A wise man is a loner.

A wise man is a loner.

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in life, those who walk alone are often mistaken for being difficult to get along with and unsociable.

but in fact, being unsociable is not an isolated personality, nor is it arrogance, but in a complicated world, do not blindly follow the crowd, adhere to the self.

there is a saying:

"only when a person is alone can he be himself completely."

enjoying solitude is one's best practice.


being alone is a person's happiness

some people say that the best state of life is rich and quiet, but this state can only be achieved when alone.

I think so.

because when we are alone, we can really calm down, return to ourselves, and find the joy of life.

in this noisy world, most of the time, being alone is the joy of being alone.

as said in "settling down a person's time":

"living alone can be dull, boring, stagnant, or a fulfilling, wonderful, colorful adventure."

A person is lonely, but freer;

you don't need to care about other people's faces carefully in order to blend into other people's world.

A person, though not lively, is happier;

gets rid of troubles and enjoys life in his own world without distractions.

A person is insipid, but more relaxed;

you don't need to wronge yourself, take care of the feelings of others, and be yourself at will.

A person is quiet, but not desolate;

in silence, you can focus more on yourself and keep a pure land for your soul.

you know, the abundance of the heart is far better than the solitude of revelry in the crowd.

enriching yourself is far more meaningful than obeying and pleasing others.

Don't try to cater to anyone in order to be gregarious, and live as happy as you can.


different ways do not have to be friends

I remember a passage that said: "laughter, cheers, hot atmosphere, but the heart is very cold."

most of the time, obviously do not like the noise, but in order not to fall behind, always bear the nerve to participate in the excitement of others.

in the crowd, but feel lonely;

, but when alone, they are more comfortable.

writer Lu Sihao once shared an experience when he was studying abroad.

at that time, he had just arrived in Melbourne, had few friends and was always alone on weekdays.

Lu Sihao's self-esteem is particularly strong, and he is very worried that his loneliness will attract strange eyes from his classmates.

but he is very introverted and doesn't know how to deal with others.

at first, whenever he saw other people with a group of friends together and he was alone, he always felt indescribable uneasiness.

but slowly, he realized that it was not a shame to be unsociable.

he also comforted those who also had the same problem of loneliness:

"if you are more like yourself when you are alone, then you should be alone.

there is no need to be gregarious. Like yourself, you will always meet someone close to you."

Life is too short. Why do you have to camouflage yourself and cater to others in order to fit in with others?

Don't worry about the eyes of others; don't please those who don't get along.

each person has his own way of living in the world. Don't force yourself to be gregarious in order to be gregarious.

it is better to enjoy yourself in solitude than to feel lonely in the joy of a group of people.

as the saying goes, people are different, so they don't have to be friends.

if you agree, you will come; if you disagree, you will break up, and there is no need to force it.

A person seems to be unsociable, but he doesn't have to be swayed by other people's opinions. In this way, he or she lives more clearly.


solitude is the best way to test the depth of one's soul

Yu Hua once said: "I no longer pretend to have many friends.

but return to loneliness. I started my life alone with the real me."

when we return to solitude, we can be free from outside troubles;

can we really find ourselves in peace without distractions.

born human, loneliness is the norm.

No matter how prosperous we have been, in the end, we will return to loneliness.

just like the American writer Thoreau, he chose to stay away from the crowd and went to Walden Lake alone to build a cabin and lived alone for two years.

during that time, he worked on his own and ate on his own, no matter what he did.

it was because of the experience of solitude that Thoreau realized the meaning of solitude.

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being alone not only did not make him feel lonely, but made him find his true self.

he recorded the experience, so he had the classic Walden.

I can't help thinking of a passage that the writer Ma de once said:

"only in solitude can one's soul see its own clarity and brightness, and can it enjoy the beauty and prosperity of life."

being alone is to get rid of earthly troubles, to see yourself in the depths of your soul, and to meet a better self.

only when we are alone, we don't care about the outside world, we can abandon all our thoughts and let our souls find instant freedom in peace.

being alone is a kind of enjoyment, so that we can still find a place to live in the noisy world.

when I was young, I always thought that the more friends I knew, the more friends I knew.The more parties and parties you have;

as long as you are in the hustle and bustle, you won't feel lonely inside.

little do you know that when the crowd retreats, the bottom of your heart will only become more lonely and deserted.

there is a good saying