Be a man, be like a glass of water

Be a man, be like a glass of water

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


people are alive, in fact, there are many things unspeakable.

sometimes go too far, often forget the original path;

sometimes see too clearly, often can not see things;

sometimes think too much, often lose themselves.

Life is like a mirror. If you have something in your heart, you will have it in your heart. If you have nothing in your heart, you will realize your emptiness.

learn to smile, learn to face, learn to let go, let everything go, at will, at will.

the smarter the person is, the more tired he is.

if you care more, it is difficult to give up, and the more often you lose;

if you pursue hard, you will have heavy worries, and you will often have less good things.

in life, some things, just numbers, do not need to be too deliberate;

some people, just passers-by, do not need to be too nostalgic;

some things are just things, do not expect too much.

having a beautiful mood, a simple state of mind, a feeling of happiness, even if not perfect, is the most beautiful.

in fact, everyone has a quiet time.

maybe he is too tired, in the whole world, there is only his own heart;

maybe too much, all the words appear more pale and weak;

maybe he is too in love, drunk for years, but has no self.

Let the heart return, breathe in the sun, prop up a piece of sky with sincerity;

let the heart settle, walk in time, interpret a kind of responsibility with kindness;

let the heart last forever, feel in life, and make a beautiful scenery with silence.


be a man like a glass of water.

colorless is pure, as long as the heart is clear, everything is easy;

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tasteless is light, as long as the heart is clear, everything is empty;

No desire is strong, as long as the heart is relieved, everything is nothing.

give sunshine, it will give you warmth and simple happiness;

give you a smile, it will give you a beautiful, romantic world;

give you stillness, it will give you thinking, give you unlimited power.

like a glass of water, live quietly, quietly and magnanimously.

to be a man, you should not only be sunny and confident, but also have a peaceful state of mind.

the distance between the heart and the flower lies in appreciation and understanding;

the distance between the heart and the world lies in tolerance, in awe;

the distance between the heart and the heart lies in understanding and sincerity.

the water is clear and thoughtless; the human is kind and does nothing; the heart is pure in nature and unintentional.

be a clear person, a kind person, a magnanimous person.