Be quiet in the event of great events, change in times of difficulty, leave in case of bad things, and be restrained when things go well.

Be quiet in the event of great events, change in times of difficulty, leave in case of bad things, and be restrained when things go well.

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A writer once said:

A person's first reaction to an accident hides his knowledge, insight, character and self-cultivation. And this reaction also determines his quality of life. "

whether a person's life is good or not lies not only in the ability to deal with things, but also in the mentality of facing problems.

Life is always live, and no one knows what will happen next.

but the way you look at things affects the temperature of life and determines the height of your life.


in case of major events, we should be "quiet"

Weng Tonghe, a politician in the late Qing Dynasty, wrote such a couplet: "there is stillness in every major event, and there is no ancient sage in the present."

every major event, we must think in wait-and-see, static braking, first static and then plan, first plan and then move, the problem can be easily solved and the danger will be successful.

quiet, in order to overcome the impatience of the human body, and avoid being influenced and controlled by emotion.

because under the bewitching of emotion, even trivial things can be magnified into big things that can move the earth.

only by being quiet can we put aside the appearance of our eyes and quickly find the root of the problem and the key to breaking the situation.

it takes calmness to make decisions, to make decisions, and to get things done.

keeping quiet is the basis for one to sharpen one's will and cultivate one's character.


two sentences commonly heard in distress

: don't hit the wall, don't look back. A road, go to the dark.

this persistence is admirable, but sometimes too persistent and inflexible can harm yourself.

all things in the world are often twists and turns and cycles. In life, there are few times in life and many times in twists and turns.

if you enter a "dead end", you might as well take a look at the next exit and the left and right fork in the road. If it is not a "wrong road" or a "dead end", then you can consider going on and moving on.

as the saying goes, "all roads lead to Rome." As long as the original mind remains unchanged and determined, then look more at the results and less stick to the process.

if this road is blocked, we will find another way; if his road is blocked, we will create a new one.

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people who are flexible and flexible can often survive when dead wood sprouts, while people who do things inflexibly and inflexibly often waste great opportunities.

learn to be flexible, so that you can have less difficulty, have more vitality, and walk wisely.


when something bad happens, you should "leave"

there is a saying in the "think tank": "if you keep breaking, you will suffer chaos."

the bad things in life seem to have their own magnetic field and attract each other. Gradually, you will lose more energy, and it will be difficult to make room for serious work.

the story of "breaking the retort" is similar to the Western proverb "Don't cry over spilled milk".

asking for trouble again and again about annoying and irreparable things is tantamount to self-abuse.

clinging to the end can neither turn back time nor change the status quo.

instead of allowing yourself to be in deep sorrow, it is better to swagger out of the predicament.

you must believe that the best way to avoid falling into the abyss is to stay away from the abyss.


when things go well, you should "restrain"

there are mountains outside the mountains, but there are people outside the people. The more complacent a person is, the more introverted he is.

Zeng Guofan was promoted year after year during the Daoguang years, and in ten years, he was promoted to ten grades in a row.

after he has been promoted to the rank of Sanpin, according to the regulations, the blue sedan chair should be changed to green, and two more sedan bearers can be added.

soon he was promoted to a member of the second grade, and according to the system of the Qing Dynasty, he was able to ride in the eight-lift sedan chair.

however, Zeng Guofan still rode in the previous blue sedan chair. In addition to the two guards around him, there were neither guides nor people supporting the sedan chair in front of him.

Zeng Guofan kept in mind the truth of officialdom: don't show off, don't show off.

Wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it; if you walk higher than man, you must be wrong.

the bigger the person is, the more he understands the modest and low-key attitude towards life, seeking high from low, and self-sustaining with modesty. Because he is modest and courteous and treats others with an open mind, he wins a good reputation, gets support, and achieves himself.


only by keeping a low profile and not showing off can we go far.

all kinds of things will happen to people in this life.

We can't control the development of things, but we can adjust our mindset.

when you encounter major events, you should deal with them with static braking and calmly;

when you encounter difficulties, you need to turn in time and be flexible;

when you encounter bad things, you might as well wave your sleeves and continue on your way;

when things go well, you should also be introverted and low-key and be modest to others.

change your attitude towards things before you can change the height of your life.

keep a higher mindset than life in order to meet a better self and more beautiful scenery.