Be like grass (profound)

Be like grass (profound)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

be a man like grass, ordinary, down-to-earth and low-key.

it is not necessary to be as tall as a tree or as beautiful as a flower; the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it, the flowers will blossom, and eventually wither.

being a man like grass, because it is ordinary, it is vast, because it is down-to-earth, it is not afraid of wind and rain, and because it is low-key, it goes on and on.

Don't always focus on the red among the greens.

the green all over the mountains is the most moving color in the world.


be like grass, it's good to be ordinary!

the poet Wang Guozhen said:

We are born like grass and are inherently ordinary.

ordinary appearance, ordinary qualification, living an ordinary life, doing ordinary things.

but who can say that ordinary life is not great?

recently, the counterattack of the epidemic in Dalian can not help but cling to the heartstrings.

that ordinary guy named "Dalian" once again became a volunteer and fought in the most dangerous place on the front line.

when the epidemic broke out, the young man entered Wuhan by mistake and had no choice but to apply for a hospital volunteer.

the original intention of the volunteer is to serve the people. He only wants to "provide food and accommodation".

at first, he panicked like most people, but he was a pussy, but he could only pretend to be strong.

his protective clothing is always thicker than others, and for a time he was too nervous to breathe in the ward.

later, a patient recovered and came to thank him before he was discharged from the hospital, which made him burst into tears.

from then on, he no longer resisted patients and began to approach them, encourage them, and fight the disease side by side with them.

in the most conspicuous place, he set up a "waiting place for boys in Dalian", which is on call and responsive to every request.

until the epidemic in Wuhan calmed down, he returned to his hometown in Dalian and volunteered to join the new battle.

he is an ordinary person, with the mood of ordinary people, feeling the joys and sorrows of ordinary people.

maybe he never wanted to be a hero, but he became great because he was ordinary.

people who are afraid of ordinary people always want to prove that they are extraordinary, but no matter how beautiful the fireworks are, it will come to an end, and the movie will come to an end.

A vigorous life is not necessarily extraordinary, but a light life will give birth to greatness.

in fact, it is good to be ordinary. Only after experiencing the ups and downs of the world can we know the value of ordinary things.

those who have really weathered the storm will know how to cherish the stability of this world and the quiet years.

the rest of my life is not long. Being an ordinary person is also the greatest blessing in life.


be like grass, just be down-to-earth!

Jia Dao has a poem: "it takes ten years to sharpen a sword, but the frost blade has never been tried."

willing to spend ten years polishing a sword, the sword must be extremely sharp.

it's easy to do something, but hard to do it for ten years.

in Jin Yong's novels, there is also a man who has sharpened a "sword" for ten years-- seeking defeat alone.

when he was young, he spread all over the world with a sword cut like iron.

but he knows that it is his sword that is powerful, not his martial arts.

even people with mediocre martial arts can be invincible with these two swords in their hands. Instead of being satisfied with this, he continued to practice internal skills and refine martial arts.

the higher the martial arts attainments, the lower the requirements for swords, until in the end, he was invincible with a wooden sword.

No matter how sharp the sword is, it is only an opportunistic means to make yourself strong in order to live a down-to-earth life.

Life is the process of sharpening the sword. the more solid the internal skill, the less you need to rely on others.

some people like to take shortcuts, seeking speed but not stability, but do not realize that haste makes waste. The Doctrine of the mean says:

what others can do well at once, I can certainly do it a hundred times; what others can do well ten times, I will do it a thousand times.

there are very few geniuses born with knowledge, and most people are actually quite gifted.

even if you are a little stupid, as long as you work hard and make a little progress every day, you will arrive one day.

as the saying goes, if you are not afraid of being slow, you are afraid of standing. Only when the root is firmly rooted and the foundation is solid can we achieve something. Born ordinary, perseverance, can achieve extraordinary.


be like grass, just keep a low profile!

the big tree is tall and straight, the wind and rain can still be destroyed, and the grass is weak, which cannot be extinguished by wildfire. After Liu Bang has won the world, he will reward the meritorious servant. He let the ministers choose their own fiefdoms, and the ministers all wanted to choose fertile places.

only Zhang Liang and Xiao he did not compete with others.

Zhang Liang chose Liu Bang's hometown, Peixian, a small county town, and happily took office.

Xiao he chose a remote and barren wasteland and moved there with his family.

people are puzzled as to why the choice of two people who have won the world's meritorious service is so discerning.

many years later, some of the heroes who fought the world with Liu Bang were killed by Liu Bang's suspicion, some supported their troops and lost the war, and some were greedy for pleasure and their families fell.

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Zhang Liang, who originally chose a small county town, is well managed and deeply loved by the people.

because of the poor conditions, the Xiao he family made concerted efforts and worked hard, and their life was getting better and better.

the descendants of Xiao he, without extravagant and flashy enjoyment, study hard and make progress diligently.

people often say, "the low earth becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king."

only when the earth keeps a low profile can we gather water into the sea, and only when people keep a low profile can we become a holy king.

like to show off in front of people, easy to be hated, like to compete with others for merit, easy to cause internal friction.

the better a person is, the more he knows how to hide his excellence.

when you can hide your skills, you will be a blockbuster when you use it.

to be a man like grass, ordinary people give birth to greatness, steadfast and backward progress, and low-key achievements in life. Only in this way can life be the most gorgeous and wonderful!