Being able to talk is a kind of upbringing

Being able to talk is a kind of upbringing

Good morning, accompany you to read.

speaking is a compulsory course in life.

saying good words is an art, and being able to speak is an upbringing.

every word you say hides your life.


speak slowly

at the Spring Festival Gala in 2009, Dong Qing made a major mistake.

in order to control the length of the program, Dong Qing speeded up her speech when crossing the scene.

A crosstalk show invited Ma Dong, son of Mr. Ma Ji.

Dong Qing unexpectedly pronounced the introduction as "Ma Ji, son of Mr. Ma".

for a while, there was a flood of questions and curses about her on the Internet.

due to the shortage of live broadcast time, Dong Qing blamed himself very much for making mistakes in his hurry.

she reflected on herself that she must control the speed of her speech in the future in order to grasp the overall rhythm.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "A gentleman makes an appointment, but a villain speaks first."

A well-bred person never shows himself;

always speaks slowly and slowly.

Don't open your mouth easily without careful consideration.


say something good

as the saying goes, "it is easy to cut the body with a sharp blade, but it is hard to get rid of bad words."

what you say, you must say it out of kindness.

because once words hurt people, they are more difficult to repair than physical injuries.

when Dong Qing presided over the Poetry Conference, an old farmer who loved poetry took part in the competition.

when the old man appeared on the stage for the first time, he was inevitably a little nervous.

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Dong Qing rescued him at the right time, saying, "that poem, like a little green in the desert, has always brought him some hope, some craving, watering it with limited water, slowly breaking the soil and growing again until today." So even if you get the wrong answer, it's still the most beautiful mistake in this scene. "

such kind words successfully resolved the old man's embarrassment.

the same words are always very comfortable for educated people to say.

words that are comfortable have one thing in common: they pay attention to the person who is talking to them.

as the saying goes, "words are the voice of the heart, but actions are the expression of the heart."

True upbringing lies not in verbal words, but in kindness from the heart.


the wording is elegant

Dong Qing once said, "the host should be a literati, not an actor. I always believe that all the books I have read will not be in vain, and it will always help me perform better on some occasion in the future. "

when she presided over the "Poetry Conference", Dong Qing really made witty remarks.

the off-stage experts discussed Li he's poems and said, "if there is love, heaven is old."

Dong Qing can easily connect: "if there is no hate for the long circle of the moon."

people can't help but admire: the original Chinese language is so elegant!

Sanmao has made the most appropriate note on this: "if you read more, your appearance will change naturally." In temperament, in speech, in the boundlessness of mind. "

if you have ten thousand books in your heart, you can spit out fragrance in your mouth and your temperament is like orchid.

the most important thing is that the smell of books can be far away, and the belly is full of poetry and books.


the volume should be low

when speaking, whether the tone is pleasant or not is natural, while the volume of

can be controlled.

this ability of self-control reflects one's upbringing.

in the program "the first lesson of the beginning of School", Dong Qing interviewed the 96-year-old guest Xu Yuanchong.

when he asked the old man a question, Dong Qing spoke in a very low voice.

the two talked smoothly, making people look both comfortable and natural.

lowering the volume is a sign of respect for the guests and consideration for the audience.

do not appear aggressive, let alone in a hurry to convince each other.

as the saying goes, "reason is not in a high voice."

the volume does not change anything.

A cultured person has a soft tone and can be full of strength.