Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness for a long time, and finally character!

Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness for a long time, and finally character!

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people will meet a lot of people in this life.

some people are ordinary, but they often remind people that

some people are excellent, but they are disappointing and cold.

some people look ordinary, but they make people moved and warm.

A thousand people have a thousand faces, but their hearts are different.

ten thousand people look alike, but their qualities are different.

A short time together can not show character,

superficial conversation can not tell the mind,

if you want to really understand a person,

you must start from these five aspects:

face, talent, character, kindness, character.

at the same time, you should also restrain yourself.

do things seriously and be a human being! 01

begins with appearance

although people cannot be judged by appearance,

, everyone wants to make a good impression on others.

A generous and decent makeup,

a clean and tidy appearance,

will give you extra points in interpersonal communication.

No one,

is willing to discover your excellence through sloppy appearance and


so cultivate your temperament and take good care of your appearance.

will bring you constant good luck.


respect talent

people with beautiful appearance, nourish eyes,

talented people, nourish the heart.

being with beautiful people is a feast for the eyes.

it's a lot of fun to be with talented people.

A person who is too smart may not be popular.

A wise man with talent must be likable.

it is precisely because of long-term learning, talent accumulation,

know how to restrain the edge when dealing with others,

discover the truth, goodness and beauty of others, and make up for their own shortcomings. 03

fits the personality

between people,

the heart is moved by the facial features and coincides with the three values.

two people with different values,

have different ideas and opinions, and

are prone to disputes and conflicts.

your happiness can be shared only when you are with people with the same values.

your grievances will be understood.

even if they are in conflict with each other, they can communicate in time.

will not be cold war, be vengeful,

have a good time and get along well with each other.


is born with goodness


goodness is the basis of doing things.

in life, we can't ask others.

but we can restrain our own behavior.

insist on being a kind-hearted person,

treat others sincerely, help others, and do good deeds.

even if goodness suffers losses, even if goodness is taken advantage of,

will be blessed and richly rewarded.

be a kind person, be cherished and trusted,

live with a clear conscience, and

the road of life will be more and more smooth.


finally character

whether a person can keep company for a long time depends on his character.

people with good character

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are open and reliable, honest and trustworthy, and

think of others.

No matter how ugly they are, there are people to get along with.

No matter how bad they are from, there are still people who adore them.

Friends with people with good character will not be hurt and used.

choose people with good character as companions and will not be discarded and betrayed.

face, talent, character, kindness, character.

if you want to meet someone who is worth it,

you must first be your own person,

correct conduct, adhere to kindness,

worthy of the conscience of heaven and earth,

must be able to gain sincerity!