A person's strength is hidden in his upbringing.

A person's strength is hidden in his upbringing.

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once heard such a saying: "A person's face is the outer skin."

but what really determines a person's image is another face: upbringing. "

A good-looking skin is the same, but an interesting soul is one in a million.

to put it bluntly, a person's soul is also an expression of self-cultivation.

because there is self-cultivation hidden in the details, and self-cultivation nourishes the soul.

how much self-cultivation a person has, usually how much charm he can show.

of course, when a person experiences the "benefits" of upbringing, he will be more willing to improve his vision and pattern.

at the same time, vision and pattern, in turn, affect a person's upbringing, gradually forming a kind of self-cultivation.

therefore, we can say that a person's strength is hidden in his upbringing.


upbringing makes people humble

people who are really educated are always able to get along with themselves calmly.

because the connection between people is based on the three values between each other.

only people with basic upbringing can communicate and work with others.

imagine that if a person does not even have the basic upbringing of communication, he will slander, revile, slander, ridicule and derogate everyone.

over time, how can anyone be willing to get along with such a person?

such people are doomed to be alienated and spurned in life.

and even if these people fall into a miserable situation, there will be no compassion, because this kind of people are typically sad about their misfortune and angry about it.

on the contrary, a really cultured and educated person likes to be a loner even if he doesn't have any friends in reality.

but it does not affect that they are easily liked by others, and even more and more people are willing to explore and follow him.

this is the charm of personality and wisdom, but in the final analysis, it is also the power of upbringing.

the Master said, "the superior man is knowledgeable in literature and makes an appointment with propriety."

A gentleman should not only be knowledgeable, but also know etiquette.

if a person does not have even the most basic moral cultivation, how can he win the hearts and minds of the people?

therefore, we all need to know the benefits of upbringing, but also need to do how to cultivate one body.

in fact, upbringing is not only impossible to pretend, but also impossible to learn easily.

it is not only the restraint and restraint in front of people, but also the self-discipline and persistence after people.

polish, think, reflect and sum up in a self-disciplined manner. At the same time, we should also settle down to be alone and thoroughly understand.

when we really understand the function of being alone, we will know the importance of being able to live in harmony with ourselves anytime and anywhere.

and an educated person, they are well aware of their abilities, and more importantly, they are accurately aware of their weaknesses.

people who learn from their strong points to make up for their weaknesses, or tolerate their own weaknesses and live out their own strengths, are undoubtedly high EQ.

and such people, in reality, can really give others more warm and comfortable feelings when they get along with others.

this is the power of one's upbringing.

although there are too many differences between people, whether in terms of birth, environment, personality and upbringing.

educated people are keenly aware that people are connected to each other to a large extent.

this commonality is that everyone's inner world yearns for good things.

there is a saying in the poems of the Roman poet Horace:

Show off your curvy figure and have it shaped by our stylish middle school homecoming dresses. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

"their ears can accurately listen to the voice of the muse, and their souls can stay away from vulgar jealousy."

in fact, the core of upbringing is to understand, be willing and tolerate.

know how to understand and understand, give up what you have, and tolerate what you don't like.

the horizon is wider, the pattern is bigger, and the world you see will be different.

and the way you look at the world is naturally gentler, more humble, and more comfortable.


upbringing makes people rational

there is a word in psychology called "Duck effect", which means that people with lower quality are more likely to have an inexplicable sense of superiority.

this also tells us that if a person's upbringing is low, his knowledge will naturally be narrow.

A person's knowledge is narrow. in the final analysis, he only hurts himself in the end.

because when others find out that your pattern is no more than this, and your vision is no more than this, they will alienate you.

but if you are still sitting in the same place, you always feel that you are right, and the beauty of life can only push you farther and farther away.

it is true that a person with a rich heart will never project a sense of superiority on his face.

because they know that a person's greatest sense of superiority should come from inner humility, gentleness, rationality and calmness.

rational people, inclusiveness has always been more stable and calm than emotional people.

do not show off your achievements, do not belittle others, have good intentions, and have a heart of understanding and tolerance.

think of others, face it freely and easily, don't cause trouble to others, don't make yourself suffer.

the real upbringing is to be able to take into account the difficulties of others and to understand your own difficulties.

Oscar Wilde said:

"every saint has a dark past, and every sinner has an unblemished future."

it is true that a rational person always looks at things in many ways and will not easily deny or blindlyFollow the crowd.

when you encounter a problem, you will not easily ask right or wrong, but to explore the source.


because rational people, after they encounter problems, instinctively know that right and wrong no longer matter now that things have happened.

what is important is how to find the source answer to this question.

when you find the answer to the source, you can see the nature of the matter clearly, and you won't make the same mistake again in the future.

so rational people don't rush to blame others or put the blame on others when they encounter problems, but know how to deal with them.

this is the power of upbringing.

Harry Potter author Rowling said this sentence:

"A person's real upbringing depends not on how he treats people higher than himself, but on how he treats people lower than himself."

I think so.

people all have the nature of "bullying the soft and being afraid of the hard", which is the inferiority of human beings.

and a rational and educated person, they are never concerned about the status or power between people.

what they care more about is fairness and justice between people, that is, they can weigh the weight of things and treat everything in principle.

therefore, an educated person can continue to maintain an emotional and concerned connection with the world even if he encounters a terrible disaster in his life.

will not only treat every unremarkable person rationally and seriously, but also will not pander or flatter everyone in an important position.

calm, calm, proud and educated.


upbringing makes a person strong

A person's strength is hidden in upbringing.

everything is pleasing to the eye when you are strong enough.

on the contrary, you will find that a weak person always habitually complains about life, belittles others, and likes to inflate himself.

there is no doubt that these people are not only mediocre in ability, but also difficult to justify their upbringing.

because gold glows everywhere, not because it is in a different place, but because its strength is there.

therefore, the size of upbringing determines whether one can go further.

writer Yu Qiuyu traveled in Germany for some time.

he told such a story:

one day I wanted to rent a house on a whim and had a good rest. I finally found a house and planned to rent it with the landlord.

the landlord is an old man. after learning about Yu Qiuyu's needs, he did not immediately agree to sign the contract, but said:

"you haven't understood it yet, and you don't know whether it's good or bad. You can try to stay for a few days and then sign a long-term contract when you've made up your mind."

Yu Qiuyu obeyed the old man and tried to stay for five days.

five days later, Yu Qiuyu intends to renew it and is ready to sign a long-term contract with the elderly.

but the day before, because of my carelessness, I broke a glass in the old man's house.

Yu Qiuyu hurriedly called the old man to apologize.

the old man said magnanimously and gently, "never mind, you didn't mean it. I'll just bring a new one tomorrow."

the next day, the old man took out the new cup he had brought, and then asked where the broken glass was. Yu Qiuyu pointed to the trash can at the door and said it was there.

the old man opened the garbage bag, found the glass fragments, and suddenly said gloomily, "the house will not be rented to you."

Yu Qiuyu was stunned and asked in surprise, "is it because I broke your glass and upset you?"

the old man replied faintly, "No, because there is no one else in your heart."

then, the old man poured out the contents of the garbage bag and separated the glass fragments from other people's garbage;

separated them piece by piece, put them on a small box, and wrote on the box: be careful, glass.

seeing all this, Yu Qiuyu immediately felt that his face was already hot.

what is upbringing? This is breeding!

what is powerful? This is power!

British writer Boyce said:

Real upbringing can be integrated into the little things of life:

when you know how to sort garbage, you will think whether it is convenient for garbage collectors to dispose of;

when driving through the sidewalk on rainy days, you will think about whether you will splash water on people by the side of the road;

when you open the door in public, you will carefully open the door in order to avoid bumping into people behind you.

put yourself in other people's shoes, not just show it to others.

because strong and educated people never need to win the favor and love of others.

as Chekhov said:

"in a man, wisdom and upbringing are the most important. Whether he is beautiful or not is nothing to him."

if you have no upbringing and wisdom in your head, you are worthless even if you are a beautiful man. "

in life, smart people choose to be with educated people.

because they also know that they are down-to-earth, at ease and at ease with such people.

Don't worry about being hurt, not afraid of being calculated and slandered, relaxed and comfortable, comfortable with sex.

in the final analysis, the difference between educated and uneducated people is that educated people are comfortable to get along with each other.It is like a spring breeze, while an uneducated person is like a pain in the throat, such as a thorn in the back.

May you have breeding in your bones, be full of kindness in your heart, maintain your "second face", and live your edge in the world.