Amazing three laws of success: duck's Law, Crab's Law, Golden cicada's Law

Amazing three laws of success: duck's Law, Crab's Law, Golden cicada's Law

Good morning, accompany you to read.

everyone yearns for success, but the road of life is tortuous and bumpy, and most people pursue it for the rest of their lives.

in fact, success is not as difficult as you think.

these interesting laws tell us:

success requires persistent improvement, walking hand in hand with fellow travelers, enduring suffering and loneliness.

if you understand it, ordinary people can also work miracles.


Duck's Law

We have all seen ducks swimming in the water:

the surface is relaxed and at ease, but the underwater flippers are paddling hard all the time without a moment's rest.

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behind every seemingly beautiful thing, there is an extraordinary effort, which is the Duck's Law.

Kanghui is called "walking dictionary" by CCTV colleagues, and it is also regarded as the ceiling of the broadcasting host world in China.

he once went on a hot search after a 22-minute broadcast in the News Network.

when he got the manuscript that night, it was only eight minutes before the broadcast, but he was calm all the way. Even though his headphones slipped off many times, he still read the press release of more than 12000 words correctly.

We marvel at Kanghui's super business ability, but we don't know that he is learning most of the time and knows all kinds of new terms like the back of his hand, in order to deal with all kinds of emergencies at any time.

he gets off work after 7 o'clock every night, but he has to wait until after 9 o'clock to watch the replay to reflect on whether there is any need for improvement.

sa Bing revealed in a program that he and Kanghui were in the same dressing room. As soon as he walked into the dressing room every day, Kanghui was there forever, with a pile of materials on the table.

truly excellent, on the surface, the cloud is light, and secretly fight with yourself to the end.

I have read a sentence: "there are no excellent ideas in this world, only down-to-earth results."

everything you want to look like, you have to carve it yourself.

if you want to get ahead, you have to make an effort, treat introspection as a habit and self-discipline as the norm.

you have to work very hard to look effortless.

blogger Adam came, producing and selling men's shoes from scratch, from the first three to 300 now, she is seen by others as a beautiful boss with great powers.

as everyone knows, she works 15 to 18 hours a day, never slack off, and always maintains a sense of crisis when she is eliminated by the market.

the industry has entered the off-season, many companies have begun to lay off staff and take holidays, and she wants her employees to have a stable income.

Chai Jing wrote in seeing: "behind every relaxed smile, there is a soul who once clenched his teeth."

behind all success, there is responsibility and responsibility. If you have faith, you will have more strength.

only by cutting through difficulties and facing difficulties, can we become more and more full and escort the unknown tomorrow.


Crab Law

put a group of crabs into a basket without a lid, and the crabs can't climb out.

because no matter which one climbs up, other crabs will cling to it, reach out their pliers, grab it, and drag it to the lower layer.

the weak step on each other and the strong lift each other. This is the crab's law.

12:00 on January 3, 2021.

in order to earn more money for running errands, Lao du received a midnight snack takeout.

unexpectedly, when delivering food into the community, he was stopped by the security guard. After delivering the takeout, he was made difficult by this security guard and let him go out another door.

Lao du has been around the neighborhood for a long time, but has not been able to go out.

when they came back to the door, the two had a quarrel.

the security guard picked up his baton and hit Lao du on the head, smashing his helmet first and mending it on the head for the second time.

Lao du fell down and never woke up. In the dozens of minutes after

, the security guard did not make an emergency call or call the police.

Lu Xun once nakedly exposed human nature: "the strong draw a knife against the stronger, and the weak draw a knife against the weaker."

the world is in a hurry, but in order to break the silver.

No matter what kind of work you do, you just have to make a living outside.

Why embarrass each other, lose both sides, tear down other people's walls and block your own road.

it's not easy to survive. I just want to be more tolerant and understanding, be kind to everyone I meet.

Pepsi has existed in obscurity as a local beverage brand for the first 70 years.

until the beginning of the 20th century, it targeted its rival, the established Coca-Cola, and formulated a brand strategy for the "younger generation" accordingly.

so the great rivals, looking for inspiration and impulse from each other, performed a wonderful competition.

they never fight a price war, but in the end they monopolize the whole Coke market and drive out all the third parties.

this is just like Mercedes-Benz's sympathy for BMW: "We were alone for 30 years before you showed up. Thank you for letting us know what growth and pursuit is."

the really strong are altruists who appreciate each other and support each other.

I think of a sentence in the Strange Theory: "shimmer attracts glimmer, shimmer illuminates shimmer, we find each other and glow together, so that we can illuminate the haze."

single wood is easy to break, Miki becomes Sen.

only by setting up the stage with each other, can we break our own limitations, illuminate each other's darkness, and go further.


the law of golden cicadas

cicadas have to live in the dark soil for three years, taste loneliness and loneliness, and only rely on the juice of trees.Survive.

when the time is right, he will slowly climb the branch, transform into cicada, rush to the sky to embrace the sun and freedom.

there is no life to hang on, but they all rise abruptly based on accumulated strength. This is the golden cicada's law.

the writer Maupassant has been practicing his pen hard, writing one article after another, but he is not satisfied with it and throws it all away.

until ten years later, the short story "Sheep Fat Ball" was published, which shocked the French literary world as soon as it was published, and flowers and applause flooded in.

but Maupassant is not burdened by fame and wealth, but still writes continuously. He has created a large number of famous works in his life and is known as the "perfect literary master".

someone said: "success is like wearing high heels. When you start, your feet may be covered with blisters, and many people may give up because of this." And those who persevere all the way, finally take a graceful step. "

before dawn, there was a time when it was particularly dark and frighteningly dark.

most people, who dabble in it, miss success.

but once the light comes, dreams are unstoppable.

at the end of life, it is perseverance.

the so-called Chollima may not necessarily run the fastest, but it must have the best endurance.

only by withstanding loneliness, taking every step in a down-to-earth manner, and persisting in quantitative change, can qualitative change be realized.

I have seen a conversation and have a lot of feelings.

someone asked the Zen master, "what does the carp do when it doesn't jump over the dragon gate?"

the Zen master replied, "cultivate yourself in the cold water of the deep pool."

the man asked again, "what if you jump over the dragon gate?"

the Zen master replied, "cover the clouds and spread the rain and nourish the world." Everyone has his own situation, to be able to bear loneliness when diving, and to enrich the world after achievement.

it's not important to be a fish and a dragon, it's what you do in what environment. "

Life should be a cyclical process of persistence and acquisition.

the important thing is to know when and how you should do it, settle down and take things step by step.

as the writer Liu Yong said, "every young man has to live a submarine-like life. After a short period of invisible searching for goals and accumulating energy, he can successfully surface without fear in the future."

talent determines the upper limit and perseverance determines the lower limit.

focus on the progress of the goal in order to grasp the steering wheel of life and reach the ideal shore.


writer Feng Tang said: "success cannot be replicated, and everyone can learn what is done."

because everyone has different ways to succeed, others cannot follow suit.

whether a person is successful or not depends on his attitude, hard work and perseverance.

May you master these laws, be excellent quietly, be strong quietly, and pave the way for yourself.

one day, if you stop pursuing growth and focus on practicing your mind;

if you stop yearning for success and try your best to break through, then success is just around the corner.