Be lenient in the eyes and tolerant in the heart (good article)

Be lenient in the eyes and tolerant in the heart (good article)

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as the old saying goes, "with magnanimity and compatibility, all things will benefit at the same time."

tolerance is not only a virtue, but also a realm of life.

to be a man, you should measure, that is, how big the heart is, how wide the road of life can be.


the heart is as wide as the sea, so that it can be smooth sailing

Lin Zexu once said: "the sea is tolerant of all rivers, and the wall is strong without desire."

the sea is broad because it can contain all things in the world, and the cliff stands tall because it has nothing to want.

being a man and relaxing your mind, life is infinitely possible.

the growth process of a pearl is very difficult, and when the sand slowly enters the clam shell, the clam will feel extremely uncomfortable.

at this time, it is faced with two choices, one is to complain and try its best to resist the entry of sand.

the other is to accept sand from the heart, so as to achieve peaceful coexistence.

the first result is that the clam dies because it cannot hold a grain of sand, and the sand is trapped in the clam shell forever.

second, the clam wraps the sand as a part of its body and gets along well day by day. Slowly, a beautiful pearl is born.

the same is true of being a man. If the heart is one inch wide, the road will be one inch wider.

"Caigen Tan" said: "Fish get water, but forget the water, birds fly on the wind, but do not know the wind."

Fish swim in the water without knowing that they are in the water, while birds soar freely but do not know how to stay in the wind.

people, only by breaking the inner shackles, can they not be trapped by the environment, and learn to be as broad as the sea.


learn to be tolerant of others so that you can be happy

Shangshu Jun Chen said: "patience is beneficial; tolerance is great."

learn to be patient in order to achieve success, learn to be tolerant, and constantly improve yourself.

on the way of life, to be tolerant of others is to be kind to yourself and to be tolerant in order to make yourself happier.

in history, Zeng Guofan mentioned three things that impressed him deeply. First, he was criticized by the examiner on the spot during the examination, saying that his article was so nonsense that he could not even pass the exam.

second, he led troops to fight the war for the first time and finally died in a fiasco. He was ashamed to dive and committed suicide by his colleagues. When he went back, he was reprimanded and ridiculed by others.

third, he was defeated or captured and escaped with the help of other generals, but many officials and gentry gloated and did not care about his life or death at all.

Zeng Guofan, many years later, finally became an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty and held a high position, but these things still made him unforgettable.

but he never retaliated against anyone. On the contrary, he promoted some of them.

he knows very well that if he puts hatred in his heart and does not clear it out in time, there will be only hatred and no happiness to speak of.

as the saying goes, "take a step back and make your heart calm."

to vent your anger, you will only sink yourself into darkness, while tolerance will fill your heart with happiness.

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tolerance is a good medicine, forgiving others and liberating yourself at the same time.


those who are tolerant must be blessed

in the Night talk around the fire: "but blame yourself, not others, this is the way to resent."

in dealing with others, be strict with yourself and be tolerant of others in order to stay away from resentment.

being tolerant to others is not only the highest level of personality cultivation, but also the most blessed thing.

during the warring States period, one of Qin Mu Gong's good horses was captured by rural people and killed to eat meat. When Qin Mu Gong found out, they were so frightened that they thought they were bound to die.

Qin Mu Gong did not blame, but also said: "if you eat good horse meat, do not drink, it is not good for your health."

so give them some good wine.

years later, Qin Mu Gong was deeply besieged. In times of crisis, a team of men broke into the siege and rescued him.

this group of people are the same people who killed horses and ate meat in those years. In order to thank them for not killing, they helped bravely.

only when you are tolerant and generous and friendly to others can you turn the corner, and blessings come uninvited.

there is a saying in Mencius: "to be kind to others, to be good to yourself; to have a way with others, to retreat from yourself."

it is the best blessing to leave leeway in everything.

be a man and keep a magnanimous and open-minded heart, the road of life will be more and more smooth, and life will be full of love and sunshine!