Amazing social laws (must be read in 2020)

Amazing social laws (must be read in 2020)

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1. Law of error: if everyone else is wrong, it is your own fault.

2. Law of effect: weeping on the wound is the same as sprinkling salt on the wound.

3. Law of jealousy: what people envy is not the prosperity of strangers, but the prosperity of the people around them.

4. Square law: people can not be too square, can not be too round, one will hurt people, one will keep people away from you, so people should be oval.

5. Law of saliva: when you are so red that people drool, there will be more saliva about you.

6. The law of utilization: not afraid of being taken advantage of, just afraid that you are useless.

7. Law of achievement: if you do not achieve, you will have no friends because of mediocrity; if you have achievements, you will lose friends because of excellence.

8. Pie Law: when the pie falls on the day, there is also a trap waiting for you.

9. Law of error: the biggest mistake people make every day is to be too polite to strangers and too hard on those who are close to them.

10. Law of evaluation: don't be curious about what others think of you, think about what you think of him.

11. Onion and garlic law: people who take themselves too much are often very good at pretending to be onions.

12. The law of rumors: rumors are words written on the water, doomed not to last, but spread quickly.

13. Law of fear: the novice is afraid of the proficient, the proficient is afraid of the master, and the master is afraid of losing.

14. The law of sadness: those who are happy for your sadness are enemies, those who are happy for your happiness are friends, and those who are sad for you are those who should be put into their hearts.

15. The law of fools: if you treat others as fools, you must be stupid.

16. Law of loss: as long as you don't think you've lost money, others must not take advantage of it.

17. The law of wind and rain: love can withstand wind and rain, but can not withstand insipid; friendship can withstand insipid, but can not withstand wind and rain!


someone asked the farmer, "have you planted wheat?"

Farmer: "No, I'm afraid it won't rain."

the man asked, "do you grow cotton?"

Farmer: "No, I'm afraid the worms ate cotton."

the man asked again, "what did you plant?"

Farmer: "nothing. I want to be safe."

feeling: it is only natural for a person who is unwilling to pay or take risks to accomplish nothing.


two horses each pull a wagon.

one horse walks fast and the other is slow.

so the owner moved all the goods behind to the front.

the horse behind smiled: "cut!" The harder you try, the more you will be tortured! "

who knows the owner later thought: since one horse can pull a rickshaw, why keep two?

finally the lazy horse was slaughtered and eaten.

this is the lazy horse effect in economics.

feeling: it makes people feel that you are dispensable, and the day when you are kicked out is not far away.


one Zen master saw a scorpion fall into the water and was determined to save it.

who knows, the scorpion stung his finger. The Zen master was not afraid to do it again, but he was stung by a scorpion again.

A person next to him said, "it always stings people, so why save it?"

the Zen master replied:

"stinging people is the nature of scorpions, and goodness is my nature. How can I give up my nature because of its nature?"

perception: our mistake is that we change ourselves too much because of the outside world.


Mandela was imprisoned and abused for 27 years.

when he became president, he invited three guards who had abused him.

when Mandela got up and respectfully saluted the guard, everyone present and the whole world quieted down.

he said:

"when I walked out of the cell and walked through the prison gate to freedom, I already knew that if I could not leave my grief and resentment behind, I would still be in prison."

feeling: to forgive others is to sublimate yourself.


in a small town, a businessman opened a gas station and business was particularly good.

the second one came and opened a restaurant.

the third opened a supermarket, and this area soon became prosperous.

in another town, a businessman opened a gas station and business was particularly good.

the second one came, the second gas station was opened, and the third and fourth vicious competition had nothing to play with.

realize that if you blindly follow the path of others, you will block your own way.


A crow met a pigeon coming home on the way to flight.

the pigeon asked, "where are you going?"

the crow said:

"actually, I don't want to go, but everyone thinks my voice is not good, so I want to leave."

the pigeon told the crow:

"Don't waste your time!" If you don't change your voice, flying anywhere will not be welcome. "

feeling: if you want everything to be better, start by changing yourself.


the young monk is responsible for cleaning the fallen leaves of the temple, which takes a long time every day.

someone said to him:

"you shake the tree hard and shake off all the fallen leaves before cleaning, so you won't have to clean tomorrow."

the young monk thought it was right, so he gladly did it, but the next day the yard was full of fallen leaves as usual.

regardless ofHow hard you try today, the fallen leaves will still float down tomorrow.

perception: live in the present.


the wild boar grazes with the horse, and the wild boar often spoils it, either trampling on the grass or muddy the water.

the horse was so angry that he wanted revenge, so he asked the hunter for help.

the hunter said that unless the horse was put on a bridle and let him ride.

the horse was eager for revenge and agreed to the hunter's request.

the hunter rode the horse and defeated the wild boar, then took the horse back and tied it to the manger, and the horse lost its original freedom.

feeling: if you can't tolerate others, you will bring misfortune to yourself.

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