Amazing law of cause and effect: people with good character will not suffer at all.

Amazing law of cause and effect: people with good character will not suffer at all.

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as an old saying goes: there is no way for misfortune and misfortune, but people call themselves, and the retribution of good and evil is like a shadow.

in this life, no matter doing good or evil, good or evil, there are causes and effects.

everything in the world has its own rules. The wicked will be rewarded with evil, and the good will have their own fortune.

if a man is good, God will bless him; if a man is kind, he will be blessed.

Life is a cycle of reincarnation. What you give will eventually come back to you. What you get is your own choice.


to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself

Emerson once said, "one of the most beautiful compensations in life is that people help themselves as well as others sincerely."

you never know what surprise an inadvertent move will bring to your life in the future.

We never know how a gift of goodwill will return.

but there is always one thing that will prove that those who are good are also good.

some time ago, there was a short film on the Internet that was very popular.

in the cake shop, Grandma took the little girl to choose a piece of cake, but when she paid for it, she found that she didn't have enough money, so she had to return it.

when he got to the door, a man came up and gave the cake to the little girl. Grandma wanted to refuse, and then the man told a story.

"on his eighth birthday, he wanted cake very much, but his family was too poor to afford it. When a kind-hearted man saw this, he bought it for him."

after hearing the story, Grandma gladly accepted the cake and asked him to leave his contact information in order to return it later.

then, the little girl ran home with the cake in her arms, happily preparing for her grandfather's birthday and showing her grandfather the note left by the man.

there is no contact information on the paper, only a sentence is written: "A little bit of kindness and kindness can cause endless ripples. Helping others can pass on love and help you."

in the past, it gradually emerged that the kind-hearted man who sent the cake many years ago was the girl's grandfather, and now he wrote down the words on the note and gave it to the boy.

as the saying goes: those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

while being kind to others, it is the process of accumulating blessings for yourself.

there is a passage that is quite true:

in the sea of life, who doesn't stumble and go alone.

but the beauty of this world is that some are the light that shines on others, and some are the night waiting for the dawn.

loneliness does not go away, but souls can embrace each other.

when you see someone sad, don't say anything cold, just one more word of comfort, because everyone has a sad day.

when you see someone fall, you will be lucky and happy, because everyone has a bad moment.

when you see someone in distress, don't go to the bottom of the well and get a little more warm, because no one's life is plain sailing.

Today, when others are in trouble, you may need your help, but tomorrow you may have a deficiency to carry.

accumulate good deeds, keep good thoughts, get good results, and the love you give will come back to you one day.


respect for others means solemn oneself

how to judge a person's character?

I have seen a very appropriate explanation: "respect in the world, moderation in doing things, no sense of identity in life, and no disparagement in treating others."

when you think about it, in fact, these are the thoughtfulness of dealing with people, but also deep into the bones of self-cultivation.

Chen Huaihai, the tavern owner in the TV series "Old Tavern", is such a person, and he can be called a "model" as a businessman.

there is an old beggar who often goes to his pub for a drink.

when beggars are seen in other stores, they are generally not allowed to enter the store, or even stay at the door.

but Chen Huaihai not only does not dislike the elderly, but also often teaches the people in the shop: "when you enter the door of the old pub, all the guests come. A penny of wine is friendship, and a jin of wine is friendship, regardless of thickness." the old pub does not drive out guests, and never leave guests without wine virtue. "

he does not feel superior because of his status as a "shopkeeper", nor has he ever been slow to treat him because of his status as a "beggar" of the elderly.

Chen Huaihai gave the elderly the most basic respect, and the old man also let Chen Huaihai see the highest state of life.

the old man begged for food, but not a penny less for wine. This is wine virtue.

someone filled his jug with water, but he tasted it quietly. It was atmosphere.

every time the old man goes to drink two or two drinks, when there are many guests, in order not to disturb others and to be afraid of delaying the business of the pub, he will stand in the corner and drink. This is a sign of respect.

No matter where you stand, people should look down on others, look at themselves, and look at all things in the world with humility.

there is a profound point of view: "I thought others respected me because I was excellent, and slowly I realized that others respected me because they were excellent." Excellent people know how to respect others, and to be respectful to others is to be solemn to yourself. "

what is respect?

Don't focus on other people's shortcomings: don't talk about height in front of short people, figure in front of fat people, and skin color in front of dark-skinned people.

Don't look down on people at the top of the mountain: talk to the poor, don't show off money, talk to lonely old people, don't show off their children and grandchildren, talk to unfortunate people, don't show off your happiness.

be a man, only respect others. To be respected.


to forgive others is to let yourself go

writer Lu Xiansheng said: "to be angry is to punish yourself with other people's mistakes, to worry is to torture yourself with your own mistakes, and to regret is to use the helpless past."To destroy yourself and worry is to frighten yourself with virtual risks. "

I think so.

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how many moments in life, because one person is bitter, because one thing disturbs one's mind.

if you care too much about other people's mistakes, you are often just torturing yourself.

in 2012, Mo Yan delivered a speech after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, which moved many people present, and the audience stood up and applauded for a minute. In that speech, Mo Yan talked about the most painful thing in his memory.

when he was young, he followed his mother to the collective field to pick up ears of wheat. when the caretakers of the wheat fields came, the pickers fled one after another.

because his mother was a small foot and ran slowly, he was soon caught by the guard.

the man confiscated the ears of wheat they had picked, slapped his mother, and whistled away.

his mother was beaten to the corners of her mouth bleeding and her eyes were filled with despair.

many years later, Mo Yan went to the market with his mother and met the caretaker again, who had become white-haired.

he wanted to rush up and avenge himself, but his mother grabbed him and said calmly and firmly, "son, the man who beat me is not alone with this old man."

A word from my mother made Mo Yan wake up like a dream.

people are indeed people of that year, but times have changed, and it is no longer meaningful to investigate right and wrong.

instead of worrying about it all the time, it is better to let go of his mistakes and free his heart.

No longer care, not to suffer losses, but to find a way to live.

to forgive mistakes is not to have no bottom line, but to set the heart free.

to forgive others is not to be cowardly, but to let yourself go.

A lot of things have two sides, and those who make you miserable are also here to cross you.

things that make you sad, in fact, another way out, it will be a good thing.

never punish yourself with other people's mistakes. Only when you can get out of resentment can you see the beauty of life.

the most transparent way of life should be like what Zuo Zongtang said: choose a high place to stand, find a flat place to sit, and walk to a wide place.


you just fix your virtue, and heaven has its own considerations

Lin Yutang wrote in "Jinghua Yanyun": "in a person's life, there are some subtle things that are meaningless, but of great importance. After the passage of time, looking back at its causality, we find that the impact is astonishing. "

after middle age, I gradually find that

what makes a person better and better is not wealth, but his own virtue.

the act of kindness between your thoughts may save yourself from water and fire in the future.

the umbrella you hold for others will one day be turned into a shelter from the rain.

the people you have been through will become your own way of walking in the world.

only when you are virtuous can you carry things.

character can last a lifetime.

although no one sees virtue, you will know how to do good.