Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness for a long time, and loyalty to character!

Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness for a long time, and loyalty to character!

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whether a person can stay with you for a long time

you can't just look at the surface.

whether a person can make a deep acquaintance from the bottom of his heart

must be understood deeply.

if you want to see a person clearly,

observe from these five levels:

appearance, ability, temper,

character and character.

these five levels are also five qualities, and

is the best criterion to judge a person.

meet thousands of people, know a few people,

not many people can accompany all the time.

No matter what kind of relationship,

no matter what kind of relationship it is,

appreciate a person,

begins with appearance, respects talent,

suits character, lasts longer than kindness,

finally character!


begins with the appearance

to know a person, which originates from the facial features.

facial features are the evidence to distinguish a person.

is born from the heart, the appearance is connected with the heart,

the person with the kind face is kind at heart, and the person with the ferocious face is vicious inside.

although it is not appropriate to judge people by their appearance,

but neat and clean appearance,

charity and soft appearance,

will leave a good impression.

people with clean appearance and friendly face are most popular with others.


respect for talent

as the saying goes:

three, there must be my teacher.

get along with others, no matter how beautiful the appearance is,

will also produce aesthetic fatigue.

but the advantages of the body,

and the belly full of knowledge,

can make people think about it.

with talented people,

feel their charm and temperament,

learn their strengths and strengths,

can help you become good, respectable and respectable.


is suitable for the most comfortable relationship between people.

means that you don't have to pretend.

you can be yourself as you please.

because of the same personality, there are no scruples,

because the three values are the same, so there are no differences.

get along well with each other. On the same frequency,

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can't talk to ducks and cast pearls before swine.

understand each other, have the same temper,

become bosom friends in life,

companions in love.

with people whose personalities complement each other,

is comfortable and secure for the rest of his life.


longer than goodness

goodness is the foundation of life.

kindness is the quality of purity, and

kindness is the best virtue.

when you are with a kind-hearted person,

will be treated sincerely and taken care of.

because kind-hearted people have the bottom line of principles,

will not cheat, do whatever it takes, and

will not calculate and betray or hurt people.

they are kind and reliable, get along with them,

will also be affected by it, to be kind people.


finally character

get along with each other, rely on sincerity,

deep acquaintance, rely on character.

A relationship does not come to an end,

is not necessarily a shallow fate,

but the other person's character is not good.

you are honest with each other, while

the other person is plotting behind your back.

you show up when you need you, and you leave later.

such a bad character is not sincere.

only when you are with people with good character, can you have a stable relationship, and

can you have a strong and unbroken relationship.

the road of life is long.

Don't wronge yourself.

be with the right person, whether it's talking or making friends.

when you really appreciate someone,

starts with appearance, respect for talent,

for character, kindness for a long time, and loyalty to character.

when you meet such a person, don't let go.

get along well, you will be able to stay with you for a long time.

you will not be treated badly.