatest disaster: being kind to outsiders and losing his temper with his family

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Mother and son filial piety, parental love, family happiness. This is the standard template for family life.

Why is it a template? Because there are so few families that can really do this.

Chinese love is so obscure that everyone is ashamed to express it directly. Over time, many people forget how to express their love.

obviously it is a very small thing, but we have to raise it to a higher plane of principle; obviously it is like tofu, but we must say it through that knife-like mouth.

We can often be well-rounded people in society, but we can't bring up a good temper at home. Some people say that this is because I am so tired in society that I just want to be myself at home and don't want to pretend.

but who wants to always love the worst side of you?

A person's greatest disaster is to be kind to outsiders and lose his temper with his family.

even the closest family members, no matter how strong their hearts are, will be riddled with holes with knives.


Don't leave bad emotions to your loved ones

people say, have good thoughts in your heart and spit lotus flowers in your mouth.

even outsiders are as warm as the spring breeze, they should embrace a warm heart for their family.

during Liang Qichao's exile in Japan, the burden of the family fell on his wife Li Huixian alone.

as a young woman, she propped up a family early. Today, I would like to say something remarkable.

and these things are not easy in life, Li Huixian did not talk about Liang Qichao at all.

maybe life brings Li Huixian little romance and more waste of firewood, rice, oil and salt. But Li Huixian chose not to worry Liang Qichao, who is as far away as Japan.

Liang Qichao understands that these things are supposed to be shared by two people, so he especially loves his wife. Gratitude to his wife can be seen everywhere in Liang Qichao's letter to his wife.

those who really love you will not fail to see what you are suffering. Those who really love you don't have to wait for you to speak first.

even if she does not complain to Liang Qichao about the hardships of life, she still has Liang Qichao's care and love.

that is, Li Huixian's warmth, Liang Qichao still misses her for many years after her death. He wrote for her:

Home is our warm harbor, and our family is the people closest to us.

use love to give back love, and respect to give back respect. People are mutual, and family members should be mutual.

only when you have a good mood can you make a good family.


speaking well is the most basic self-cultivation for people.

CCTV once made a documentary Mirror, in which a child's confession is hard to forget:

I am a mirror, my face can show how loyal I am to my parents, whether outwardly or inwardly, how similar to them.

I have heard such a story: on weekends, the father and the youngest daughter are watching TV in the living room, and the mother and the eldest daughter are washing dishes in the kitchen. Suddenly, I don't know who broke the bowl, and the crisp sound attracted the attention of the father and the little girl.

the little girl turned around and said to her father, "this bowl must have been broken by her mother."

the father was wondering why his daughter had such a judgment, so the little girl went on to say,

just a few words, which choked how many so-called adults.

similar scenes are performed in countless families. There are so many small mistakes and contradictions in life that no one will be happy if they always speak ill of each other to their families.

there has always been an old Chinese saying, "good words are warm in three winters, while bad words hurt people in June."

sometimes you just break a bowl, and sometimes you just don't mop it clean. These little things in life can obviously be solved with "this is wrong, it should be done like this", but it often turns into "look at you. I can't even do this!"

the child is the mirror of the parents, let the child see your beauty, you will also see the beauty in the child.

people tend to say that a person's family environment can be seen by his every move. It can be seen how important a good family atmosphere is to people.

build the same ferry for a hundred years and sleep together for a thousand years. A good family needs to be built with family members.

replace quarrels and shirking responsibilities with love and tolerance. Don't let your family get used to the "bad" you and forget the good you.


A person's background is to look at his attitude towards his family

"Zhuangzi" says, "if you are full of people in the city, you will let go of your words, your brother will be a woman, and your big relatives will be enough."

there are many people in life who treat outsiders politely, but harshly and harshly treat their relatives. Little do you realize that no matter how good your attitude towards outsiders is, the way you treat your family is what you really look like.

when Yang Jiang gave birth to her child in hospital, Qian Zhongshu lived alone, but she often caused trouble because of her lack of basic life skills. Sometimes the tablecloth was dirty, sometimes the lamp was smashed.

but no matter what happens, Yang Jiang will patiently say "never mind" to him and never lose her temper with Qian Zhongshu.

Yang Jiang is a famous writer in China with profound academic attainments.

but no matter how high her external status is, Yang Jiang will never dictate Qian Zhongshu.

even during pregnancy, when mood swings are relatively strong for women, Yang Jiang always speaks softly and self-control remains the same.

to see a person's background, it depends on her attitude towards her family.

We tend to take off all the camouflage and smoothness in front of the people closest to us, and some of us always show it.In the same way, some people regard their family as an emotional dump.

things can be repaired again when they are broken, but it is difficult to heal if a heart is broken.

A happy family must be made up of warm people.

Nothing can stand to be compared with long sleeve sequin dress. We have the right selection to suit your tastes.


A home full of love and reason is a home that gives people a sense of belonging

. To us, it is like a forest for birds and a lurking bottom for weary fish. Family is always the safest companion for us.

A home full of love and reason is a home that gives people a sense of belonging.

Zhou Guoping said:

in life, we should always say some positive words.

maybe venting negative emotions to your family can reduce a lot of clutter and worry in your heart, but not venting your personal feelings on your family is a kind of responsibility and growth, both for yourself and your family.

in life, we should always be considerate.

A cold cup in summer and a new sweater in winter are all ways to express our love for our family.

Life is not vigorous, but more like a long stream. Less sarcasm and sarcasm, less anger and bad words, give the good side to life, and life will give back to you better. Don't let a bad mood hurt those who love you.