Amazing three strong laws: lotus law, duck law, sharp hair grass law (worth collecting)

Amazing three strong laws: lotus law, duck law, sharp hair grass law (worth collecting)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the lotus blooms all over the pond, which is so beautiful.

you know, this poetic pond is full of poetry, and there is also a moving story behind it.

Old Mr. Ji Xianlin was pleased with the lotus. Seeing the loneliness of Qingtang in front of the building, he specially dropped a few lotus seeds from Honghu Lake and looked forward to it.

I don't want to look forward to this for three years, and the Dutch have given up hope, and five or six leaves have grown sparsely in the lake.

but in the fourth spring, a miracle happened:

in fact, this is the famous "lotus law".

the lotus in the pond blooms twice as much as the day before, and the pond is full on the 30th day.

so, what day is it when the lotus covers half the pond? Is

the 15th day?


is the 29th day.

the perfection of the last day is equal to the sum of all previous efforts.

without accumulation and precipitation, there will be no final overwhelming success.


there is no life to hang on, but they all rise abruptly based on accumulated strength

just as Mr. Ji Xianlin said, people, like flowers, have an "amazing power to survive and extremely amazing power to expand and spread."

there are also people who try to bloom at first, but in the passage of time, they gradually feel bored or even bored, and choose to give up on the 10th, 20th, or even 29th day.

giving up at this time is often only one step away from success.

it can even be said that most of the time, the key to success lies in perseverance and the courage to "hold on" again.

Matt Katz, a famous Google engineer, made a 30-day challenge plan for himself:

accomplish four tasks:

go to work by bike; walk 10,000 steps a day; take a picture every day; write a 50,000-word autobiography.

overcome four habits:

Don't watch TV; don't eat sugar; don't play Twitter; reject caffeine.

at first, it was difficult to stick to it and achieved little success.

Matt Katz didn't give up, he persevered.

30 days later, he almost completed the transformation.

he has changed from a computer nerd to a sunny boy who likes to ride a bike to work.

he becomes more confident and loves to challenge new things.

he even launched an attack on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. "I've never been so adventurous before I started doing something challenging these 30 days."

there is an old Chinese saying that people travel a hundred and a half miles.

that is to say, walking a hundred miles can only be regarded as half a walk, because many people give up after ninety miles.

people fight to the end, not luck and intelligence, but perseverance.

there is no life to hang on, but they all rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

success requires accumulation and precipitation, and no one can transform casually.


you have to do your best to look effortless

there is also a "duck law" related to the Lotus Law.

have you ever seen what a duck looks like when he is in the water?

in general, ducks are only seen swimming leisurely on the surface of the water.

but when you dive underwater, you will find that its duck flippers are paddling desperately all the time without a moment's rest.

Life is like a duck in water.

behind every splendor, there is persistence and struggle that you can't imagine.

elegance needs strength, and splendor requires strength.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu is full of knowledge and experience.

the compilation of Guan Cone, which he wrote, quotes tens of thousands of pieces of documentary evidence from tens of thousands of works of more than 4000 famous writers.

everyone says that he is talented and has a good memory.

in fact, Qian Zhongshu is knowledgeable and profound, and more comes from his acquired hard work.

Xu Zhende, a classmate at Qian Zhongshu University, described it as follows:

"when I was at school, I read Chinese classics in one week, read European and American classics in one week, and interacted with each other for four years."

every time I go to the library to borrow and return books, I must embrace five or six huge books and run quickly.

and after reading a volume, you must take notes.

after he entered Tsinghua University, his goal was to "sweep the Tsinghua Library."

his academic experience is that the smarter a man is, the more he should know how to play stupid kung fu.

Ji Yun's "Reading Weicaotang Notes" has a saying:

writer Liu Tong once said that you have to work very hard to look effortless.

those casual relaxations and comforts are all short-lived illusions.

only working hard day and night is the true meaning of life.


can keep lonely and brighten the future

there is a kind of "sharp grass" and the laudatory name of "king of grassland" in the African prairie.

its growth process is very strange.

in the first six months, it was almost the shortest grass on the prairie, only an inch tall, and people could not even see it growing.

but half a year later, when Rain Water arrived, the hairy grass seemed to be enchanted and was growing crazily every day.

in just a few days, he will jump to more than two meters high, forming a wall that "appears out of thin air".

in fact, hairy grass has been taking root in the soil for the past six months.

its root is 28 meters long!

it quietly accumulates strength for itself, waiting only for a heavy rain to come..

but most people only witness the process of its crazy growth, but have no idea how it takes root in the soil and how to withstand the wind and rain.

this is the law of hairy grass.

Beauty makeup blogger Li Jiaqi was born with a seven-figure monthly income; food video blogger Li Ziqi was named and commended by CCTV.

many people can't help but have the illusion that success is always readily available as long as it is fuelled by the opportunities of the times.

but have you ever thought that they have made unparalleled efforts?

Li Jiaqi makes 389 live broadcasts 365 days a year.

his work has no two days off or holidays, and he hasn't slept for more than 40 hours.

Li Ziqi has been making his own videos since 2016.

at first, she had no helper, relying on her to put on makeup, shoot, and cut films all by herself. She did farm work all the year round, and her hands were full of cocoons.

in May 2017, she posted a thank-you video saying:

walking in the world, there are no shortcuts.

if you can keep lonely, you can light up the future.

like the sharp grass working hard in the dark, when you dig up the soil, you will understand:

the so-called successes and miracles are nothing but down-to-earth efforts.


the hardships you have suffered will eventually light your way

Chinese studies master Qian Mu said:

Hu Shi also said:

this is true of lotus flowers, and so are people.

Don't worry that your efforts in the present moment will not be rewarded, all your efforts will be accumulated for the future.

those who are really strong in heart can withstand the polish of the world and the loneliness of the world.

and the difference between us and the strong often lies not in IQ, ability, model, but persistence and perseverance.

just as the philosopher Tagore said:

one day, the tiredness you eat and the loneliness you endure will light up your future.

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like the lotus in the pond, as long as you are willing to believe and insist, there will be a grand summer after the first lotus blossoms.

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