A wise man doesn't ask questions all his life.

A wise man doesn't ask questions all his life.

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there is a Buddhist saying:

there are eight sufferings in life-birth, old age, illness, death, love and parting, resentment for a long time, can not ask, can not let go.

Life is short, such as fleeting, but more bitter than happy, nine times out of ten.

if you think about it earlier, you will let it go earlier; the longer you struggle, the more troubles you will have; one second more pain, one second less happiness.

A wise man knows how to let go. A wise man never asks questions for the rest of his life.


open-minded people, regardless of the past

M á rquez wrote in "A hundred years of Solitude":

all the pain and joy of the present are temporary and will eventually be left behind.

if you always look back on the road, you will miss the scenery ahead.

I like a short story very much:

once upon a time, there was a small vase vendor who rushed to the market with a pole.

with a sudden crisp sound, a vase fell to the ground and broke.

the peddler walked on without looking back.

the passer-by was puzzled, so he asked him, "your vase is broken. Why don't you look back?"

the peddler replied, "No matter how much I look back, the vase is broken. I have to rush to the market, where there are customers waiting for me."

the past is irrevocable. Just because of the past, just like a broken vase, it will not help to recall and regret.

Open-minded people know how to leave everything in the past to yesterday and keep a transparent heart to move on.


calm people, regardless of the present

, many people live very tired, either sighing about the past or worrying about the future.

live in yesterday, live in tomorrow, but forget that you can only live in the present.

share a story:

someone asked Master Huihai, "Zen Master, what is different about you?"

Huihai replied, "Yes, I eat when I feel hungry and sleep when I feel tired."

the man then asked, "what's the difference? everyone is like this. what's the difference?"

Huihai replied: "when they eat, they always think about other things and don't concentrate on eating; they always dream when they sleep and can't sleep soundly. And I eat is to eat, sleep is to sleep, so different. "

Wise people never ask, what should I do to be happy at the moment?

because when you think so, you already live somewhere else.

every moment right now is the only time you can grasp.

only by living in the present and putting your heart and soul into life can you cut off the sadness of the past and the fear of the future, and the mind can be liberated and truly happy and satisfied.

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magnanimous people, regardless of the future

the normal state of life is impermanent, no one can know the script of life in advance.

in the face of impermanence, the best state is not to calculate thousands of thousands, but to be at ease with the situation.

Wang Zengqi put it well:

rolling and tossing in the torrent of life, the best state is difficult and optimistic, embarrassed and peaceful, not afraid of the road ahead, calmly facing the ups and downs of the future.

Lin Qingxuan said:

instead of spending a lifetime in impatience, it is better to enjoy life calmly.

to be a calm person, to deal with things calmly and calmly, is not only a realm, but also the wisest attitude towards life.

half of our life has passed. Let's learn to let go, let go of the past, don't worry about the future, and cherish the present.

you will find that there are far less troubles than you think, and there are not so many conditions for happiness.

Bai Juyi wrote a poem: "regardless of the promontory and the end of the world, peace of mind is home."

you can be at ease only if you have no trouble with your heart. Peace of mind means peace of mind.