Amazing "Law of Conservation of suffering", read to change your life

Amazing "Law of Conservation of suffering", read to change your life

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the Buddha said:

the eight sufferings of life are: birth suffering, old age suffering, sickness suffering, death suffering, love parting suffering, resentment and hatred will lead to suffering, asking for no suffering, and five yin blazing bitterness.

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for most people, bitterness and suffering are the norm of life.

so we always envy other people's happiness and other people's lives.

fate, which seems to be impermanent, is actually the fairest.

it is always out of your sight, maintaining its balance in its own way.

if you get through it, you will know that the hard work is only for a while.

if you get through it, you will know that it is the only way to success.


in life, suffering is always accompanied by

there is an interesting law called the law of conservation of suffering.

means that the total amount of hardship one has to suffer in this lifetime is constant.

it does not occur for no reason, nor does it disappear out of thin air.

only moves from one stage to another, or from one form to another.

the same is true of life, but some people choose to be bitter before sweet, while others choose sweet before bitter.

do you still have to be stupid enough to win the Alipay "China Koi" award more than two years ago?

when he first won the lottery, Xin also vaguely felt that he didn't have to worry about it for the rest of his life.

she doesn't have to work and can eat, drink and play for free all over the world.

so a month later, she quit her job and began to travel around the world.

but soon, she lost her excitement and excitement of winning the lottery and fell into anxiety.

her income can only support her basic travel expenses, and she often encounters the embarrassment of swiping her card;

in order to adapt to high-frequency travel, she is also exhausted, and she goes to the hospital

more than in the past two decades combined.

in June this year, she talked about the current situation on her personal social account:

"I will be 30 next year, but I have no money, no job, and recently detected depression tendencies."

getting rich overnight may be God-given good luck, but it doesn't mean you can have a good life.

because, in this world, everyone's sufferings and blessings are constant.

it doesn't disappear just because you choose temporary comfort.

if you enjoy the undeserved blessings in advance, you have to eat the undeserved bitterness.

the more you choose to escape, the more it will embarrass you at some point in the future.

all the gifts given by fate have already been secretly marked with prices.


there are always some extra hard times in one's life.

but now the biggest problem in society is that it is becoming more and more impetuous, and people are more and more unwilling to face the pain.

I have seen many young people who spend too much in order to get their favorite sneakers and big-name bags, and are finally driven to a dead end by profitable online loans.

I have also seen many parents who are unwilling to let their children endure hardships and spoil their children from childhood to adulthood.

as a result, children have been suffering from society all their lives.

the more you are afraid of suffering, the more you will suffer for a lifetime.

you should know that the person who makes you suffer is often the noble person who reminds you to make progress;

the thing that makes you miserable is actually the place where you need to be promoted most.

before Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei at the age of 44, he was fired from the company for business failure and was saddled with huge debts.

at the same time, his wife divorced him, and his elderly parents came to Shenzhen from Guizhou to take care of his children.

the family lives in a shantytown and is so short of money that my mother needs to go to the market to buy leftovers and dead fish and shrimp.

in his first year of founding Alibaba, Ma Yun

took out all his wealth and was treated as a liar in order to attract talents.

he found venture capital 37 times and failed 37 times.

Jack Ma, who finally collapsed, cried and sang "True Hero" on the Great Wall.

but their later days, no one knows.

I have heard such a saying: "when suffering conquers you, it becomes your humiliation; but when you overcome suffering, it becomes your wealth."

fate is never fair. Some people live in high-rise buildings, others are covered in rust.

but fate is also fair. If you have suffered enough, you will enjoy the joys and sorrows.

people who have not experienced suffering are easily at a loss when faced with problems.

can not stand the blow and eventually lead to failure.

on the contrary, people who are accustomed to suffering and sharpening will never be knocked down easily.

after suffering, it may take a long transition and accumulation.

but you have to believe that the journey of life is always the coexistence of flowers and thorns.

over a thousand sails, you will eventually bloom your own splendor.


you can enjoy as much as you can

French writer Beaufort has a classic dialogue:

do you really love life?

Yes, I love life.

have you never been in pain?

several times. But pain itself is life.

everyone goes through extremely difficult times, pain, fear, and the impermanence of time in everyone's life.

if suffering is a compulsory course in life.

turning hardships into blessings is the best practice in life.

I know a girl who is said to be too lucky.

I worked as a teacher in the field of education a few years ago. Because of my good teaching ability, many parentsThey all like to sign up for her classes,

the salary goes up, and the leaders also praise her.

emotionally, my boyfriend, who has been talking for several years, is well-off and considerate to her, and the two are engaged.

thinking about a stable life, she signed up for the teacher establishment again, and as a result, she was successfully admitted.

now everyone envies her even more, and she has a bumper harvest in love and career.

but others only see the bright side of her, and only she knows best how much she has paid.

when she first started working, she was also very confused and didn't know where to start.

the class is not good, often receive complaints from parents, once suffered from depression.

but she doesn't want to throw in the towel, nor does she want to compromise.

she tries to figure out the gold medal teacher's handout in her spare time every day.

even if it is only a few comments, she spends 12 minutes to study it.

she said: "in fact, it was just a hard time, and then there was still a lot of sweetness in life."

A simple sentence tells the essence of life.

No one will tell you how much a person will suffer in this life.

it may be the poverty of failure, the torment of illness, or the shadow of lovelorn.

No matter how difficult the work is, you will have a bright future if you get through it.

No matter how hard life is, if you get through it, the sky will be clear.

A person can experience the joys and sorrows of suffering only if he has experienced the joys and sorrows of life.

No matter where you are and what you are going through, you have to understand that whatever you want in the world, you have to get it with hard work and pain.

after suffering, you need to clench your teeth countless times and have a determined heart.

Life will live up to anyone who is willing to bear hardships and work hard.

what you have suffered will eventually repay you in another way.