Achieving these three aspects shows that you are very healthy.

Achieving these three aspects shows that you are very healthy.

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someone asked: "in this era of Internet big data, witnessing too many joys and sorrows, what is the most important?"

in this regard, some netizens concluded that living well is the most important thing.

if you want to live well, you must have good physical and mental health.

and the World Health Organization defines health as:

"Health is a state of physical and mental perfection and good adaptability, not just a state free of disease and weakness."

that is to say, health is not limited to a person's physical health, but also includes mental health, social adaptation and so on.

Today, I will talk to you about health from three aspects: mental mentality, living habits, and social behavior. Let's see how many you have won.


Mental mentality

A person's state of mind can show this person's mental outlook to a great extent. If you want to be healthy, you should keep in mind the following three points:

(1) have an optimistic state of mind

the American Journal of psychologists points out:

therefore, people with a good state of mind are naturally healthy.

having goals and motivation for life and the future is the premise of healthy continuity.

in fact, happy is also a day, unhappy is also a day.

instead of being depressed and depressed for a day, it is better to cheer up and struggle happily every day.

if you want to be healthy, start by being optimistic.

(2) not afraid of loneliness

Liu Tong wrote in his new book "one person is one person":

it is true that everyone is born an independent individual.

when you are alone, you can travel, read, taste delicious, and you can also be very relaxed and free.

just like Heiko Nakamura, a Japanese psychiatrist, he went to work alone at the age of 90 and kept his distance from his son's family.

although she told her students that she was lonely, she enjoyed the loneliness very much. For her, loneliness is a natural state.

Human beings do not have to live in groups, and they can live a wonderful life on their own.

in life, many people are afraid of loneliness, so they try to fit into the circle they don't like and try to look popular.

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but in this way, it is just following others to repeat other people's lives, and then drifting away from the original intention.

try to make peace with yourself. It doesn't matter if you're alone.

(3) Don't complain when something happens

some people say: "the strong are not easy to get angry, while the weak often complain."

indeed, people who are really strong in their hearts never care about what has already happened.

because they know very well that complaining is useless, it is better to change themselves and move on instead of complaining.

in fact, complaining often is not only easy to get angry and sad, but also makes us fall into negative emotions of self-denial over time, which is very bad for our physical and mental health.

therefore, it is the correct attitude towards life not to complain when something happens.


living habits

how important are living habits?

the best answer I've ever seen is: "details change life, habits change fate."

by doing these things, you can grasp your life:

(1) like to exercise

Life lies in exercise.

A strong body is inseparable from regular exercise. Only by exercising more can we maintain our physical vitality.

Modern medicine believes that regular and moderate exercise in the human body can promote blood circulation, increase the vitality of the heart and lungs, and promote metabolism.

as the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people. Eating is very important for us, but eating healthily is the key.

according to the survey of the international top academic journal the Lancet, improper diet is one of the important causes of death.

especially in China, the proportion of deaths caused by improper diet is much higher than that in many countries in the world.

exercise can enhance our immunity and promote our health.

I was always sick for some time, and the doctor advised me to take more exercise to strengthen my immunity.

so I go for a walk every night. On weekends, I take my friends to climb mountains, play badminton and so on.

after climbing several mountains, I suddenly found that I hadn't caught a cold for a long time.

it can be seen that exercise is really important.

(2) Diet

if you pay attention to a healthy diet, you have grasped one of the secrets of longevity.

for diet, we must remember to eat on time and match with meat and vegetables. Don't overeat, don't eat hot food, don't eat while walking, watch and eat at the same time.

if you master these points, you will be able to avoid many dietary risks.

A healthy diet is an important factor in physical health. This is really worthy of our attention.

(3) the World Health Organization has summarized the factors affecting health as follows:

thus it can be seen that lifestyle is the most important factor of personal health, and its core is to develop good work and rest habits.

unhealthy work and rest, the incidence of many diseases will increase, but also cause a decline in immunity.

only by keeping a regular and healthy work and rest, the body will not get sick frequently.

so, for the sake of health, you must go to bed early and get up early.


Social behavior

living in the world, we are not alone, sometimes not onlyTo be yourself, you should know how to gain a foothold in society, such as these:

(1) not hurtful words

as the saying goes, "evil words hurt people in June, while good words make people warm in three winters."

the way you speak really directly affects a person's mood.

in life, there are often some people who make a few cynical remarks to you from time to time. If you are angry, he will just joke right away.

if you are unhappy, he may also understate: I am just speaking bluntly.

however, when two people get along with each other, they really can't stand the attack of bad words.

there are often people who choose to break up with friends who are hurtful, and then get stuck in the shadow and can't get out for a while.

in this way, bad words hurt others as well as themselves.

if you don't want to lose your interpersonal relationship, please talk well.

(2) cherish your feelings

do you have the feeling that as you grow up, you will find that there are fewer and fewer friends around you?

because many people are actually just passers-by in your life.

and it's really not easy for people who can always be friends with you.

Socrates once said:

in this world, it is not easy to meet someone who is really good for himself.

if you happen to meet, please cherish it in time and grasp the happiness that belongs to you.

similarly, the phrase cherishing feelings also applies to family members.

parents have worked hard all their lives, so they must understand their good intentions and cherish what they have done for themselves.

only by cherishing feelings, can we maintain the existence of feelings as much as possible and make ourselves physically and mentally happy.

(3) regular zero clearance

Life needs an empty cup mentality, so that it can go further and further.

if you indulge in the past, you will only stop yourself.

people who are burdened with too much often feel tired and are unable to break through their current situation.

on the contrary, people who clear zero on a regular basis know exactly what they want and continue to grow into better themselves.

the famous host Wang Han once revealed that he had not eaten for 20 years, and the number of Wechat friends had been deleted to less than 100.

for him, cleaning up useless social activities in time provides a great convenience for him to concentrate on his studies.

because of persisting in reading and reflection, today's Wang Han is already good at hosting.

his experience makes people remember that only those who clear zero regularly can gain a foothold in society and go farther and farther.

finally, it ends with the words of an economist:

"Health equals 1. Only by having health can people work hard, create wealth, and enjoy life, and these are the zeros after 1."

as long as there is one, there is the possibility of adding infinite zeros, just as wealth is growing.

and if this 1 is gone, everything goes back to zero. "