Amazing four laws of cause and effect (depth good article)

Amazing four laws of cause and effect (depth good article)

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the ancients said, "all laws are empty, but cause and effect are not empty."

there are not so many accidents in life. Everything has its cause and effect.

Life is like the sea, the tide rises and falls.

those who can always dominate fate understand these four laws of cause and effect.


Echo Law

the world is an empty valley, and life is an echo.

whatever sound you make, you will hear it.

if you express goodwill to the world, you will naturally reap good results and express malice, and you will reap bad consequences.

when Gu Rong attended the banquet in the Jin Dynasty, the attendant served a barbecue.

Gu Rong saw the attendants staring at the barbecue all the time, showing a look of longing.

so regardless of his identity, he gave him his share.

the people next to him laughed at his indecency.

Gu Rong said, "there are people who barbecue every day but don't know the truth about the smell of meat."

later, when there was civil strife in the Jin Dynasty, Gu Rong was forced to flee to the south. Whenever he encountered danger on the way, a man risked his life to save him.

Gu Rong was so grateful that he found out that this man was the servant who served the barbecue.

when karma encounters, you will suffer the consequences. All kinds of things in the world have cause and effect.

there is such a story in Zuo Zhuan:

during the Spring and Autumn period, before the father of Wei Zhi, a doctor of the Jin Dynasty, died, he asked for his concubine Zuji to be set free and allowed to remarry.

but when she was critically ill and unconscious, she changed her tune and asked her to be buried.

after her father died, Wei couldn't bear it, so she asked Zuji to remarry someone else.

later on the battlefield, Wei Zhen fought with du Hui, a senior general of the State of Qin. In the moment of crisis, an old man tripped du Hui with a noose.

Wei Zhi took advantage of the opportunity to capture du Hui and returned with a great victory.

it was later learned that the old man was Zuji's father.

Buddhists say, "you can't take anything with you, but you can only take karma with you."

the good and bad things that a person does in his life will be returned to him in various forms.

those who love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

treat others with love, and others will return it with love; if you give blessings to others, you will also reap blessings.

good and evil will be rewarded in the end. Only by maintaining awe, accumulating virtue and doing good deeds can we avoid calamity and good fortune will always be there.


the Law of Magnetic Field

the Book of morality says: "if it is the same as Tao, Tao is also happy. He who is the same as virtue is also happy to have it. "

those who pursue Tao will be happy to fulfill it.

those who pursue virtue, virtue will be happy to fulfill it.

Life is a magnetic field. You can attract what you believe and become what you attract.

things change with the heart, and the state is created by the mind.

if one believes in beauty in his heart, he will attract it, and if he is willing to believe in it, he can reap it.

there is such a story.

the emperor had a dream in which the mountain fell, the water dried and the flowers faded.

when he woke up, he told the queen about it.

the queen said to him, "No, the mountains fall down, the rivers and mountains cannot be protected, when the water dries up, the hearts of the people break up, and the flowers fade away, but the good times will not last long!"

when the emperor heard this, he was worried all day, ignored the government, and his health went from bad to worse.

as time goes by, the country gradually becomes unstable.

later, the minister learned about this and said to him:

when the emperor heard this, he was in spirits, his body gradually improved, and he was motivated to do things.

soon the country returned to normal.

psychologist Maslow once said:

everything is a projection of the human heart, and you can have what you believe.

the general came into battle and gave his son a quiver with beautiful arrows, saying that it was a family heirloom and that he could win a hundred battles with it.

later on the battlefield, my son carried this quiver all the time, and he was really brave and unstoppable.

until once, the son accidentally pulled out the arrow and found that there was only one broken arrow in it.

the ancients said, "Man is the heart of heaven and earth."

the world has no will and speaks for heaven and earth.

A person who is willing to believe in himself can finally achieve himself.

only when one is willing to believe in warmth can there be warmth in the world.


Shipwreck Law

A person's blessing is a ship, and fame and wealth are the goods carried on board.

once the ship's cargo exceeds its load, the ship will slowly sink.

if virtue does not match, there will be disasters.

if one's blessings outweigh virtue, misfortune will befall sooner or later.

after the five dynasties, Liang Zhongchen Yang Shihou relied on his own power to search for wealth and oppress the people.

he mined boulders from Liyang and transported them to Weizhou to make a monument for himself.

because the stone was too large, hundreds of farm cattle were commandeered to carry them in iron carts, damaging houses and graves along the way, and public resentment was boiling.

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when the local people saw the cart, they cursed him: the tablet (sadness) is coming, the stele (sadness) is coming.

in the end, the word became Qi, and as soon as the cart arrived in Weizhou, Yang Shihou fell ill and died.

after the five dynasties, Liu, the queen of Tang Zhuangzong, was greedy and amassed wealth among the people through her own power.

the treasury has no money to pay the army, but the harem goods are piled up like a hill.

the prime minister remonstrated several times, hoping that Queen Liu could temporarily borrow money to pay wages, but the queen refused.

later, Li Siyuan mutinized and Zhuang Zongzhong betrayed his relatives and was killed by the palace.

Queen Liu ran to the temple with her belongings.If you become a nun, you will die in the end.

if a man is virtuous, he will be blessed; if a man is not virtuous, there will be disaster.

Don't ask for too much. Repairing your own character is a person's greatest blessing.



Life is like a balance. On the left is giving, on the right is receiving.

A penny gives, a penny gains, a penny gives, a penny gains.

whatever you want, you have to make an equal effort.

No one can succeed casually. Behind all the splendor, it takes countless hardships.

the Chronicles of the Pipa in the Yuan Dynasty is a household name, but the story behind it is rarely known.

the author Gao Ming spent three years in his small building, writing music while beating time with his hands on the table.

three years later, the Story of the Pipa was completed, the beat marks on the table were more than an inch deep, and the floor was pierced.

this kung fu is more difficult than outside humanity.

later, Zhu Yuanzhang, the great ancestor of the Ming Dynasty, was filled with admiration when he saw the Story of the Pipa. He admired Gao Ming and recruited him many times.

Gao Ming also became famous and became a legend.

when Zhang Jiucheng of the Southern Song Dynasty followed his teacher Yang, he listened to his master's advice and studied hard.

at dawn every day, Zhang Jiucheng stood in front of the windowsill reading for 14 years.

when he left, two footprints were worn out on the slate under the window.

because of his profound kung fu in the study of Confucian classics, Zhang Jiucheng founded the "Hengpu School", wrote books to educate people, and eventually became a master of Confucian classics.

Hu Shi once said:

A person can achieve something only if he is willing to settle down and persevere.

Don't fantasize about getting something for nothing, don't always wait to enjoy it.

the balance may fluctuate, but will eventually return to equilibrium.

there is no pie in the sky, and there is no fluke in life. Only when you have something to give can you get something.

there is a saying in Buddhism: "from all Buddhas, down to all sentient beings, there is cause and effect."

everything has cause and effect, and no one can escape cause and effect.

goodness must be rewarded, and goodness must be believed.

benevolence can carry things, and hard work will be rewarded.