At 5: 00 in the morning, my cheap bones slipped out again. I hated and wiped away my tears.

At 5: 00 in the morning, my cheap bones slipped out again. I hated and wiped away my tears.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


I don't know if everyone has the same parents. The greatest pleasure after retirement is to save money.

the kind of province where one kilo of eggs can be queued before dawn.

for this reason, I quarreled with my parents again and again, but in the end, I was the one who failed.

moreover, the loser is convincing.


my war with my parents took place after they retired.

since they are idle at home, they feel busier than at work.

every time I make a phone call, seven or eight out of ten are not at home, but go on a shopping spree.

Don't think that they finally want to open up and begin to really enjoy life.

on the contrary, even to buy a bottle of soy sauce, they do not hesitate to spend a lot of time shopping around the major supermarkets to find the one with the lowest discount.


what bothers me most is that when they used to go to work, they still cared about the weather forecast and watched the news broadcast.

after retirement, they wander around all day, only receiving advertising leaflets that are on sale in supermarkets.

then, after wearing presbyopic glasses, comparing horizontally and longitudinally, and doing all kinds of mental arithmetic, I went out with a small cloth bag to go shopping.

once, the two left in a hurry without shopping bags.

in order to save the 20 cents of plastic bags, one waited at the supermarket, the other ran to the school gate and took a bag back from the people who distributed out-of-school training leaflets.

when my mother called me, she happily reported their cleverness to me.

that tone seems not to have saved 20 cents, but made a profit of 100 million.


A fresh supermarket eight stops away from home opened one weekend.

in order to attract customers, membership cards are issued free of charge on the opening day. Ten eggs are sent to each card on a first-come-first-served basis.

for those twenty eggs, my parents got up at 6: 00 in the morning and took the earliest bus to get benefits.

after picking it up, the two reversed two more buses and sent them to my house.

the three of us had just got up when they arrived.

in the chilly spring season, looking at my parents' cold noses and the "trophies" they sent me, I was annoyed:

"it's still so cold. If you catch a cold, which is more or less?" Who is short of these twenty eggs? "

but they don't seem to listen to my complaints and heartache at all.

still cheerfully tells the story of what happened early in the morning:

"if you go out two minutes late, you will miss the earliest bus.

luckily I brought Mazar, otherwise my legs would have been numb.

those at the bottom of the line didn't get it. It was freezing in vain early in the morning. "

"Why go there when it's so hard?"

I interrupted them unbearably.

however, while putting eggs in the refrigerator, the two men said in unison, "you don't understand."


Yes, I really don't understand them more and more.

together, their monthly pension is 7,000 to 8,000 yuan, but this income is not proportional to their standard of living at all.

you can't buy clothes more than 100 yuan. The brand clothes I bought for them are hidden in the cupboard all the year round, saying that they will wear them when there is a suitable opportunity.

then, they don't wear it once a year.

I took them out shopping several times, and I forced them to put on their new clothes.

as a result, as soon as they got home, they hurriedly took off their new clothes, and then complained:

"clothes are so expensive that they are afraid of scraping and getting dirty."

later, when they went out, they directly refused to wear those "decent" clothes and continued to wear their shabby "old three".

so that every time I bring them into the hotel, the waiter will ask

"are the three of you together, please?"

then take them shopping, but wherever it is a little more expensive, the waiter will ignore it as soon as they ask for the price.

the things they have touched are also rearranged with a loss of face. The implication is:

I know you don't buy it. Why do you ask? Touch what?

to be honest, I hate waiters who judge people by their appearance at this time.

but I don't understand. Why should my parents pretend to be so poor?

who has powder that doesn't rub on his face?

but I can't convince them at all.

they always have their own reasons and stubbornness that refuses to change at all.


on the one hand, they are self-restrained and thrifty;

on the other hand, their hoarding of what they buy cheaply is actually a huge waste.

parents have 120 square meters of housing.

as far as I can remember, our house has always been clean and tidy.

but since they retired, the family has become out of order.

every time I go back, I look at all the corners full of things, and my heart is stuffed to death.

usually only two people eat, but there are hundreds of jin of rice flour alone.

moreover, the mother who often forgets to press the button when cooking shows an excellent memory in this respect.

this bag of rice is recharged, that bag is on sale, and that bag of white flour is exchanged for points.

there are toilet paper, Kleenex, toothpaste toothbrush, which, in my words, "feels like it will last a lifetime".

as for the refrigerator, it is simply a miniature meat factory.

two old people who eat only a few slices of meat at a mealHowever, the refrigerator is full of all kinds of special meat.


sometimes I wonder if they owe a lot of debt and need to live so carefully.

in September 2019, I talked them into signing up for the "Sunset Red elderly Group" and went to Xi'an for a trip.

when I entered the security check at the airport, my mother called me aside and whispered:

daughter, your father's bank card and I are in the nightstand. The password is your birthday.

in case something happens to us, keep it simple.

that money is for you and your brother.

then she pulled me closer to her and drew a number with her finger mysteriously and happily:

"the whole number."

I became angry when I heard it. I said to her in a voice one decibel higher:

"can you say something auspicious?"

I'm taking you out to play. What are you thinking about? "

my mother smiled:

"just in case, anything is possible at our age."


that day, I sent my parents to the security check and watched them go in before leaving.

but when I came out of the airport and sat alone in the car, I burst into tears.

think about the fact that they usually save every penny, but they save tens of thousands of dollars for me and my brother.

that sentence is quite right. If our parents are still having a hard time, what is the point of growing up?

while crying, I posted this sentence on my mother's Wechat and told her:

"have fun in Xi'an, don't be reluctant to spend money."

my mother replied in a second:

"as a parent, I was born cheap, and I am willing to turn off my phone."


I naively thought that when I let my parents see the bigger world and come into contact with their peers who live a very smart life, they will change.

but who knows, when they came back from Xi'an, they unexpectedly said that they would never travel again.

those scenery are not as beautiful as on TV.

moreover, if you can't eat well or sleep well out, you are simply spending money on suffering.

I listened silently, feeling desperate.

said angrily:

"you two, your hearts are poor and hopeless."


then, before she could say a few words, my mother realized that something was wrong at home.

she asked me in an almost robbed tone:

"you threw away all our stuff?"

Yes, while they went on a trip, I hired a housekeeper and thoroughly cleaned my parents' house.

can you imagine?

there are a lot of supermarket discount food in the refrigerator, including seven or eight bags of frozen balls alone.

what is even more intolerable is that the whole wardrobe is full of clothes that have not been worn for years.

some sweaters are out of line and still refuse to throw away.

and wherever things can be stuffed in the corner of the house, there are all kinds of plastic bags, nylon rope, shopping bags.

the housekeeper has been cleaning all day, and the house is more refreshing than ever.


I wanted to surprise my parents with this.

who knows, when my mother found something was wrong, she asked all kinds of questions:

where is that bottle of vinegar?

that dress is so new, why did you throw it away?

those shopping bags are all useful. What will I take to pack things after you throw them away?

you are diverting the tiger away from the mountain. You're away too far.

in the end, she had to go downstairs to the trash can to find what I had lost.

that day, she didn't even eat dinner and refused to talk to me for the next week.

later, when my husband was on a business trip, I asked them to come to my house to help pick up the children and cook, so they would talk to me.


when my parents came to my house, they brought their frugal style.

put them in old stockings with small soap heads, and they can still use them for a long time.

on the dinner table, they kept carrying meat and seafood for my daughter and me.

but they just eat those cheap vegetarian dishes and call them health preservation.

before they came, there were only a few eggs and a little meat in our refrigerator.

but within two days, they filled it up.

those fish, eggs and meat are enough for our family of three to eat for a month.

looking at the refrigerator that opened the door and things fell straight out, I couldn't laugh or cry.

parents take their powerful hoarding power with them wherever they go.

what's more exasperating is that when I came home from work that day, I found that there was an extra white plastic bucket at home.

my father said, this is what you don't want to decorate the building next door. Don't worry, it's been brushed clean.

save the usual water for washing vegetables and clothes, and you can flush the toilet.

also said: "you young people advocate environmental protection and water conservation every day."

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looking at the big plastic bucket that was out of place, I still couldn't control my temper, so I picked up the bucket and went downstairs.

I wanted to throw it into the dustbin of the community, but I thought they would pick it up.

so I went out and threw it into the trash can on the street.