Behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father

Behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father

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every mother is a mother for the first time, and they are growing up hard.

Please allow her to be imperfect, allow her to be an ordinary person, have her own joys and sorrows, and have her own small temper.

once read a sentence:


when I was taking my baby out the other day, I accidentally sprained my ankle. After I went to the hospital to make sure it was all right, I had a massage at a clinic downstairs.

when his father took me to the clinic to wait in line, in front of me was an eldest sister who looked not much older than me, with three children, large and small!

all waiting, she began to chat, and she sprained her ankle, too. At first she smiled and said, "We must be too fat, so we sprained our ankles together."

because I sprained my ankle, the child went to grandma's house, and because it was inconvenient, his father came with me. When the eldest sister in line with me learned about this, she suddenly became hostile to me and stopped talking. I didn't know, so I chatted with my husband instead.

while the eldest sister was doing a massage, the three children finally blew up the pot. Originally, my brother was walking around with the little sister, but the sister was too young, because she left her mother's arms, coupled with the strange environment, she kept humming and whining, which gave me a headache.

the next second, the elder brother sat next to his mother with his crying sister in his arms. The mother was already upset and told her brother to take her to the side. At this time, my brother had no intention of moving, and said back, "what can I do if she wants to cry?"

the bomb in the eldest sister's heart exploded with a bang!

Yes, you're right. She scolded loudly and badly, and warned her brother never to touch her sister again, and she would never need his help herself! Keep scolding them until they leave, who is advised to follow who is eager.

after they left, people thought that the eldest sister had a bad temper, that her children didn't say anything, that she was really ignorant, and that she was so bad to her children.

when I talked about this with my mother-in-law when I got home, my mother-in-law said to me:

"how long did she have to accumulate grievances before she could lose control in such public? You also have children and sprained your ankle, but you have someone to take you with you and someone to accompany you to see a doctor.

as for her, she went to see a doctor with her three children on her own, not to mention tired. "

behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father.


I saw a screenshot on Weibo the other day, showing the news posted by a mother on moments:

looks like an interesting thing, but the sadness behind it can only be understood by mothers.

maybe many men sometimes wonder why it is so difficult for a gentle and gentle wife to get married and have children after marriage. Lose your temper in a minute?

do you still have to wonder? Isn't it because the father is not good at it?

how to turn a young girl into a grumpy woman? Marry an uncaring husband and have a carefree child.

some time ago, "everything was fine" was very popular. I saw that all the official accounts were writing about how strong Mother Su was, not only for her children, but also for her husband.

at first, I also thought that Mama Su was too strong. Later, when I saw what Father Su did after his wife left (his son was about to divorce), I felt that when I met such a husband, a woman had to be strong.

even his second son said, "how nice this family was when Mom was around." apart from the fact that "sons are preferred over daughters", it is true that Mama Su is working alone.

if she had a choice, wouldn't Mama Su want to find a reliable man to spend her life without worrying about anything?

of course I want to, but the reality is in front of us, they are all forced out, ah

, and this is the current situation of most Chinese families. Behind the strength of mothers, it is often the lack of a father.

teacher Wu Zhihong wrote in her book:

A mother who is grumpy from time to time is one reason for her child's lack of worry, and the biggest reason is the absent father.


I remember last year, Zhu Dan got mad on Weibo because the animated image of her mother made her angry.

when I saw what she said, I thought about it. It really was.

for example, the "big ear map" that my family used to like to watch, my mother would get angry from time to time:

"big-headed son, small-headed father", is it a common occurrence?

the mother of "crayon Xiaoxin" gets angry directly.

because of dissatisfaction with grades, it is always mom ~

although creation comes from life, but the naked truth brought by this life, it really makes mothers sad ~

Why can't mothers always control their temper? In the final analysis, it is that one person bears too much and no one shares.

when the focus of your life is entirely around your children and family, you can only do things by yourself without discussion, and you have almost no freedom 24 hours a day. That kind of irritability and depression can be ignited by a sarcastic remark that doesn't mind your own business.

these phenomena raise a worldwide question-where is Dad?

We always depend on our mother for the happiness of our family, but the family is not the responsibility of our mother alone. It is always said that mother's character and mother's temper will affect the happiness of the family, but forget that there is a father at home.

mother of the groom dresses for fall proves not only sense of beauty, but also a charming silhouette. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.


Why is she suddenly no longer gentle? Because you forced her to be gentle.

many fathers do not help their wives with housework and children's education, and take it for granted that wives take care of their children to do housework.

"Love"In the first issue of Love Defense, the husband complains that his wife's temperament has changed greatly after giving birth to children, from gentle and considerate to irritable. The wife's explanation is very simple, the husband does not undertake to take care of the children, he is too tired.

Research shows that in the first year of birth, about 67% of women's marital satisfaction has dropped sharply.

although there are various reasons for women's dissatisfaction, there is only one fundamental reason-the wife feels that she is already a "mother", but the husband does not seem to look like a "father" at all. The lack of fathers is the root cause of mothers' tiredness.

when a person takes good care of his child's diet and daily life, and even sacrifices his life to help the child with his homework in the middle of the night, no one sees the mother's hard work and thinks that's what the mother should do.

mothers in the "tired" state, it is not easy to control their emotions, they will often get angry because of some "little things".

once a mother can't control her emotions and can't help yelling at her child, she will be regarded as "the mother is incompetent" and "the mother is terrible". Even the husband will be sarcastic on the side, "the child is still young."

but many fathers think that "wife is pretentious". How tired is it to have a child? how tired is it to do housework?

Dads with this idea are advised to do housework alone for a week and bring their children to experience it for only a week, while mothers have been doing it for several years.

give me a hand when doing housework, participate when taking care of the children, and take turns to help the children with their homework, so that you will find that the gentle wife can come back again.